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The Alleged Saturation Point of Empower Network and Related Programs

Update: There was no “saturation point”. Well long after this post was originally written, Empower Network went bankrupt 3/4 through 2017. I guess the “shiny ball” thing is what got them.  They were no longer the new or big guys on the block, with newer sexier programs like Digital Altitude, Duplicate Dave (Sharpe, of Empower Network fame), the upcoming iPAS 3, among others.  Dave Wood did his part in nailing the coffin shut too.  So, the below post was written when there was still plenty of life left in that program.

This post is what the title says. Everywhere you “travel” online, and when you travel in circle dominated by internet marketers, online marketers, MLM’ers, and the like, you hear lots about the biggest programs out there.

Now some of this is just pure B.S. that is said more with the aim of creating fear, uncertainty, and doubt, (FUD) in the minds of others for various reasons. Sometimes it’s said as a “warning” from those who failed in a program and just want others to steer clear of it because they themselves need validation that they aren’t a failure and, you know, misery loves company. Then you get the competing marketers who of course want to steer online opportunity seekers into their own programs and sales funnels. Then you get the marketers masquerading as online do gooder superheroes, who are truly concerned that “x program” is going to rip off the innocent newbies so they must write all of the reasons why “x program” is a scam, all the while marketing their own program to them in s stealthy manner, because, uh, you know, they are a do gooder wearing a Batman shirt and of course they would never rip anyone off so some join this program they’re offering at the end of their hit piece article. It’s a sleazy version of connecting with people through appearing to be of high moral fiber and stuff like that.

Hey, it works for some.

If anyone out there is dumb enough to fall for THAT scheme, and it’s just a scheme, then good for them to follow the do gooder and their inferior program. If you fall for someone who has to bad mouth another program by name and call the founders all sorts of names, while relying on purely anecdotal “failure stories” pulled from “complainer sites”, then you’re stupid and I don’t want you on my team or in my business.

Sorry to sound all mean and stuff, but I get sick when I read those sites and I can see through that strategy so clearly that it surprises me that people actually fall for it. These people who do this have actually succeeded, to a point, in convincing others that they are the good guys when in fact they are doing nothing but perpetuating lies and trading on all of that negativity. I guess it’s a niche. Well, it’s no niche that I want any part of.

So anyway, there is this other false notion, and it mostly is aimed at one specific company, the Empower Network. It goes something like this. Most of these online companies deal in buzz and excitement. There is a period when everyone and their mother is getting in, and those who got in early got to the top easily because they were at the top of the “pyramid” and anyone who was in early enough could have easily gotten lots of sales because it was new and shiny and didn’t have any of the eventual failure stories that people can find through Google now, so most people who were coming across it were getting in. That time is past so it’s therefore “saturated” and you should stay away since there is no way you’ll ever make the kind of money they imply that you can make.


You just have to look at the sales figures and see all of the new signups to know that’s bunk. Also, they are moving into new markets globally so the fresh eyes out there are endless.

Another thing. Look around you wherever you are in public. Go up to random people and ask if they know about Empower Network. I bet that you have a great chance of hitting a 100% “no” response in most, if not all, locales. That’s because the internet and online marketing communities are small… no, infinitesimal, compared to society at large.

The potential out there for getting in front of new opportunity seekers is amazing.

They have been saying that Amway is saturated forever, and yet they keep selling billions of dollars’ worth of stuff. It’s the same with any network marketing venture that’s been around for a while. They’re all saturated but they’re all recruiting new blood and growing by leaps and bounds.

It’s bullshit. If you fall for that line of bullshit you are going to be broke and never be happy in your opportunity seeking life.

Got it?

I hate to be brash, but how many people are going to fall for these lame and easily explained away anecdotal lies?

Listen up, on pyramid schemes.

The company you work in is a pyramid scheme headed by the CEO, then the Board of Directors, then upper management, middle management, and supervisors, works… The government has the same structure.

Everything is a pyramid, so get off it.

Okay, I had to get that out and try to wake up some people to the facts that they are being led, if you are led away to the poor house then it’s your own fault.

I know network marketers who make great livings, and they’re just the offline old line traditional hotel meeting low commission marketers. If THEY can make a living in the “make money” or related niche, because it’s all “make money”. Whether they’re selling insurance, vitamins, cosmetics, or anything, they’re selling a successful lifestyle, or the ability to be successful outside of the regular job thing. They’re also selling the residual income dream. If THEY can make the money in the grueling grinding offline marketing world where it’s all face to face and networks of family and friends, then YOU can surely do it online using mass market and internet traffic tools that drive opportunity seeking STRANGERS to your legitimate offers.

You just have to get the products that teach you how and provides the tools that automate it and create the content that draws people in.

I’m doing it.

So are others.

So, let the FUDsters peddle their FUD.

Are you going to be a winner or a whiner?

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