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The Top Producer Formula Breakdown

Note: Since Empower Network is now defunct, this product is no longer available. This article is historical. There are other things that can make you wildly successful online, however.

Ever wonder what it takes to be a top producer?

Well, fortunately the top producers have come clean and put that into a video training course call the Top Producer Formula. It applies to anyone building a business that requires teamwork and team building.

Anyone In any kind of sales or production oriented profession or function will benefit.

Module 1: Sponsoring and Selling

You have to focus on sponsoring and selling because that is what makes you money. Sales. Period. Too many people focus on other activities like building team sites (when they have no team) and other fun things (like checking for commissions when you know you don’t have any) that actually prevent them from doing the things that will directly lead to sales and sponsoring new team members. Don’t fall into this trap.


Module 2: Beliefs and Attitudes

You have to replace limiting beliefs that do not serve you or your business and replace them with those that do support you and your business. This shift alone can move you in the direction that you need to go in order to create results.

Your values and beliefs need to be in alignment at all times.

If you want to build a large team by recruiting a lot of people and selling lots of products then you need to be aligned in a single direction in order to accomplish these outcomes.

People will join a great opportunity that excites people when they join, but YOUR belief in yourself and your team and their ability to succeed will keep them around and excite them to stay.


Module 3: Lead Capture Pages

You can’t sell if you have no prospects, or leads. How do you get leads? You capture them. It’s easier than capturing a lion, however.

This module is exciting because a team of experts humorously critique various lead capture, or squeeze, pages and give valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t work with the 3 types of internet traffic. You really can’t afford to miss out on this, but you will if you don’t get this course.

Some things presented are the exact five top performing lead pages and exactly why they work in getting you more leads than anything else, as well as the secret tool that marketing industry insiders use to create the highest converting lead pages in less than nine clicks of the mouse.


Module 4: Mechanics and Strategy

In order to sell you must build an email list of leads. You have to present to the list and close them as customers. The strategy of building a list and presenting to it and closing it is great, but you won’t get far if that list doesn’t respond to your rapport with them. You have to provide value of some sort. You need to have them respond to your energy and social authority.

Don’t rely on the skills on the people in your team because many won’t have any skills in this industry.

Module 5: Rapport, Responsiveness & Relationships

You need to identify with people’s problems and then lead them to the solution.

As you supply solutions to these problems, you build rapport. People trus those who can help them solve their problems.

You become an object of trust and that trust extends to business relationships. We, as people, respond to whom we like and trust.

Giving value to a list builds this trust, and then the list responds back when you send material to it.

Target specific business problems and provide solutions when you email your list. Solving problems equates to real value. Once you do that, people respond over and over.


Module 6: Generating Highly Targeted Leads

This module talks about how to generate leads through offline and online means. Did you ever think that you can create an amazing experience for your prospects or that there is actually psychology in how to setup the room? Lots of sales psychology is taught here. There’s tons of value here.


Module 7: Closing and Signing People Up on the Phone

You have the upper hand when you are competing with those who only focus on sell-sell-sell and selling. They completely fail to understand that it’s so important to understand your prospect’s problems. By learning how to listen and how to ask questions to get crucial information in order to learn and then address their problems, you build more rapport and trust which lets you connect with them beyond what any of these other people are doing.

Your solution to these problems means value. Remember what I said earlier?

People respond when they get value. They don’t respond to pure pitch, because then you’re just like everyone else out there who only cares about making a sale. People don’t want to be thought of as just another sale. They want to feel like valued people who’s problems matter.

Objections are just questions that they haven’t answered yet.

People join you when they think that it’s going to get them what they want. (This should be the end result – if you’re not providing the possibility for this then you aren’t doing things right)


Module 8: Upselling and Getting People All In

Leaders need to lead by example. If you want people to get in at the highest level, you have to do the same.

The other way is to get in touch with what they really want, or their core desire. You need to know what they really desire in order to be able to provide information on how to get it. Without focusing here on their core desires then you can’t lead your team. Knowing what your team wants is essential for leading them, since you can’t lead or influence what you don’t know.


Module 9: Presentation Formula

The 12 step formula to creating presentations which works for various formats and venues, from hotel meetings to internet based presentations.

  1. Get their attention
  2. Develop a relationship
  3. Earn the right
  4. Clarify their problem
  5. Show them a solution
  6. Set clear expectations
  7. Provide social proof
  8. Present the benefits
  9. Provide and irresistible offer
  10. Take away their risk
  11. Give them a reason to take action
  12. Provide a clear call to action


Module 10: Live Internet Event Recruiting Sales Strategy

There is a language for inviting people to a team hangout.

“We’re going to do a special team hangout where we’re going to teach you some strategies to build your business faster, make more money, and recruit more people with less work. Can I count on you to make it?”

You need to focus on helping people in groups because one on one focus is a losing strategy. You can’t help everyone one on one and you have to make yourself scarce at times, but you can help people in groups. It’s just more efficient.

Teach your people to give results based testimonials that are on point, show before and after situations, and then the solution and what specifically the solution helped to address or result in.

There is also a magic closing formula:

“What did you like best about the presentation?”

“Yes, I thought so too. It sounds like you’re ready to get started.”

“How do you want your name spelled on your checks?”

“Welcome aboard. We’re having a team call tomorrow night. It’s private. I’m going to send you an exclusive invite to our Facebook group.”

Module 11: Live Local Event Recruiting Sales Strategy

Online and offline marketing methods can help you to use the power of the Internet to pack a room full of prospects and make a presentation really count.

Have people search you out rather than you search for them.

The Internet can run your registration process for any live event and there are tools that can automate the process so that you never have to even use the phone for any of this.

Keala Kanye shows you how to create and use an event funnel demonstrating the registration page, thank you page, and email communication. You will learn how to do this without the phone and all of the tools and links used in the process are shared with you.


Module 12: Creating Live Groups

Doing live groups is something to start thinking about. Oh man! Now this is getting out of many people’s comfort zones. Good! Doing these will force you to get people to attend and it will hone your communication skills and your calls to action will get really really good. I wouldn’t steer ya wrong on this. No one ever rose to low expectations.

Connecting with people increases sales from much smaller lists.


Module 13: Painting a Vision for the Future

Law of Attraction Principles apply here. You need a clear outcome on what you want to accomplish, you need to chunk towards your sources of motivation, and you also need to take MASSIVE action with whatever it is that you know how to do.

Top Producers don’t get stuck on perfection. They TAKE ACTION and then adjust based on feedback and newer information.

Just take action now since you’ll never be perfect and you shouldn’t worry about perfection anyway.

You need to study, do, and teach, all at the same time. Successful amazing creators act as if things that seem impossible to others are happening right now. They don’t let the low expectations of others get them down or get in their way.

Despite challenges, motivated people step towards and into the future and create what they want. They create the future that they see. When you focus on that desirable outcome, all of your energy and attention is poured into that outcome. Your focus stays on it, you talk about it, and your actions are based on it. You make it happen, and you make it happen faster.

You need to believe in your dreams and your ability to accomplish those dreams. Everything you do has value and changes the people you connect with and influence.

To learn more, and there is SO MUCH MORE TO THIS, see the details below.


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