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Trafficmonsoon and Charles Scoville New York City Meeting

trafficmonsoon new york city

This article was written before Trafficmonsoon was targeted and taken down by the US SEC and accused of being a Ponzi scheme, even though most members were happy with the program and the services. (me included)

So, read the below in that context. It’s unfortunate but these things happen.

The good news is that there are plenty of programs out there to take advantage of to build your online empire, and using the tools that our team uses it’s simple to shuffle the parts around to recreate a great and potent sales funnel that WILL bring you success if you send traffic to it.

Join with us and learn this trade because anyone with some determination can do it.


Trafficmonsoon had a member meeting in New York City, Weehauken, NJ, actually, across the river from New York City.

It was a great meeting sponsored by I.M. Bigg Media, and I got to see some notable people speak about where Trafficmonsoon is going.

Mr. Dilip Patel of the UK, who is a former bus driver and was able to quit his job as a result of his massive success within Trafficmonsoon, spoke a lot on the subject, as did Raymond Joe Graham, a UK Scotsman who was wearing a kilt. Carol Maher Doherty is also from the UK and is a nurse. She hasn’t quit her job yet although she could probably afford to. These are all leaders within the Traffic monsoon movement.

Mr. Patel also showed a video on India’s rising on the global scene and likened it to the rise of Trafficmonsoon, which was a very inspirational moment at the event.

I also want to say that Mr. Dilip Patel was a great speaker and could probably have a bright future as a motivational speaker if he wanted to.

(alongside his Trafficmonsoon success, of course)

(The photos were lost in the blog migration from Kalatu to WordPress, so when they are recovered they will be added back.)

Dilip Patel, Raymond Joe Graham, David Barker


Dilip Patel , Carol Mather Doherty


All of the haters really are missing the bus because when you meet people for real and know what they are about you get an idea about the extent that some know nothing people out there will take their drama in order to perpetuate a lie.

They like to frequently mention Trafficmonsoon in the same breath as the defunct illegal scheme, Banners Broker, which was shut down in Canada with the principal players arrested.  TO mention Traffic Monsoon in the same breath as Banners Broker with the intention of somehow linking them is just a stretch beyond comprehension.

Traffic monsoon suffers the same fate as many rev shares out there, with these haters coming out of the woodwork to call it undeserved names, just like they write about the supposed but false my advertising pays scam, they also write about the Traffic monsoon scam, but the thing is that there is no scam here!  There was no My Advertising Pays scam either since that company chose to cease business operations int eh US to focus on Europe and elsewhere, so it was a voluntary pullout.

What we have here is an internet based online advertising company that drives traffic from its own traffic exchange membership as well as other advertising sites around the internet, and sells those services for very affordable pricing.  Furthermore, when you buy into the revenue sharing part of the business via Traffic monsoon ad packs, and click your 10 ads daily, you qualify for the revenue sharing where the site shares with you the revenues. Members get paid every hour like clockwork, and in the event of site glitches any lost time is made up through accelerated payments.

Buying Traffic monsoon ad packs is a simple process and when you have earnings you can buy them with your site earnings without any payment processor fees.

It’s THAT simple.


More recent personal ad pack update:

trafficmonsoon ad packs


Back to the NYC gathering…

Charles Scoville once again addressed the Paypal issue, where Paypal decided to sever ties and hold on to over $65 million for 180 days minimum just because Traffic monsoon was growing too fast and it set off some alarms that Paypal uses for judging companies.  This is a well known behavior pattern with Paypal and they have done it before and will do it again, so there is no surprise here either. But, the Internet is full of these old wash women types who love drama and gossip and spreading false hyperbole in order to gain attention to themselves or maybe get people into something else that they are into in an incentivized fashion.

Charles Scoville of Trafficmonsoon was joined up front by his new wife, as well as by the owner of Payza, the predominant other payment processor that took over the majority of payments after Paypal decided to become villain.

Payza is a great way to get paid instantly with Trafficmonsoon, and I hold one of their prepaid debit cards which I use when I want to withdraw money from Trafficmonsoon to my Payza account, then then I can load the prepaid card from my account and have the money to use almost instantly! I use it to grow my online business by buying more paid advertising, which grows my business through exposure to buyer lists.

That is how this system works and how anyone can use it to build a real online marketing business.

So, back to the event.

We had a great time and the master of ceremonies was none other than I.M. Bigg himself.

He’s a larger than life internet marketer who is one of the main leaders in the super funnel known as the Leader’s League 360.

Here I am meeting with Bigg.

Photo lost in blog domain migration…

I know, I know. I look like a deer in the headlights, but I was shellshocked by the fabulous job that Bigg did pulling this thing together. He’s a great guy. As a matter of fact I delayed getting my ticket and they were sold out online, so I contacted him and he let me send him the money electronically for the ticket price and he added me to the guest list, so I was able to get in and attend last minute.

What a guy!

I was able to claim a Bronze Traffic monsoon pin for my efforts in having over 100 ad packs, and here is my group after we received our pins.

Trafficmonsoon bronze team NYC 5-2016

It was great to get to meet so many like minded entrepreneur types who realize that risk has its rewards and that building a business takes some time and commitment. It’s so refreshing in contrast to dealing with so many quick money types who litter the internet. You know, those who have no attention span and chase the next flashy thing over and over hoping to make a quick dollar, but who never do. They are the shiny object syndrome people. Not in THIS group pictured above. These people KNOW that building a real business is real work, but its rewarding work, and that is the mindset that real Trafficmonsoon business builders possess.

