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Ever wonder why many people never bother hosting their own WordPress blogs?

I don’t mean using WordPress.com, or Blogger, etc.

I mean getting their own domain, their own web hosting, and installing WordPress through some hosting back office and running their OWN blog on their OWN domain on their OWN hosting.

Because it’s a royal pain in the butt.

I know because I do it.

I have several blogs, and while it provides a certain amount of autonomy, it’s a pain.

(Psst, this isn’t a Power Blog review. Okay? Okay.)

You have to constantly keep up on updates, worry about security, and if you use custom themes and customizations it’s a royal headache when things go wrong.

I know because I know.

What do you do when someone hacks it?

What about when your web hosting service has interruptions?

What if you are trying to secure it and your own security plugin locks you out?

Maybe a new plugin version conflicts with something and causes the dreaded 500 Internal Server Error..

I’ve had it happen, more than once.

Someone non technical would be in for a WORLD of pain.

Now I am not saying that having your own self hosted blog is completely bad.

There are some good reasons why some people should want one.

I have written articles on my other blog about them.

What I am saying is that MOST people don’t need that and it’s actually a liability.

What most people need is a blog that they pay a small monthly fee and let the other party worry about hosting, bandwidth, security, etc.

Then you are free to generate ideas and blog your heart out.  You can be free to learn the art of blogging, SEO, and all that fun stuff that will generate a constant stream of internet visitors who are looking for what your blog is offering, and along the way, a certain percentage of them will opt in and buy the offers that your blog is monetized to provide.

It’s THAT simple.

I’m not talking about measly few pennies or dollars commissions either.

I mean everything from tens to hundreds to thousands in commissions for those who at least own the commissionable product themselves.  These products teach you how to make money online, and blogging is the engine that pulls in the leads.

Just watch the video below this article and learn all about it.

If you’re like me and many others, you’ll “get it’, and “get in”.

Hey, a nice crowd of people from all walks of life have gotten in and gotten in.

Everyone from former nurses, cops, firemen, carpenters, IT people, lawyers, doctors.

You name it.

Hey, just shell out the small amount to get in and be a member and do it.

I’m sure it’s easier if you’re already employed vs being unemployed and broke, but even you broke folks can get a small job to generate that fee.

Do whatever works for you, but you ahve to invest in yourself and learn new skills if you:


a) hate your life

b) hate your job

c) want real freedom

d) want to make money doing something really really fulfilling.


Blog about what excites you.  Just make it something that other people are interested in.

learn some stuff about how to see what people are searching online for, and you have the start to a new life.

Oh, and Power Blogs are part of that.

Unlike freebie WordPress and Blogger and similar blogging platforms, this one can be monetized to the gills with very high paying affiliate offers.

It’s also tied into a domain and system that will rank easier.

There are also themes and other plugins available as well as more features coming.

It’s usable though and you can get yours now.

Watch the video below to learn how to get your own Power Blog.

Oh, and it’s built on WordPress so you don’t have to worry about it being some third rate platform.

I have my own WordPress blogs, and this is real WordPress, without the worries.

The Power Blog blogging platform is hosted by pros and monetized to help you earn massive commissions.

All you have to do is create lots of content and keep doing that daily until you have a blog that is an information store that Google can’t and won’t ignore.

We teach you all about how to do that and how to do extra in order to rank your posts in Google.

Power Blog makes it easier to create content than any blogging platform ever.

Don’t listen to the guys out there who love to poo poo what they don’t understand.

Don’t let them push you into a free broke hobby blog hosted by WordPress or Blogger.

Do that and you’ll stay a poor hobby blogger.

Get with Power Blog and you have a chance at being someone and making your blogging really pay.

Listen, I had been fighting in the IT trenches for years and I finally decided to do something more with my spare time and do something about it.  I already liked to write and it’s easy to learn this stuff, so I decided to invest in myself and expand my skill set.

Just do it.  It’s easy, not expensive, and you’ll have a much better chance at success than wasting money on the lottery and some other bad habits we all have.

It’s time to build a residual monthly income now, before you end up old and broke.


Watch the video.

Go to the Power Blog Review

Go to the Power Lead System Portal




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