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Internet Marketers and Their Apple Macs

If you’ve been in online or network marketing (online) for any length of time, you’ll notice that a high percentage of these digital go getters seem to prefer the Apple Macintosh notebooks as their main work machine.  Sure, many have Windows machines… maybe even many more, but I have noticed some really big successful “guru” types all have Macs, as evidenced by the screen captures and screen recordings that they make during webinars and Google hangouts.

It struck me, maybe, because I have been in the tech sector for so long.

I’m a geek.

I’m a geek and gadget freak from before all this stuff got popular and became sexy.

I’ve usually had Wintel or Linux based machines due to the more bang for the buck factor.

Apple is not cheap.

Macs cost major moolah, as compared to Wintel/Intel offerings.

It’s just the way it is.

If you want to play with the sexy OS and use what all the fashionable computer people use – the graphic designers, the artists, the suave technology savvy ones… then get a Mac.

Well, it seems that many in the internet marketing space are also drawn to the elegant simplicity of the Apple Mac notebook, and probably desktop, systems.

I’ve always been a cross platform guy.  If it’s not a Wintel machine, it was one of them running Linux or BSD UNIX, and I once had one of those teardrop iMacs back in the mide 2000’s.  You know, the G3 kind before they made the switch to Intel processors.

Anyhoo, I digress.

If you want to be like the gurus, even of you haven’t reached guru wallet status yet, you can.

Of course you won’t have as powerful a machine or as new, but if you want to play in the Apple ecosystem, you can actually do so with a second hand or refurbish product.

Yes, it’s POSSIBLE.

This blog post is being typed out on such a machine. It’s about 6 years old, look new, and works very well.

I have WIndows and Linux machines, but I wanted a third to play around with some Mac OSX software, and without having to drop a small fortune.

I may be a six figure earner, but I have bills like everyone, and I am not about wasting money.

You don’t need a new machine to have fun, learn the software, and just be cool with one of these smart little machines.

To describe mine, in mid 2015 I picked up a refurbished mid 2009 white Macbook that had 2GB RAM and a 160GB disk.  For another $53 I bought a 4GB RAM kit and upgraded that immediately, and updated the OSX v 10.6 to 10.8, and am in business with a plethora of free software and also built in software.

There she is.

I’m telling you, you can easily set it up with some great free and built in software.

Webcam capture – you speaking into the camera for YouTube or other videos, use the built in Quicktime or Photo Booth apps.  They can capture video via the webcam.

Image editing – GIMP – a free image editing program that rivals Photoshop for richness of features and ease of use.

Office Suite – Apache Open Office – as good or better than Microsoft Office

Web browsing – the built in Safari as well as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Video editing and movie editing – Wondershare Video Editor

Video Playback – Quicktime or VLC

FTP – transferring files to and from web host – Filezilla

The bottom line here is that you can outfit our Mac almost free of charge after you buy it.  Even post Snow Leopard OS versions are freely obtainable over the Internet.

Here is a small screen grab of the OSX dock from the Mountain Lion version 10.8 of OSX

Gorgeous, huh?

Well, you can pick up a good used Macbook for anywhere from $250 up to a grand, depending on how old and what kind of shape it’s in.

A good place is Micro Center dot com and you can Google for used Macs and find plenty of places

Even new or thrifty network marketers and internet marketers can get into the act and look all classy sporting a Macbook for their online work. Even broke internet marketers working their way towards their future big paydays can get one of these.

Your blogging will never look so good!

Get one, you’ll be glad you did.


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