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Getting Website Traffic – Even the Newbies Can Do It

website traffic

Getting internet traffic is that holy grail for many online who are looking for website traffic increases. Bloggers, internet marketers, network marketers, or anyone who needs to get more eyeballs on their site.

Face it, compadres, we all need more traffic.

There are several ways to do it.

There’s SEO. SEO is great for organic search traffic, but that can take a lot of time to kick in.

Your domain needs to mature a bit, you need some back links, you have to know how to optimize both on and off page SEO

Then there is paid traffic.

Paid traffic is instant, but there are many levels of paid traffic, and then there are the amounts.

If you want a little, that’s gonna cost more per click than buying a lot, but a lot can mean a bill in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You can also get taken to the cleaners by some of these traffic guys. Watch out for those who sell substandard traffic, or worse yet, those who sell fake bot traffic which isn’t even real people.

You want real people seeing your site, not some bot.

So you see, getting website traffic is something that you need to embark upon with your eyes open.

The best way for a newbie or small timer to get into it is to find a decent pay to click (PTC) site and then use some of that to get the word out about your site or offer, and you can get a lot of leads over time. I know, I know, most of these people are like you, trying to get more leads to their offers, but many of their offers aren’t making them any money so they are ripe for the taking.

The majority of online marketers today are newbies who are not making ANY money online, and they drive people to this or that offer in the hope of making something.  So, when they see someone who is totally confident and who is actually mastering something and making some success, they will follow such a person.

Your success can be anything from ranking blog posts really well through SEO, ranking YouTube videos, or the ability to take traffic and turn that into a self financing operation.  Getting traffic can become your success linchpin.

It’s the self financing operation part that should interest you the most.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to buy traffic and then earn back some, and in enough time have it become a self perpetuating thing?

I’m being vague because there is an entire “traffic plan” that comes into play.

As they say in the famous movie, The Hunt for Red October, “Russians don’t take a dump without a plan.”, and neither should you.

You need to have a plan for getting website traffic if you want to succeed online, and getting website traffic to your site and offers requires its own set of actions (your plan) in order to create the kind of success that you may have been missing up until this point.

Part of your plan for getting website traffic, or more precisely where that journey starts, is with a little service called Trafficmonsoon.  It’s not just going to some one site though, and expecting Trafficmonsoon to be a miracle.

No siree Bob…

You have to follow “The Plan”.

The Plan has been vetted.  It simply works, if you follow it.

Now I know I know, that traffic isn’t the best. Given. But that site offers something that you can use to ramp up and parlay that into multiple traffic sources that can get you on the road.  It offers revenue sharing and also a great affiliate plan so you can get paid on different levels, and also use the traffic itself, so it’s like nailing three birds with one stone.

That’s smart!

Go to my page on that right now and read up on it and join it. (The Plan link above)

It’s free to join, and I have the link in the other article that you need to read.

Stay with me if you want to learn “the plan”.

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