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Udimi Solo Ads

Udimi solo ads

Why are Udimi Solo Ads So Great?

Well, it’s not that solo ads are so great by themselves as a traffic source, but solos are a great way to build your email list if you are an internet marketer.

If you are an internet marketer selling digital products online, usually in the make money from home niche, and especially if you are an affiliate marketer, then solos are a great way to build your email list.

Want to know how this works for you? Dive in.

There are these people called list owners, and they build their email lists around a niche, which is a narrow interest. They market to the people on this list, and hopefully the people on the list are responsive to offers and they will buy many of the offers pitched to them by the list owner.

List owners make further money from their lists by selling mailings to their lists from other marketers in exchange for money.

So, if you are a marketer without a list, or you need to build your list further, you buy ads and have the list owner send offers to the list with your website link, along with what we call swipe, which is the text of the ad.

Some list owners want to write the swipe because they know their list best, while others let the marketer buying the mailing compose their own swipe.

Udimi Solo Ads are What, Then?

Think of Udimi as a solo ads market place.

Udimi is a central hub where solo ads list owners and solo ads buyers looking to build their own lists and get sales “hook up”.

There are lots of solo ad sites out there but Udimi is one of those special places where many different solo vendors gather, so you can easily buy solo ads from different sellers and it’s all one payment option right through PayPal.

So Who Discourages Buying Solo Ads?

Well, many other online advertisers will disrespect the whole ads selling concept because many solo ads sellers have stale lists that don’t result in sales, or they sell fraudulent clicks known as “bot clicks”.

Not all solo sellers have bad lists, and there are many marketers who I know who still get great results using Udimi solo ads sellers.

Of course the non solo sellers are going to tell you to avoid solo ads, but their clicks cost a lot more. It’s true they are usually better quality clicks, but many beginning marketers can’t afford the higher price clicks while they are still building up to enough consistent sales so that they can eventually buy the better clicks with any regularity.

So, it’s understandable that the people with the better lists talk down on regular solo ads, but I am telling you that sol ads, especially on a site like Udimi, still has a place in your ad buying arsenal.

Look, there are more than a few high powered six and seven figure marketers who still use Udimi solo ads to buy solo ads regularly, and yes they can afford to buy regular solo ads and the higher priced clicks, but that’s where they are at.

You can get there eventually, but beginning marketers can’t afford these guys’ clicks, and they make me plaugh when they suggest that, in so many words, that you mortgage your house or something so that you camn buy your clicks from them.

It’s laughable.

One guy in particular, and he’s a heavy hitter and I really like the guy and follow him, but he makes me laugh with his exclusive marketing tactics where you have to sign up to be contacted by his high powered sales guy. He can’t even list his prices for you to buy. You have to commit to a regular buy in for his high priced clicks.  Screw you, man. As much as I like you, not everyone can afford those clicks so stop pissing all over Udimi and other solo ads vendors who have a legitimate place in the affiliate marketer’s ad buying repertoire.

So What is the Udimi Solo Ads Site Like?

So you log in and you have this dashboard on your Udimi site.

(you can see the live site here)

Udimi solo ads main screen

They have discussion forums, an instant messaging capability for you to communicate with solo sellers, a nice search facility to locate solo deals by a variety of search criteria, among other things.

udimi solo ads graph

Above is a pretty graph after a solo run.

So, you get it? Udimi solo ads has a nice site that lets you find ads quickly and communicate with solo ads vendors quickly and easily.

Udimi solos has a nice affiliate program as well.  You can earn 15% from solo ads referral sales right off the bat.

Here we have a record of some solo ads referral sales.

udimi solo ads referral sales

So, if you get enough of these, they can pay for your own solo purchases since it’s easy to just turn around and buy solo ads with your referral commissions.

So between building your own email list and finding buyers for your own affiliate offers and businesses, you can also create a nice income stream from a site like Udimi solo ads, so get started today and start using internet traffic to your advantage in more ways than one.

Oh, before I forget, Udimi ads also has a great mobile app so you can keep track of solos and communicate with other site members while on the go. The mobile app can also keep you notified of new messages and other site happenings through push notifications.

This is a very convenient way of keeping your solo business in the forefront.

Udimi Solo Ads Reseller Takes it to the Next Level

You can now act as a reseller of solo ads through Udimi, which means that you can sell solo ads traffic directly as if it is your own, without disclosing the solo ads sellers that you are reselling their traffic through.

This is another way to resell solo traffic to others and make a tidy profit. This is a way that you can act as an actual traffic supplier.  While this seems a bit dishonest, Udimi set this up and if you are so inclined, you can basically enter the sol ads selling business through this program, but the first step is to join Udimi.

Udimi Solo Ads Conclusion

I hope that this was a nice introduction to the whole solo ads buying concept and has informed you as to what solo ads are, and specifically what Udimi is. I have made some nice profit through them and built my list with their traffic, and used referral commissions to buy more traffic and further build my list and make sales in my main businesses.

It’s a win win and you would be silly not to get in now.

I know that I am basically selling this, but I use it and I enjoy the site, so why not recommend it to others (?) since I have had an overall good experience with the site and I have bought and sold traffic through Udimi with great success!

I mention this topic on my main traffic page, but I recommend that you start here for best effect, THEN move onto other types of paid traffic.

Visit my main page to see my overall blog and please bookmark and share this site through your social networks. Thanks!

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