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Network Marketing Come Ons

Ever come on to someone?

Sure you have.

Whether recently or in your youth…

If you’re married, it’s probably been awhile.

But, you know you have, at some point in your life…

Network marketing is a lot like that.

You’re always looking for people.

It’s kinda like lookin for love in all the wrong places.

Big box stores, laundromats, mass transit, your regular job, at church, or maybe family functions.

You end up almost offering a butt massage to anyone who seems interested in your business.

That’s the life of the poorly guided network marketer.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do that corny stuff.

If you’re like most people… like I was… you have a well meaning sponsor who is just parroting what they were taught by their sponsor and right up the chain.

Sure, you CAN sell and recruit people this way, but it takes a lot out of you, and you’re missing getting in front of LOTS more people with your offer.

Think about it this way.

As a person sitting in space and time, you can only physically be in any one place at a time.  This means that you can only reach so many people, since your time is limited and you can only meet face to face with so many people.

You have to meet them somehow, be it the chasing them down method by meeting them in public spaces and then finding a way to gain their trust, or even with warm contacts who may know you or someone you know, it’s still a MAJOR GRIND to get your business in front of new people.

This is a fact that you can’t change.

Let’s talk science fiction for a little bit, even if you’re not a fan.

In the popular Star Trek series, the famous captain, Captain Kirk, was known to have figured out a no win scenario posed to cadets at their officer’s academy.

They always wondered how he did it.

As it turns out, in one of the movies he explains that they tried to offer him a no win situation, and he doesn’t believe in a no win situation, so he changed the rules by reprogramming the computer.  Technically he cheated, but he altered the rules of the game instead of going along with the reigning belief that there can be a no win situation.

Do you believe in this network marketing no win situation?

You don’t have to.

Changing the Network Marketing Game Rules

Several years ago, people did just that, and they used the internet to fuse the concepts of internet marketing with network marketing and MLM concepts, which allows marketers to reach unlimited markets and niches of people who are warm and looking for these types of businesses, and if it’s a global opportunity with global purchase and payment options, then it’s truly a global market that you can reach.

You need to learn the rules of this new game, though.

The great news is that you can get into your own “Internet Marketing University” of sorts right here. I’ve got all the courses and materials right at your fingertips, and it all starts with a blog just like this one you are reading now.

Blogging is one of the best ways to publish information and get your message out there to connect with people and let them get an idea what you are about as a business and a person.

Blogging is a great way to publish content that lives in the 24/7 marketing world so that you don’t have to.

It’s a way to escape the grind and automated and duplicate your efforts without having to duplicate yourself.

You are no longer limited by the physical limitations of space and time and can escape that network marketing grind that we mentioned above.

There are a few concepts that you need to learn about before you can become a top producer in this space.

You have to learn about internet marketing, which usually includes things like blogging systems, email auto responders, and concepts like SEO (search engine optimization) and copywriting.

The great news is that you can learn all about that and more by taking a peek inside our learn at your own pace electronic university, which will teach you what others have spent years learning on their own through trial and error.  It’s bundled with a great opportunity of it’s own, which lets you earn on referrals to the system, but it it geared towards teaching you the trade and allowing you to use what you learn to promote ANY business online, whatever that business is.

This is BIG, because with what you learn you can promote any business, from network marketing and MLM all the way to real estate, affiliate sales, or ANY business, all using blogs (websites) and other online tools that teach you how to stay connected with your target audience, including how to tap into the ever growing number of people online who are actively searching for whatever interest niche that you choose to service with your marketing efforts.

You can connect with me through any of the links on this page.  Comment below if all of this is new to you and let’s stay in touch!




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