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How to Market Your Business with Blogging

Most business people have no idea that they can radically promote their business just by incorporating blogging into their repertoire. This is such an important subject and so vital to conducting business today that it’s difficult to even know where to start writing this post, so I’ll dive right in.

We all know by now that having a website is crucial for any business. While most local businesses are still not on board with this, simply because they are able to get enough work through traditional methods or they have no clue about technology, or don’t feel it’s worth their investment in light of the fact that they have enough customers without it, many more are realizing that having a website is important. If for nothing else, it provides a billboard that they can point their offline advertising methods to. It’s like, “Here’s a pen or a calendar, go to the website on there for more information.”

That’s all fine and dandy, but they are missing the bigger picture. This is very true for industries like Real Estate or any type of sales. Financial sales, mutual funds, investments, insurance, accounting, etc. can all benefit from having not just a website but a living blog.

If you have services that can be rendered from a distance and you are not tied to a strictly local clientele, all the better! If you are tied to a local clientele, you still have Google local search and other local search that can send customers your way.


Blogging is a living dynamic medium that constantly adds content to your site. It’s not limited to a few sales pages. You can have those other pages if you want, but that’s the real difference between pages and posts. Posts are the articles that keep growing in number and expanding your content.  This content is the first step in how to market your business with blogging.

Your content gets indexed by the search engines and ends up in many internet search results when people search for certain keywords and phrases. You will end up ranking for all manner of broad and narrow keywords, and will end up on the first page of search for many of the lower competition keywords that are searched for, as a group, very frequently, if you add up the various low competition phrases that you will rank for just as a matter of course. See this article to learn more about SEO and optimizing your site for search.

As you keep adding article after article about your business to your site, you develop, over time, age to your internet domain and some authority. Eventually people may link to your articles. You can promote your link through online forum signatures when you post to forums that are closely related to your topic niche and your business sector.

You become an authority, and are one step closer to how to market your business with blogging.

Eventually more and more people find you when they search for whatever your business is. If you have done the basics of optimizing your site so that you’re found, you’ll have lots of traffic to your site over some time.

Traffic means customers.

Customers mean work.

Work means money.

Don’t stop there. If you are using a platform that is monetized to promote your main business, you will steer many more people who would normally leave your site into the side affiliate offer that can end up netting you more profit than what you may make are your primary business.

Let’s use an example of network marketing. While it doesn’t have the local respect of something like accounting or practicing law, it’s a multibillion dollar industry. Many people can get into it without those fancy degrees, or even a job interview or resume. Now if you know anything about it, it’s a grueling business to sell to family, friends, or strangers. All of that offline work setting up meetings, get togethers, three way calls… It can be just as grueling in Real Estate or other professions, so keep that in mind. Even doctors can benefit here.

Follow me as I go…

So you are conducting your business and people come to your site either through personal referral or through internet search. Some may be interested in your main business, but what about the MAJORITY who will not? They may come from all corners and may never have been a serious recipient of your services. They may read your content and get value, and come back anyway. Well, if you had the other offers weaved into your site, you could end up having many of them (think mass traffic from internet) clicking those things and wanting more information about that secondary business that your blog has in the sidelines and footers.

It’s real and it happens and it’s making people rich.

Yes, there are even doctors and accountants doing this and making more than they are at their primary business, and if you say “no way” then you really are not aware of the facts.

So, yes, blogging (the correctly structured kind) is the best way forward if you wondered how to market your business with blogging.

I, just this morning, listened to a recorded talk from an eye doctor who does this and he no longer relies on his medical practice for all of his income, and he’s loving it, because, even for a doctor, relying on one income stream is worrisome.

If you look at the banners around this post, you can learn more about this novel way that shows you how to market your business with blogging. You can promote ANY business with this platform and it really works. All you have to do is follow the training that comes with the blogging platform and learn some basics about how to tailor your blog posts to get the most search traffic over time.

You will be hitting two birds with one stone. You’ll be creating content to market your primary business while actually setting up a second income stream. It’s brilliant.

You don’t have a primary business? You don’t need one. You can do this as a hobby that will eventually create your income, or just write about your passion, provided it’s something that enough other people search for information on. If you are employed through regular means, then you know that surviving a layoff is tough and just waiting for that paycheck every week or two is murder. You don’t want to rely on that anymore and this can be your ace I the hole for surviving a layoff in the future. AT the very least it can provide you with the leeway you need in choosing your primary job more carefully. You won’t be desperate to take the first one that comes along since you’ll have an autopilot income already working for you.

If you think about it, I bet that you can come up with several more “freedom scenarios” around this.  You’ll be free to do a lot more than you would be relying on a job.

I hope that I’ve peaked your interest in how to market your business with blogging, and provided some useful food for thought that you may have never before considered or even knew existed.

Blog on!

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