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What is Web Hosting Services for Blogs and Websites

what is web hosting services

If I had someone asking what is web hosting services I would show them how easy it is to get set up with a website based on WordPress in a few minutes time.  I realize that I have done this more than a few times, but it’s so easy even if you’re doing it the first time, especially when the web hosting services company is set up to get people up and running with a website lickedy split… or is that lickedy spit?

I digress.

What is web hosting services, is a free domain, 1 click WordPress install, Site Builders, and 24/7 support. This is one of the best deals from one of the best sources that you can find online.

There’s more, too…

what is web hosting services

That’s a LOT for only that much per month…

What is Web Hosting Services Major Pros

The major pros of having your own web hosting services is that you do not have to follow the silly TOS of some “free” service, especially in the case of the free blogging services like WordPress.com and Blogger.com, and the like.

Some of the free services limit you to Adsense type of ads, and you can’t place your own ads or affiliate offers within the web pages. That is a limitation that I am not willing to adhere to and neither should you.

Listen, if you go through life being a cheapskate and freebie seeker, then you will get precious little in return, and I mean that on several levels.

On one hand, you get what you pay for, and with free it’s someone else’s house and someone else’s rules. There are other considerations too, like bandwidth, for example. If your site gets popular, there is no way that the free service is going to let you keep it up on their dime.

Another thing is that if you are a cheapskate then you’ll kind of pull in poverty and scarcity, just by how you are. That one won’t be accepted by everyone, but I find that it’s correct on most occasions. (more than not)

What is web hosting services? It’s FREEDOM!

Freedom to have your site or blog YOUR way, within reason. As long as you stay away form topics like hate, racism, harming others, government overthrow, and pornography, you should be okay.

With web hosting services you’ll need your own domain name and this becomes YOUR brand online. Trust me, you don’t want to have your internet domain look this way. If your brand is “Some Great Brand”, then doing it the cheap stupid way would be:

somegreatbrand.wordpress.com or something similar


www.somegreatbrand.com sound a LOT better?

It makes you look like you know what you are talking about too. It also puts you on an even scale with your competition who had probably done the same thing, and if they went the cheap route, then YOU look better than they do right out of the gate!

I myself have several different blogs, all with their own domain names.

I also have other domains that don’t have blogs parked there, but they have basic HTML pages and directories that serve me with image repositories and also my script that lets me create unlimited redirects to any site that I want.

Having your own web hosting allows you to have a REAL web presence that you can use in a variety of ways.

If you plan on blogging, you can install your blog in the top of the web hosting domain, but you can also create other directories that are outside of your blog installation and you can access them via your CPANEL tool that comes with your account, and you can upload files into those directories and use them for downloads and image linking.

You can also upload files into your WordPress media library, but that stuff should be for things that are primarily accessed through the blog.

What is Web Hosting Services Security?

The best thing that you can do for your blog once you create it is to get some plugins that secure your blog, and I can show you what to get.

Just about every plugin that I use it totally free, but the main security plugin is free up to a point, then the guy expects a small donation to enable a key needed feature, but you can use it on as many sites as you own, so that is great. It scans for PHP malware that these lunatic hacker types like to embed on websites, and it can ensure that your site us never hijacked for someone else’s purposes.

Web hosting service security doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and as long as you follow some useful guidelines and have some basic software in place, your blog will be safe.



Web hosting services are so easy and cheap nowadays that it makes zero sense for any serious blogger or webmaster to not go the self hosted route. Steer clear of the free services that appeal to the non serious masses because they can’t deliver what you really need, and if you think about it then you will come to the same conclusion. Why? It’s common sense.

Blogging is a calling, and no matter what you are blogging about, you can benefit from having your own web hosting services and creating your own presence online, which you can place on business cards, brochures, email signatures, or forum signatures . Anywhere you want is where you can place that information.

I suggest visiting my blog occasionally since I will be creating resources for website graphics creation, but I already have topics about things like how to start a blog, how to find out what people are searching for online, and other resources that can help you in writing your blog posts effectively.





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