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Most Americans are Stressed About Money

The verdict is out.

Most Americans, and probably many from other nations too, are majorly stressed about money.

They’re actually stressed about not having enough of the stuff, mainly due to things like bills, unexpected expenses, and healthcare.

Many women lie awake at night thinking about it.

“Money stress” attacks your health and your relationships.

Many worry about being able to put their kids through higher education and also about their eventual retirement. Many worry about becoming homeless.

Let’s face it, money WORRIES are the root of all many evils.

You’d think that more people would be turning to the network marketing and internet marketing industries for relief. Many do, as evidenced by the hordes of people hawking stuff on Facebook and Instagram, but there are so many out there who just sit there paralyzed by fear and just take what their jobs offer them, which isn’t much.

If you add layoffs to this volatile equation, then you are really going to push many people over the edge.

What is a money worried person to do?

Well, the first thing that you have to do is make a plan.

You have to have some sort of plan and reestablish hope.

Without hope, you’re screwed.

After that, you have to educate yourself.

Use the tools to build something great.

You may already be an educated or street smart person, but chances are that you will be entering a new field and don’t fool yourself, even so called “false” professions like network marketing and internet marketing, for which you do not need to interview for or present a resume and you get paid completely by commission, have a learning curve and a specific skill set.

If you go into this blindly and unprepared, you’ll fail in record time.

Of course I recommend that you look at all of the articles on my blog to familiarize yourself with not only some ways to get into this industry, but also learn about some of the methods that will get you paid, as well as the necessary tools that you’ll need to conduct yourself properly in this business.

While you are probably not in a position to spend wildly, you need to invest in yourself and your education. Just spend what you spend intelligently.

Get top quality educational products and if you can hook into an actual method that pays at the same time, then you’re on the right track.

I say that, also, because there are lots of people out there who have a lottery mentality that if they just throw some money at every shiny thing that comes into view, one is bound to work. Another group will try all they can to get as much free information and vow to never spend a dime until they manage to figure out how to get paid.

If you are in either group, get out now. You’re setting yourself up for failure.

To be in business you will have some baseline expenses. That’s just business.

Free stuff seldom works out and most of the time it’s either a gateway to spending (okay) or a complete waste of time. (bad)

Okay, okay, so what do I recommend?

If you haven’t followed any links on this page yet, I recommend learning about the industry and how to produce. Without production, or sales, you earn nothing.

The learning comes first.

So here you go. There are informative links all around this page and on this blog.

You want some free information and advice, and an introduction to this industry?

Here you go.

Just remember that money troubles can be solved with some creativity and willingness to learn and invest in building up your skills. Once you tap into a profession that pays you based on your production and the production of others, your earning potential is limitless.

If you need to put some money aside or get a regular job while you pursue this and get the funds to invest, then that is what you have to do.

It’s always up to you and YOU must own your own road to success.

You will fail from time to time, and you will feel like a failure.

Don’t give up!

Every big earner in this industry was at one time an abject failure, then a small earner, then a medium and large earner, and then a guru.

If you think that you will just get in and get rich one day, you’re deluded.

Hey, this is all real advice.

I am here to give you reality and hope.

Reality keeps you grounded and hope will keep you going.

You can solve your money troubles by figuring out ways to make extra income, learning how to do it, and then doing it. Taking action, taking daily action, is a must.

This should all make sense because it’s just common sense.

If you found this blog then you’re already on the right track since I have so much information within that you should make a point to consume as much of it as you can.

Read everything on this blog.

Explore the links and learn what your future can offer.

Once you get serious and are ready to own your own failures and successes, and be a grown adult, then you’ll be ready for your path to success.

I’m sorry if any of that seems rude, but too many grown people are going around like spoiled babies thinking that the world owes them a living and that people should just hand them money for doing nothing.

If you can’t provide value or good products, services, and clever ideas, then you shouldn’t be seeking an entry into online business, home business, internet business, network marketing, or internet marketing.

If you think that only Facebook and social media, like Instagram, is the way to get the world out, then you’re already wrong in your thinking.

You need thousands upon thousands of new fresh success seekers in internet land to come to your doors, and my method allows you to tap into that.

Look around, the door is open.

Stop stressing about money. All that stress does it eat you away. I know all about it.

Stop the insanity and get to work.

You can do it!

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