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What is a Sales Funnel?

sales funnel

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What is a Sales Funnel?

Many of the newbies and even experienced sales people who are online newbies may not know what this most crucial of online marketing constructs is.

A sales funnel is a system that drives prospects into a controlled entry into a series of sales pages with the ultimate goal of turning the prospect into a customer, and hopefully a repeat customer.


Basic parts of a Sales Funnel

There really isn’t much to it and it’s not that complicated. You have a lead capture page to entice a prospect to enter their email, name/email, or name/phone number/email, or whatever you want, but the more information you ask for the harder it is to convert the prospect into a lead.

Lead Capture Page (Squeeze Page)

The lead capture page is where the prospect enters their information, which gets placed in your email autoresponder database for future mailings, and they can also get prewritten emails that go out to leads on a schedule, if you have the autoresponder campaign set up. Another name for a lead capture page is a squeeze page because it squeezes the information out of the prospect.

Lead capture pages are there to entice and to set an expectation, or create a feeling or emotion that will get the prospect to enter their information so that they can see the information that is promised on the next page.

The lead capture can offer a freebie in the form of a downloadable report or some other lead magnet that makes it more likely the prospect will become an active lead.

Sales Pages(s)

The sales page is where the prospect turned lead ends up top read or watch the sales presentation which fleshes out the product, service, or opportunity that you are trying to introduce the lead to. The end result is getting them to buy in, in some way, to the business system on display. You can have one sales page or several that are linked, and this is usually dependent on how many businesses, tools, or opportunities are combined into a large system.

There are exit popups in some funnels that are there to offer something to leads that are trying to leave the funnel. There are also other pages that can be inserted after a certain successful sales point, in order to sell something else to the person, perhaps an immediate upgrade for the existing service.

The possibilities are endless.

This IS the gist of it, though.

A sales funnel can be simple or complex, but the basic function is exactly the same in every variation.

Why Use a Sales Funnel?

Many new marketers use company provided affiliate links and replicated websites to pass out to prospects in order to get sales.

The reason why you DO NOT want to rely on this, or should I say the biggest reason, is that you won’t be capturing their contact information for future possible conversations.  The company who’s replicated page or capture page you are using will get the lead, not you.

When you do this you are not building an email list, and in the world of internet marketing that is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make.

So, you need a sales funnel.

These things don’t build themselves, you know.

You need a marketing system that has the tools to construct a sales funnel, contains sample funnels, and also has the ability to share funnels that you create out to your team members so they can duplicate without having to reinvent the wheel that you just built.

While I would love to get people who read this article into one of my premium funnels that contain and ENTIRE system from traffic to marketing system to core businesses, you can get the stripped down marketing system or the free version, but they don’t have the complete feature set like share code ability or the full commissions earning ability, but if you just want to be able to capture leads you can do that with them.

Lite Version

Free Version

The full version is embedded into my main funnels, one of which is here.

So there you have it. You know what a sales funnel is and what they are used for.

Now, get to work!


Video On What is a Sales Funnel


Video showing building a sales funnel to market a traditional network marketing business.


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