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Texas Blogger Mom Lays the Smackdown on FaceBook Network Marketing Friends

There is a Texas mom out there who is also a blogger and author.

It’s gotten so bad that she now refuses to accept friend requests from anyone affiliated with network marketing.

It turns out that she was constantly being invited to local parties for various network marketing opportunities and she got fed up with the whole process of being invited to events, attending the parties, being pressured to buy stuff and to join, and then seeing the same local women show over and over at these home parties. It’s amusing how many of the top network marketing companies are still telling their people to follow these worn out strategies.

I see the few independent innovators on FaceBook are having the best success. The ones who follow the crowd (and the old company trainings) are the ones sinking the fastest. Network marketing success will come to those who utilize as many tools as there are at their disposal, and I mean not just FaceBook.

The old network marketing definition is no longer the accurate one. You have to evolve much faster than your company is evolving.

I’ve already written before about ditching the network marketing dinosaur strategies and choosing ways to not alienate your family and friends with business opportunities through
 taking the internet approach.

Well, isn’t FaceBook the Internet?

Uh… YEAH, it is… but…

Many times, at least as far as network marketing ops that still use the 1980’s method of running local parties for local groups of people, it’s not really “the Internet”.

When I mention using the Internet for network marketing or other business opportunities, I mean using the Internet to reach people who are geographically far from you, who you would never likely meet locally or know about before the Internet existed (okay, yes, FaceBook does quality here), but also using it specifically to leverage the power of the 24/7 “always on” nature of the Internet to have it working for you even when you can’t. (using Google to bring them to you)

Look, FaceBook is great and it can work that way too, if you set it up that way, to not focus on local family and friends, but there is a whole Internet out there and a giant pool of tools and sites that are at your disposal beyond FaceBook, I hope that you know.

You should also be looking at other social media sites to increase your reach. I mean other “Web 2.0” social and blog sites like Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, etc. (don’t use Tumblr for main blogs, but for backup and back link blogging)

I also mean blogs, just like mine.

Blogs work 24/7, just like other forms of Internet content, but a blog is YOURS.

You need to be willing to write about your passion, and also, who doesn’t need a real headquarters, or several, in the online world?

Having real blogs where you write about your business, hopes, dreams, and offer help to people in the form of advice, how to’s, video trainings, etc can be invaluable in what people are now calling “building your brand”.

I actually hate that term.

I am a person, not a brand like the Charmin, but the idea is sound. You need to establish yourself and have that lead people into your orbit and hopefully some stay for awhile, or forever.

Okay alright so what am I getting at here?

Well, have you been reading all of this?

I wrote what I wrote and I mean all of it but to tie it into the article that I quoted above, the one about the anti network marketing Texas mommy blogger, too many people are not only relying just on this one outlet, called FaceBook, but they are just throwing out affiliate links all the time and generally pissing people off by doing it all the complete worst of the worst way that you can market anything online.

It’s even annoying those in the business who generally are more understanding, because they are, uhm, marketers.

Go ahead and gloss over this but FaceBook might be changing things to make marketing harder, since many of these social sites are actually all for making money as long as they’re the ones making the money. They look down on network and internet marketers and area always trying to make life harder. Just ask any marketer who has had their YouTube channel unjustly and maliciously flagged and the flaming hoops they have to jump through to get it reinstated. (if they even could get it reinstated – many never do)

Web 2.0 and social media sites don’t like marketers, and while I am telling you to use these sites, I am saying to NEVER DEPEND SOLELY ON THEM.

Also, if you are into blogging, STAY AWAY from the free blogging sites for your main important money blogs.

It goes without saying that blogging is something that everyone who is selling anything should be doing, but you have to know that the WordPress.com and Bloggers and all the others have strict Terms of Service and you can be flagged by the anti profit hippies and others and you WILL get shut down and lose your content, eventually, if you’re selling anything, even stealthily.

Self hosting is an option, but take it from someone who has a few self hosted blogs out there for years now, it’s a chore. The security and other performance nightmares are real and if you aren’t capable of handling all of the software compatibility and other issues, then stay away. Go for the paid hosted solution that caters to your kind (online marketers) and also handles all of the “IT” tasks like taking care of hacker, software, network, and performance issues.

Ever get your blog hacked or filled with spam code injections?

If you’re not technical, say goodbye to your blog. If you are technical, it still might be unsalvageable. That’s not scare tactics to get you to buy a marketing friendly hosted blog platform, it’s just the truth that I have really lived.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever host your own blog, but you should at least have a blog with a safe platform that is guarded by a real IT organization backing it up, just in case, and also as a safe place to keep lots of your content.

It’s insurance worth having.

Another thing…

Take the time to learn a little about what the top network marketers do to be the top dogs.

Even if you only want a small piece of the pie, it pays to educate yourself and learn all you can.

Get a marketing system!



Maybe if more FaceBook network marketers did this stuff, the Texas mommy blogger wouldn’t have had to take such drastic actions.

If only these people knew about the plan that gets you more internet traffic, leads, and sales than you know what to do with, they’d have more success than they knew how to handle.

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