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Getting Traffic that Converts for your Empower Network Business

empower network business

Okay so you’ve joined the Empower Network business (or some other MLM type of business like Digital Altitude or Duplicate Dave) and you are wondering how you get traffic to convert.

This is a problem that many people face. I’m going to address the  blogging solution here, but you can apply this to ANY online business opportunity that relies on getting leads to see your business in the hopes that they will decide to join in on your team.

Well, for one, the way all of these are marketed is something like this.

The company shows the product or service that they sell. In Empower Network’s case it’s a top notch blogging platform called Kalatu and then they have several product levels that will teach you A LOT about marketing online.

It’s all worth it and I wouldn’t be in Empower Network business myself and promoting this if I didn’t believe in it.

That being said, most people are not being taught that A #1 thing that they need in order to make Empower Network business, or any other business they’re in, a success.

Oh, you’ll hear about it here and there, but many won’t grasp it, so I am going to tell you about it point blank.

This isn’t some trick.

This is real, and if you ignore it then you will pay the price through either failure or a very long learning curve.

Trust me, the longer it takes you to break even in this business puts you that much closer to ultimate failure, so listen up, buttercup.

They’ll First Tell You That Success Means SEO Traffic to Your Blog


Oh, if ONLY that were so.

I spent years trying to crack that nut, and let me tell you this, for every guy who is able to rank easily for competitive SEO keywords, most won’t.

The only ones ranking easily are those who have private blog networks or those who have cracked the guest blogging realm and have lots of high quality backlinks pointing back to their domains.

This is NOT an easy path to follow, and I’m sorry to tell you but if you are relying strictly on this avenue to success, you are going to go broke.

You can’t build the kind of team you need by taking stragglers that come in through SEO means, unless you get so much organic traffic that the numbers just work in your favor.

The Key to Empower Network Business Success is Traffic, LOTS of TRAFFIC!


What you need to do is to figure out a way to get traffic from online sources, but since SEO is probably not the way for most people, then that leaves only one way, paid traffic.

Whoa whoa wait a minute.

Right about now you are getting ready to click off because you KNOW that you can’t afford paid traffic.

You are just about paying your online fees, your blogging fees, affiliate fees, maybe an autoresponder or a marketing system that is not included with the Empower Network deal…

Okay, so I want you to buy traffic.

That’s not all.

Hold onto your chair because what I am telling you is that just to make six figures doing this you will need to get up to buying about $20,000 to $40,000 per MONTH in paid traffic just to keep your business going and turn a profit.

Hang on.

It’s not impossible.

There is a way for small player to get into this and work their way up to those numbers in less than a year.

No, you’re not going to be on any leaderboards overnight, but you can get into a system that will get you there in due time if you get to work with it and pay your dues in time and commitment.

What you need to do is to join a particular revenue sharing traffic site that will spin up into a financing engine that will pay all of your online business expenses, and then eventually pay for all of your paid traffic. That paid traffic will result in signups and sales, because it is a mathematic certainty if you follow the plan.

The first step is to join the revenue sharing traffic site for free.

Yes, it’s free to join and to get in and see what it’s about.

The next thing is to remember that I am using this, as are many others, and it really works, really pays, and really delivers.  Anyone who says otherwise either isn’t using it, or they are merely trying to trick you into considering their own online system.

Once you join, you then plug into the system.

You have to get this spun up, which takes some time, but while you are doing that it’s time to start learning.

If you are already in Empower Network business, then you want to blog about it (once you learn about it and know how it works) and then you can sponsor others into this as well, since it has its own affiliate system. You don’t need to do that in order to use it or make it successful for everything I just told you, but if you can get referrals you’ll get more revenue from it that you can use for even more paid traffic to your online business or businesses.

I wrote another article about it here as well, but I want to get several articles written on this from different angles and keyword strategies, since SEO is still a strategy that you should utilize in some fashion though your blogging efforts.

Empower Network Business Traffic is a VOLUME Thing


Online marketing is a numbers game.

Any kind of marketing is.

Just think about how many people need to be reached, often face to face, in the offline old school network marketing world in order to build a team and to earn commissions.

It’s crazy, and very tiring to have to do all of that foot work.

The Internet’s draw in this arena is that it is a global system that will connect people who could or would never meet in real life, and you can literally reach thousands or millions of people.

The place where this breaks down is that unless you can rank really well in Google, you won’t get that kind of exposure.

Some people get great exposure via social media, but again, only a few can really do that to the level that is needed and can make money that way.

So, most people are left writing blog posts that few ever see and making social media posts that get ignored by the vast majority of their social media friends.

Paid traffic is that thing that can literally be turned on overnight, when you have the money to pay for it.

If you know where to buy your clicks, you can get many many opt ins to your capture pages and even immediate sales, which is so hard to get via blogging or even on social media.

You don’t need charisma.

You don’t need some huge following.

You can build an email list that responds and if the numbers are great, mathematically, you WILL make enough sales to get the ball rolling rather fast.

Again, the problem has always been COST.



Most marketers, especially those who are running their Empower Network business (Or Digital Altitude, or Duplicate Dave, or Amway, or Clickbank, etc) on a shoestring or part time at night and when they aren’t at their real jobs, don’t have hundreds and thousands to send to paid traffic on the HOPE that it will work out, because in this business nothing is guaranteed.

Listen, you can buy $200 in traffic and make a few sales with a hundred opt ins, or you can make no sales with 50 opt ins, but it’s the ability to keep doing this, keep buying good traffic, that WILL turn the numbers in your favor.

You need to get a traffic engine that works, and I know how to do that, so GO HERE and sign up for free, then contact me for the rest of the plan.

The plan works, period. (if you follow it and have the persistence to weather the slow startup that many will find themselves in)

Is it worth it to work the better part of a year to have a six figure income or to have an additional income that can reach the six figure mark in LESS THAN A YEAR’S TIME??

C’mon, tell that’s not worth it.

It takes some setup, but anyone can do it.

If you think that you are going to find something that literally has you making thousands overnight, then good luck with that fantasy.

Consider yourself lucky that you found me.

I found someone that taught me this, and I had the brains to see the logic, test it, and find that indeed it works.

All you have to do is scale it up until it gets to where you need it to be.

Join the traffic site that shares revenues, this will be your engine of growth, then after that it’s the rest of the plan.





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