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Trafficmonsoon Taken Down by the SEC


I just wanted to make a quick post, which I may add to later, that acknowledges that yes Trafficmonsoon was shut down by the SEC pending a hearing about charges calling it a Ponzi scheme since when you buy ad packs there was an expectation of a return on investment, thus making it an investment, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

We have rearranged the YBR Funnel in a way that inserts other businesses into the plan so you can go rom broke to banking without missing a step.

There were some allegations that Charles Scoville moved some money to a private account, which he says was to protect it from some fraud, which in turn caused the SEC to move in when they did.  Of course Charles says there was nothing fraudulent on his part while others beg to differ. You can go to the SEC website and read the formal complaint.

I and many others were using Trafficmonsoon as a way to finance outside internet traffic buys.

Those who were making commissions introducing new members were making nice commissions above the regular ad pack revenue sharing earnings, and this even launched a friend of mine from broke marketer to seven figure marketer while he was using his traffic buying plan.

Trafficmonsoon was always bringing new people in and they had the revenues to back up the sharing payments, and Charles Scoville has accurately, in my opinion, likened this to other sales schemes where companies offer “cash back” programs to get new customers.

So, you can take the “protecting the victim” “nanny state” that needs to protect the masses from so called Ponzi schemes that really don’t exist, or you can take the more realistic line that business is business and people should be adults and know what they are getting into.

Let’s just all be adults, shall we?

If you want to make it in internet marketing you have to be flexible.

Get with me and our team because we just hop, skip, and jump around obstacles so that nothing gets in the way of our long term success.

Hit the link above to see how we adjust and move on with several different businesses that will not let you put all of your eggs in one basket and assure that your business will move forward.

This is not just a business relationship.

We CARE about not only ourselves, but fellow struggling marketers out there.

We all have a story of struggle.

It’s time to put in the work and stop struggling.

Join at the link above.

Note: While Traffic Monsoon is fighting it out in the US Courts, for the right to sell ads and reward loyal customers, Traffic Hurricane has stepped in with a pretty similar approach, and is growing like wildfire. You can reach this advertising audience by learning more here.





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