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ANNOUNCMENT! Empower Network Files for Bankruptcy! Why Does the Blog Look Different? Farewell Kalatu, I Knew Ye Well!

empower network bankrupt

Greetings! Empower Network has filed for bankruptcy!

Well, David Wood pulled the plug and Empower Network went bankrupt.

That means that the great Kalatu WordPress based blog system went down too.


So here’s the skinny…

This blog was Kalatu hosted. It was a great system and there goes a great choice for non self hosted or administered WordPress.

The bottom feeders are already out in full force gloating over Empower Network’s demise, and Dave Wood has given them plenty of fodder with his crazy videos of late.

Empower taught me a lot, and their products were really great marketing education.  Their funnels were very good and in the early days a lot of affiliates made a lot of money, especially when it was the only of its type on the block and 100% commissions.

Of course the market matures, lots of competitors came about, and some Wealthy Affiliate affiliates are taught to badmouth every program and then try to sell you theirs (Does ANYBODY fall for that crap? Apparently so.)

So, the bottom feeders are having a field day with the strategic “I told you so’s”, while offering pretty much the same types of products and services that Empower Network offered.

In this universe of shiny balls with short attention spans, it’s hard for ANY company to keep mindshare.

Most of them are living on borrowed time, unless they offer real products and training that actually delivers real value. (see below)

Well, those who don’t want the headache of hosting their own blog on a web hosting account can always just use the one built into the Power Lead System. It’s also WordPress based, with themes.

As for this blog, luckily I saved the posts via XML file and was able to upload them to a new WordPress installation at my web hosting account and redirected the domain to it. Of course I lost all of the pictures, and will have to rebuild them over time, post by post, page by page… ugh.

I have already re-purposed my main blog, ninjamlm, to not market Empower, but to be of a more affiliate marketing, seo, teach people to blog, and also “affiliate marketing blogging” type of blog.

The main monthly affiliate system I promote, and one I have been working into my blogs, is the marketing system that I use, the Power Lead System.

As for Kalatu, it really was a nice WordPress based blog. Empower Network really had a nice blog system there. Empower had a lot to offer but it fizzled over time.

Stuff happens, industries change, and once you are not the hottest thing anymore, momentum gets lost to other new shiny objects out there.

I feel bad for all those who lost their blogs without a migration option because they didn’t at least export their content to XML.

So, over time I will try to get ipblogging back to something I like to look at. (almost there!)

Thanks for understanding and I hope that Google knows how to handle this transition!


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