I also got to meet with my personal mentor and somewhat of a reluctant hero (he’s modest), Rob Fraser, the guy who made the Broke Man’s Plan, or the Poor Man’s Plan, famous. He is the ex U.S. Marine  drill sergeant who went from zero to hero on the flip side of life in less than two years time, paying off a mountain of bad debt and now he’s enjoying being a six figure internet marketer.

Tom Connelly and Rob Fraser

Yeah, THAT guy.

Rob is one cool customer, very quiet and reserved, and he’s modest too. He still claims that ANYONE can do what he did and many of us are putting that plan to action to duplicate his success in this space.


I.M. Bigg – Master of Ceremonies

Here is I.M. Bigg with Charles Scoville holding up the anti hate shirt, in reference to the internet hate campaign waged against Charles Scoville by the various Trafficmonsoon haters out there.

Charles will not be deterred!

Charles Scoville and I.M. Bigg

The photo isn’t the greatest, but I had to zoom.

We were told that the haters out there said that no way Charles Scoville would show up to any NYC event because the NY authorities would be waiting to arrest him because he’s a scammer. Well, that didn’t happen because Charles Scoville is an honest guy running a real company that many of us are using to catapult to further online success!

It’s great when the Internet FUD crew has to eat their poison words.

I.M. Bigg was a supreme master of ceremonies and he is like a mix between a WWE wrestler and an internet marketer.


The Trafficmonsoon – Payza Alliance

Firoz Patel is the V.P. of Strategic Partnerships for Payza, and he gets along really well with Charles Scoville, the owner of Traffic Monsoon.  THAT is a very beneficial business relationship and came in very handy when Paypal decided to pull its stunt of holding onto $65 million in Trafficmonsoon funds because they were “growing too fast”.

I.M. Bigg – Internet Marketing leader
Firoz Patel – V.P. Strategic Partnerships, Payza
Charles Scoville – CEO, Trafficmonsoon

They were in the same room and chumming it up and I was there to see it with my own two eyes and hear their words with my own ears and this alliance is a great one.

I have a Payza account and withdrawing Trafficmonsoon earnings are effortless and instant, and with the prepaid debit card issued to me by Payza, I can get to use that money just as instantly to buy premium paid clicks for my main internet marketing businesses.

That is a WIN WIN.

I can teach you how

Mr. Patel was adamant that Payza support is getting better with regard to Traffic Monsoon member inquiries, and he fielded a problem that one member in the room voiced and promised to get on it personally as soon as he got back to the office.

Firoz Patel of Payza was with Alertpay in his prior experience, so he really gets this Internet payment processor thing at a fundamental level.

Any prospective Trafficmonsoon member should rest easy knowing that Payza is there allied with Traffic Monsoon to make sure that members have easy access to their revenue shared earnings.

Of course, the larger than life I. M. Bigg was there to facilitate the whole event and add a very fun air to the entire venue.  He’s a larger than life guy and a very nice person too.

Frank Calabro Junior In Attendance

Of course another larger than life internet marketing leader was in attendance. I am speaking of the unmistakable Frank Calabro Junior.

Frank Calabro Jr.

Mr. Calabro is one of those success stories that really resonates with many people because he was an average working business owner who was getting beat up in the regular brick and mortar business world, and who transitioned to online in order to escape all that was bad about that.  He sold everything to put his daughter through college and even sold his only vehicle and all of his possessions, and started over online with very little.

He’s also an ex U.S. Marine with a gritty, stubborn, success minded attitude and like a bull dog he just keeps pushing.  How else do you think he’s sponsored over 6000 people in his various online businesses?

Frank has thousands of Trafficmonsoon ad packs and plenty of active referrals under him, and he creates these really great winning sales funnels that get results, and when you are in the Power Lead system within his overall team and sphere of influence you get the share codes and simply have to put your affiliate codes into the key configuration slots for his funnel to become yours.  This man really knows his business because he has sponsored over 6100 people so far. (and counting fast)

To have such an online marketing expert as Frank Calabro Jr. involved in Trafficmonsoon really lends it that much more credibility in the eyes of any intelligent person who is well versed in the internet marketing universe.


Trafficmonsoon is a Cyclone of Success

Traffic Monsoon is proving to be a real force of reckoning in the online traffic exchange world, and through the revenue sharing philosophy of it’s owner, Charles Scoville, many an on line marketer and entrepreneur are finding success for the very first time in their online career. With or without sponsoring, many many people who connect with this company are earning for the very first time in their online career, and if that isn’t special than I don’t know what is.

Trafficmonsoon offers several online traffic services to its members and shares its revenue with members who decide to obtain sharing positions that are bundled with advertising services within “ad packs”. Members can also buy standalone clicks, geotargeted clicks, cash links, banner ad impressions, use of a free rotator, start page ads… it’s really a massive offering of services.

My prediction: Barring some unforeseen unpredictable event, which I don’t expect, Traffic Monsoon is headed to new heights and the membership rolls will explode as more and more people come to realize what we at this event realize, that Trafficmonsoon is HERE TO STAY and HERE TO DOMINATE the online traffic exchange world!

Also I want to give honorable mention to Mr. David Barker, who deals with many Trafficmonsoon support issues via Facebook groups and the .org site, and he also runs The Traffic Dr site. If you need more traffic, and who doesn’t, make a point to create an account there too!  He was there with his wife and no mention of this event would be complete without mentioning that he was in attendance helping out and handing out awards.

Please share this article out with your peeps to get the word out!

Visit the rest of my blog for more great interesting things!


Note: While Traffic Monsoon is fighting it out in the US Courts, for the right to sell ads and reward loyal customers, Traffic Hurricane has stepped in with a pretty similar approach, and is growing like wildfire. You can reach this advertising audience by learning more here.

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