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What to Blog About Now That I Am Creating a Blog

You may need to know what to blog about now that you are creating a blog.  Many people want to get into the sexy world of blogging, since it’s kind of hip to be blogging about something.  The problem is that many don’t know what to blog about.

I can give some pointers here.

After you decide to create a blog and which kind of blog to create and install, you then have to think about what interest niche your blog will service.

What to blog about is easy once you learn how to look at things.

There is a video below that talks about this with some examples, since sometimes that’s just easier for people to digest.



Just look around you.

Open your eyes.

You can blog about anything.

You may be limited by your topic niche.

That’s no biggie.

You just work the topics together.

You see, you can’t just blog about anything on your blog but you CAN blog about anything when you know how to join together everyday topics with those in your niche.

When you learn how to do that you can literally blog about anything and have it:

  1. Make sense, and
  2. Still stay within your niche, keeping your blog on topic and relevant to that niche

When you are creating a blog you just look at any pop culture or news topic and you have material.

You can talk about family matters or things that happened at work.

Anything can work because you can use lessons learned in everyday life and then apply them to your niche.

For example, you may blog about gardening.

Okay, how do you work in something with gardening that isn’t just raw gardening?

Well, you may need to write about the commitment that gardening takes, and how that is needed to keep the weeds out or something like that.  Well, you can talk about other topics that convey commitment that may be more interesting or sexy than gardening, and just segue from that to the gardening aspect.

It’s that easy.

You will need to practice, so blog daily and start writing.

Eventually you’ll get better at it.

I have compared the early work of well known novel authors and can literally see how their work has improved from the beginning to the latter parts of their careers, so it’s a universal thing and applies to ANY writer.

Don’t beat yourself up and just be committed, practice, and do it DAILY.

In the video I show one of my self hosted blogs and how I work in crazy topics into the whole prosperity niche that I blog about.  It’s so easy at this point that I can do it all the time if I choose.

You don’t want to do that all the time, but there is definitely a place for it and it can get you over writer’s block and get you producing lots of content for your blog when you would normally be all dried up and not have anything to write about.

Take it from me, what to blog about is the least of your worries when blogging.  Once you create all that content, you have to use some SEO common sense in researching that content, so while you will write some fun posts that will naturally have good keywords that pull in web searchers, you also have to balance that with intentional keyword research for your other articles.

I have some experience here and if you are a newbie you would do well to learn from me and not repeat the mistakes I made early on.

Creating a blog can be fun and fulfilling once you learn the basics of SEO and researching your topics before you write, blogging daily in order to hone and perfect your skill, and then knowing how to look at the world around you so that you NEVER are hard up for blogging topics ever again.

All you need is a winning blogging platform that is managed and monetized so that you can turn that hobby into a paying profession.  So, stay away from free WordPress and other freebies since they have restrictive Terms of Service and unless you just want to write for nothing but fun, they’ll keep you a broke hobby blogger.

Look around my blog here for LOTS of ideas on how to make blogging really work for you and open up worlds of possibilities that you NEVER thought existed.


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