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Trafficmonsoon Scam?

trafficmonsoon scam

Update: By now anyone who finds this article may know that the US SEC filed an action against Trafficmonsoon calling it a Ponzi scheme because of how members were paid and that there was a general expectation of return on initial “investment”.  It doesn’t matter that we all loved it and that it provided great exposure for online offers, robust traffic services, or anything. I never felt cheated or that there was a Trafficmonsoon scam while I was using the service.

So, as with anything, we have to update blog posts like this and change out links and adjust sales funnels since we can’t promote it anymore.

Let me tell you something. These programs WORK and I saw Trafficmonsoon pay many marketers a LOT of money, and they were happy with it.

But, we have to adjust. The Superbiz for Online Marketing has been updated to move YOU and your online business forward. NOTHING will stop us from succeeding online!


When I was searching for information on Trafficmonsoon, I noticed that lots of sites were creating stories about a supposed Trafficmonsoon scam, and was wondering about it.

You see, I learned about Trafficmonsoon from a fellow successful marketer who is using it to great effect and is making big money not only from their clicks, but from the site itself, through revenue sharing and also from referring others who use the service.

I have seen his back office, and even in my short time using it they have credited actual money to my account, so I would hardly call that a Trafficmonsoon scam if they are delivering me a service, along with cash back.

I did come a cross a site that did explain that the owner had an unfortunate past, but that wasn’t entirely accurate. Charles Scoville also runs Adhitprofits, another traffic exchange, and it was investigated by the state of Utah. They ended their investigation and closed the books on it when they found that everything was legal.

You know, it’s nice to see people like Charles Scoville be totally open with investigators and prove that their businesses are on the up and up. I like to see that openness in a business leader and it makes me feel great to be a part of that business.  I’ve been in the same room as the man, at a Trafficmonsoon gathering in New York City, so I know he’s a standup guy.

I mention the above to set the record straight and to put the lie to the stories about Charles Scoville. He’s not the serial scammer that some who perpetuate the lie would have you believe. I’ve watched webinars where he has been grilled by successful affiliate marketers who do business with Trafficmonsoon and am satisfied with his account of events.

Then there are other sites that could care less about Trafficmonsoon, but who know that people search on the subject. They are looking for Google SERPS results to funnel people into their own offers, so they write about this so called Trafficmonsoon scam in order to get the search clicks and then get the people into their own online offers.  There is one particularly unscrupulous guy who really does do well SEO wise and he calls everything out there, except his own affiliate offers, a scam.  He even calls famous self help Guru Tony Robbins, a scam!!!

So, don’t be fooled by guys like that.  They lie just to gain your confidence.  Why not believe a guy who calls almost everything a scam, right? (except the stuff he promotes)  Honestly, I’m amazed that more people, including the many who comment on his blog posts, can’t see through it and see what he is really doing. It’s so obvious.

This is something to beware about since you are not getting a true picture and it’s just smoke and mirrors on the part of some website owners who are just trying to game the Google search algorithm and then push people into their own competing systems.

I can tell you that as a member and knowing other members of Trafficmonsoon, that there is no credible Trafficmonsoon scam, ( get your free account here ) and that it’s a real traffic service that delivers traffic, revenue, and a great affiliate offer to users of the site.

Is it great traffic all on its own? Yes. Is it BUYER traffic? Not like buying high quality clicks from a high quality click site, but that isn’t what Trafficmonsoon clicks are all about. They’re more about exposure. You will get opt ins and sales, though.

You have to know how to use this system.

High quality paid traffic costs A LOT of money.

This Trafficmonsoon traffic is reasonable, and there is a profit sharing angle that you can take advantage of.

The traffic is affordable and a great way to publicize your site or business.

Just check it out for yourself and then you decide.

If you join with me, I’ll even clue you into how to use it with the best effect and combine it with other traffic sites and make it a self funding enterprise instead of a total out of pocket experience.

Who can’t use more traffic and a self funding source of never ending website clicks from people who are highly likely to be interested in what you have to offer, especially if you are in the self help and marketing space?

Don’t forget about the generous affiliate program either. Talk about a double your income whammy.

I wrote about Trafficmonsoon in another article so you can always check that out too.

Listen up, the Trafficmonsoon scam is just a highly searched internet keyword phrase, and that is why so many people write about it.

That’s the truth, and the truth that 99.99% of these shysters AREN’T going to tell you.

Who do you trust now?

I can tell you without a doubt that I use Trafficmonsoon and I actually get revenue share payments, so it’s totally legit.  It provides real traffic on its own and pays you back when you buy revenue sharing ad packs.

See here:

trafficmonsoon earnings


This is truth.

This is fact.

When you buy ad packs in Trafficmonsoon, you are buying ADVERTISING, and you have the added benefit of the company sharing profits back with you. It’s THAT simple. This is not an investment. If you want an investment, go buy stocks or bonds. But, this can help you get your online business running on all cylinders if you know how to use it.

Don’t believe these jokers who say that everything is a Trafficmonsoon scam just because they either don’t see the value themselves, don’t use it themselves, or want to drive you into their own affiliate offers.

It’s the oldest trick in the book, so don’t fall for that one.

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