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Traffic Monsoon Bank

traffic monsoon bank

UPDATE: You can read the below article, which was written when the news that Traffic monsoon Bank was a possibility first came out, but as in everything ONLINE, things have changed. Charles decided to get an account with Allied Wallet for the members, so that they could buy ad packs and services directly. Unfortunately the SEC decided to take action against Trafficmonsoon and label it a Ponzi scheme, even though the vast majority of users were happy with the site and service, including me.

Anyway, as with anything in life you either adjust and move on or sulk and wither. I choose to move on.

We have updated the YBR Plan with other revshares that are operating well and the whole funnel has a solid foundation with several businesses at the core.

The original article on this topic follows.


Here we have it.  Traffic Monsoon is going to be opening a worldwide Traffic Monsoon bank, based in Dubai, and they will be able to totally bypass the control of the payment processors like Paypal, Payza, and Solid Trust Pay.

For many months, there have been people out there who just don’t understand this revenue sharing online advertising system, and while some people just don’t get it and call it names, others started their own rev shares to cash in on the concept. Some went belly up because they weren’t set up right.  Others were actually scams that stole money.

With Traffic monsoon bank you wouldn’t have to worry since it is holding several tens of millions of dollars of earnings and growing rapidly. Paypal had Trafficmonsoon under investigation for months and then approved them when they were satisfied that they were on the level and sustainable.  Then they did the unthinkable and decided to freeze crucial funds and the only reason they gave was that Traffic monsoon was growing too fast.

For those who are wondering why ditch the payment processors, here is the deal.

Payment processors are 3rd party entities. They hold a lot of power over any company that relies on them since if you can’t process payments or pay people their earnings, your business is shut down.

Traffic Monsoon is going to bypass that uncertainty by establishing their own TrafficMonsoon Bank, headquartered in the international money hub of the Middle Eastern city of Dubai, which is part of the Gulf Emirates. Every paid member will complete documentation to make it legal and receive a debit card for access to their account value.

Another possibility (this is my pure guess as I am not privy to any insider news) here is that Traffic Monsoon bank will now be able to invest the earnings that they hold in various monetary markets the way that banks do. This can double or triple profits down the road, and could be a benefit to all paying members if they take that path.

TrafficMonsoon bank is going places, so the best thing to do is to get in now before the rest of the world beats you to it.

I’m using Traffic Monsoon as an integral component in my overall internet marketing tool chest, or plan.

You can find out some more about that where I talk about getting internet traffic for free.

Traffic Monsoon creating its own bank is just another step in the right direction and cements my faith in this leg of my plan that Trafficmonsoon bank is actually helping to finance all of my online activities. By this I mean my affiliate fees, hosting expenses, tools, and TRAFFIC buying. Learn how here.


Note: While Traffic Monsoon is fighting it out in the US Courts, for the right to sell ads and reward loyal customers, Future Ad Pro has stepped in with a pretty similar approach, and is growing like wildfire. You can reach this advertising audience by signing up here.



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