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Traffic Monsoon Strategy You Can Count On

traffic monsoon

UPDATE: Since Trafficmonsoon is going to be held up defending their business model, we have rearranged programs into a better and stronger sales funnel. Get in and you too can go from broke to banking regardless of Trafficmonsoon’s future.


If you are either considering joining (free to join) or researching ways to create a Traffic Monsoon strategy to grow your business, then look no further than this blog. I have experience not only from my personal exploits, but those of my teammates and mentors as well.

Why would someone involved with this business need a Traffic Monsoon strategy, you may ask?

Simple, really.

You always need a Trafficmonsoon earning strategy because if you just go about it aimlessly then it’s easy to lose focus, or not be able to see the forest from the trees, so to speak.

First thing after you complete your Traffic Monsoon login, you remember that you may have already read some Traffic Monsoon guide that you found out there, but many of those are focused on the rev share part of the deal.

Yes, you have the majority of (foolish) people just focused on the revenue share portion, which is really small when you think about it.

Sure, it’s GREAT that revenue is shared, because it’s like getting these many traffic services for free, but at the same time you could be using this to build another (or multiple) income streams(s) instead of relying totally on the revenue that you are getting from your own ad packs or what some of your referrals (if you have any who are active) are providing to you.

Remember, as great as Traffic Monsoon is, it can go away just like any other business, for a variety of reasons.  I’m not saying that will happen and I certainly don’t want that to happen, but if you are smart you won’t keep all of your eggs in one basket. That’s all I am saying.

So, you need a Traffic Monsoon strategy that frees you from reliance on Trafficmonsoon, and grows an external business (or businesses) while also growing your Trafficmonsoon business.

Is this even possible?

Uh, yeah it is!

You can learn all about that but let me just say that this Traffic Monsoon strategy is the best Trafficmonsoon earning strategy in existence bar none, and you won’t need to mess around with a silly Traffic Monsoon calculator worrying about how many ad packs you have or how many are expiring, or how many cash links that you are going to click to earn a few cents or parts of cents here and there.

I am trying to make part of this blog into a Traffic Monsoon wiki of sorts, but only focusing on what works and what you should be focusing on and not worrying about uncovering some nonexistent Traffic Monsoon hack.

You want Traffic Monsoon payment proof?

You got it!

trafficmonsoon earnings


Get into the business that works.


Traffic Monsoon Strategy Points


Traffic Monsoon Strategy Point 1:

Traffic Matters. You use the traffic inside Trafficmonsoon in a way that appeals to the people who use Trafficmonsoon.

What does that mean?

Why do so many Trafficmonsoon members set up their internal pages for the traffic exchange with their Trafficmonsoon links?

This is stupid.

Why advertise Trafficmonsoon to other members of the site?

They have already become members.

They can’t re-join under you.

Set up a sales funnel or other affiliate offer that might appeal to a member of a site like this and maybe you will have a chance of turning the internal Trafficmonsoon traffic into leads or sales for something else. It IS a traffic exchange, after all.

Use some of your earnings to buy cash links and point them to an offer tailored to appeal to the type of person inside Trafficmonsoon.

What kind of offers?

Payment processors, other traffic sources and rev shares, other money making opportunities, and maybe a system that shows how to grow their own Trafficmonsoon business!


Traffic Monsoon Strategy Point 2:

Purchase your Traffic Monsoon ad packs in clusters, if you can. In the beginning, unless you are starting off with a certain bulk amount, you may just buy one, or two, or three, or four, but many start with one, and then if they are following the broke plan they wait until they earn $50 back so they can buy another Trafficmonsoon ad pack with earnings only. It’s a much slower way to do it, but it works.

Anyway, no matter how you do it, the thing is to buy the ad packs in clusters of at least 2, 4, 6,…. like that. It’s got something to do with how the earnings and maturity rate are calculated that it’s just better to buy them in these clusters than just one at a time. When they mature and fall off, it’s better to have this happen to groups of them than one every day, as you acquire more from your earnings.


Traffic Monsoon Strategy Point 3:

Use some of the rev share earnings to buy better outside paid traffic.

While Trafficmonsoon provides traffic exchange traffic, you want to get some outside hot and fresh buyer traffic to your other business web pages and also to your Traffic Monsoon business. The best way to do this is to combine other income streams with Trafficmonsoon into a complete system.

I can show you how to do this.

This way, you build multiple income streams at the same time and you are using the Trafficmonsoon engine to power other traffic sources to your businesses. In turn, some of this will grow your Trafficmonsoon referrals and give you more earnings inside Trafficmonsoon and the whole thing grows bigger and bigger.


Traffic Monsoon Strategy point 4:

Don’t rely on Trafficmonsoon as your only business.

This can perhaps be seen as the same as point number 2, but it’s important enough to be stressed as a separate topic.

You need to combine this in a way that you are growing other lucrative businesses so that if any one gets into trouble, you have more to rely on and your earnings don’t grind to a halt.

Any Traffic Monsoon strategy that doesn’t have these parts is not a strategy that will carry you through to real success.

I can be your Traffic Monsoon guide as we lock arms and grow our businesses on auto pilot and watch the whole thing grow into an empire.

I was able to meet several big leaders in Traffic monsoon at the May 2016 gathering in New York City.

It was a blast getting to hear the CEO, Charles Scoville, and also meet a V.P. of Payza also speak about Traffic Monsoon strategy going forward.

We are building a total Traffic monsoon strategy that ANYONE can follow if they can follow instructions and DO WHAT WE TELL THEM WHICH WORKS.

That being said, it’s amazing how many people can’t follow simple instructions and then they wonder why they fail at this and at everything they try.

Of course no one can guarantee success, mainly because everyone’s work ethic is different and there are so many people out there who just can’t read and follow instructions.

Don’t be one of those.

Follow the leaders.

Follow the traffic plan that works.

Soon, you’ll wonder why the Traffic Monsoon strategy that works so well eluded you for so long because it’s just so simple and obvious that this is the way to do it.

Keep an eye on this blog because we’re making it happen.

Note: While Traffic Monsoon is fighting it out in the US Courts, for the right to sell ads and reward loyal customers, Traffic Hurricane has stepped in with a pretty similar approach, and is growing like wildfire. Basically any “revshare” program would qualify, but make sure that you check out the site’s reputation and the backgrounds of the owners before going in on any of them.


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