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Take a Deep Breath and Blog

What do you do to relax?

Some people just zone out in front of the T.V.

Other play video games.

Some play games like BINGO or go to the racetrack or the casino… maybe a card game.

Many like to read a book or magazine.

The ways are as endless as there are people out there.

I like several things, as I find many things can be relaxing.


Something that I really like to do is to blog.

Ever since I was in grade school I loved to write my thoughts down onto paper.  I got pretty good grades in subjects that demanded that.  I was always an A student in classes like English, Reading, History.  Any class where you had to write essays, I aced.  It could be a history test or anything like that.  If I had to write an answer out in essay format, that was my game.

That stopped for many years when it came time to go out and work for a living.  I worked in technology after I decided that Law wasn’t my thing.  I was never a good standardized test taker, and the LSATs weren’t my thing.  I guess they needed a longer essay section…

When this blogging thing came around I didn’t understand it at all.  I thought who would want to read someone’s thoughts like this online?  It wasn’t until I saw all of the forms that blogs took that I realized how great it was.  Once I learned how to put one together and research topics to write about, I was pretty much hooked.

Blogging is a great way to learn about subjects, since you can research them ahead of time before you write about them.

In many cases when I blog I already know a lot about the subject, so I just write away without a plan.  The words just come naturally to me and away I go.

The best thing is writing these out knowing that people are searching the internet for thoughts like these and that Google is grabbing keywords from my pages and putting them into search results.  Sometimes it takes a bit for a page to end up in the search engine result pages (SERPs), but you’d be surprised how many people will eventually see your material, and maybe your ads, once the stuff gets indexed by Google.

So if you are planning to get into blogging, just get a blogging platform to use.  The only “ad” I am going to say on this page is that I suggest that you click the link below this article, the one with the guy and the flat screen Apple computer monitor behind him, and see about this wonderful viral blogging system that takes the headache out of managing a blog.  It comes with all the training that you need, and me too, and you will be off blogging like the pros in no time.

So anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, you get a blog on  a blogging platform and once you decide which to use and how to present it, how you want the overall look to be, you choose a niche to write about and start writing.  It can really be that simple.  To many people get hung up on small details and they never start actually writing. You need to just write away.  You can always go back and edit it, add to it, take stuff out, etc.  Remember, it’s yours.  The blogging interface it a lot like a word processor, so anyone who works with computers will get it pretty quickly.

There is nothing to fear.

Blogging is very relaxing.  It’s therapeutic and I find it helps me to calm my mind and just let the ideas flow from ddep within myself.  I prefer the conversational tone that I am taking in this article.  Sometimes I get sassy and use that persona.  The sky is the limit and you can do whatever you want on your blog.




I have several blogs.  I have some that are self hosted with my own web hosting and WordPress installations, and then there is this one which is really hassle free and I let someone else worry about the administration.  I just worry about my articles and I write away.

I don’t write all of my articles to specific search keywords either.  Many times I just know what is being searched for and I write around those topics, knowing that Google will crawl my apges and catalog them appropriately.  They are the search gurus so just leave it to them, ultimately.

See?  This is very low stress and a lot of fun once you just allow yourself to gather your thoughts and just write away.

You can bang out several nice size posts in a day if you get into that writer zone.

You should try it.

Look around my blog for other ideas.  I have some good stuff embedded in this blog and it can really get you going in the right direction fast.  Take it from a blogging machine like me.  Don’t hesitate.



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