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Blogging for Money? Not Without Plugging Into a Monetized System

Blogging for money is a pipe dream for most people and most bloggers.

I mean, who do you know who actually makes money from blogging?

Some people have managed to create really nice blogs in a solid niche with a loyal readership, and those blogs are able to sell advertising and create merchandise, and turn a profit, from their blogging. This is all based on their readership and traffic numbers, and to a certain extent if they are able to prove something about their readership demographic.  For example, if their readership are highly educated and has a high socioeconomic standing, then that says that this readership has disposable income.  That is an advertiser’s dream and also the blog can sell lots of swag to people like that.

Okay, so when are YOU going to create your award winning super blog?

It’s A LOT of work.  Well, so is anything that is worth it.  But really, creating something like that requires lots of mixed skills so you probably need a staff of bloggers and visual/graphic designers and layout specialists, not to mention an IT team that monitors and keeps it up.  Blogs like that can also be the target of hackers so you want security personnel too.  Just sayin.,,

If that’s your deal and you can set that up then go for it.  I’d never be the one to tell anyone to skimp on their dream.

But let’s face it… 99% of you out there who want to type out ideas into a blog don’t want that kind of hassle, and you also know the chances of making a deal like that work are slim, and the startup costs…

So what’s a lowly hobby blogger who wants to get some extra cash from their hobby to do?

There isn’t much since the whole blogging money model is kind of what I described above.

There are variations that can scale down, but it usually involves driving readers into some sort of funnel to do something that involves spending their money on something that lets the blogger get paid – minus the advertising model.  If you main revenue is advertising then you can offer the information to readers, they’re getting the information for free, and the advertisers are footing the bill.

Everyone is happy… IF you can get the kind of ad revenue that you need, and that comes down to lots of traffic.

The best way for the average Joe to break into blogging for money is using the affiliate marketing model, where you are affiliated with an entity that will pay big commissions for whoever signs up for something.

The great thing about some of this is that the blogger, like in the ad model, doesn’t have to be advertising anything directly.  They CAN, but they don’t have to.

In this blog I am doing a little of each, mainly because I am knee deep in a niche where people are actively searching for ways to make money online, make money for blogging, make money period.  So, I can say hey look at this it’s how you can make the money.

The greatest thing about what I do is that you just switch your niche to something else that gets internet traffic, and you are just blogging about that subject and letting the ads do the talking.  It’s always a numbers game.  The viewers come looking for the information, and you provide it.  They see the interesting stuff around the blog and some get interested and take a closer look.  The blogger gets a piece of the action on the back end.

Simple.  …and it works for lots of people.

So, blogging for money doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.

Will it happen overnight? No.  You can possibly make money quickly if you are good at promoting your blogging in various social media settings where you can get viewers to the material faster than it takes to get indexed in Google and start getting organic search volume, but that’s up to the blogger.

The bottom line here is that the system is sound and proven, and what you do with it is up to you.

There are all sorts of ways to then learn strategic blogging for money, where you are very specific about what yo blog about and stick to a topic that you KNOW that many people are already searching for, and over time that gets indexed and you get LOTS of views from LOTS of interested people.  Since those people are already searching for that information, they are A LOT warmer of a prospect than people you would take a chance going up to offline or online.  The idea here is to sell without having to be a salesman.  You just use the system.  You let the system and the professionals do the work.  You merely create the the content.

Do you get what I’m saying here?  It’s brilliant and it was created so that regular non sales type of people could use the power of the internet to set themselves free from reliance on regular jobs.  How great would it be to have a second income on autopilot, providing income that comes in regardless of what you’re doing at the moment?

It’s a great thing.

Snap!  Blogging for money goes from pipe dream to workable reality right before your eyes.

Check around my blog for more info, but what you really want to do is to check out the link below this article and see what that guy in the clip has to say about this.  You’ll be amazed.

Just imagine, blogging for money becomes YOUR reality.

It pays your car payment, your rent, your mortgage… for your kids’ education.

No more worrying about retiring broke.

That’s why I got in.

If you love putting words down on this virtual paper and find the art of blogging to be as relaxing and as therapeutic as I do, then honestly, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. A handful of millionaires and many income producing people over several years now says c’mon, this is just getting started.

Blogging for money means ditching the commute, no more resumes, and no more reliance on government or big business. It’s time to get off the reliance roller coaster and move onto bigger and better things once you’re free of the commitment and obligation tied to income that keeps most people putting off happiness until “someday”.

Automated systems that pull in the viewers once you do the research and create the content are the wave of the future.

Comment below on how you’d love to be a paid blogger and what you would do if you could make it your reality.



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