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Where to Buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

where to buy bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Where oh where are the best places to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?  Where to buy Bitcoin haunts every newcomer into this space! We know where, and soon you will too!

As a followup to another post about where to buy Bitcoin, and that article is a great one, as time goes on you learn that one or two is not enough, and you also learn if some exchanges are not that great. (I have!) Remember to ALWAYS sign up and create your account from a COMPUTER, not a phone or an app. Later, if you get the app for a given exchange, make sure it’s ONLY an official app and that your phone is SECURE with fingerprint and/or some other good login feature.

The first place to get your regular money into this market, for most, is Coinbase. They allow you to on ramp your regular money via bank account, debit or credit card, or bank transfer. It’s really convenient and a great way to get started. To save on their high fees, it’s no charge to transfer your balance to their exchange called GDAX, and the login user ID and password are the same.

So, as time goes on, you learn that you can only do so much on Coinbase, and it’s time to transfer some crypto funds to other exchanges and spread out. One that I recommend staying away from because their trading pairs are limited and their interface is terrible, is Kraken. There are MUCH better choices for where to buy bitcoin!

I recommend these cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms. Some are operational and some are coming with some great features and capabilities, with nice offers as they try to gain a user base. Taking advantage of this can make you richer.

Binance – great exchange with a nice interface. They have a nice phone app and they even have their own in house token which lets you get discounts on fees, and it’s a great long term investment on its own because it grows, and as Binance gows, the token will grow in value.

Kucoin – another up and coming exchange with a nice interface. They also have their own token and this will be a great addition to your portfolio. THey carry a nice mix of different cryptocurrencies for your trading convenience.

Upcoin – this will be a new exchange and it is worth getting in now on the ground floor, especially the way these things fill up and close their doors to new members when they get inundated with requests. These guys are asking for a survey out of the gate so that they can make it the exchange that you will love the most! At least for now, there is a nice $500 reward for joining and setting up for beta release.

Digitex for Bitcoin Futures Trading – Here is where to buy bitcoin futures… this is an interesting concept, and it might give you a second shot at Bitcoin gains that the early adopters had when they invested in Bitcoin while the rest of us were clueless and unaware. Also, it’s got a lucrative intro offer of Ethereum payments for referrals to this new platform!

I will add to this page as new interesting offers happen, so bookmark it, share it, and come back every so often!

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