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Staying Positive in the Face of Mind Numbing Negative Circumstances

Let’s talk a bit about staying positive.

Staying positive, keeping positive…

Looking at life through “glass half full” binoculars…

Everyone says to do it but how many of us really do?

There are some people who are just positive by nature.  I have known them so I know that they exist.

There are others who nothing bothers them, they don’t complain, and they get through life okay.

There are yet others who see everything negatively and fear much.

I don’t know how many variations of these combinations exist, but I’ve distilled them into several major groups.


Glass overflowing.

Glass half full.

Glass is there, no fuss.

Glass half empty.

Glass leaks and can’t ever be full.


The people in the lower two groups generally resent the people in the upper two groups, mainly out of jealousy and wonderment to what they seem to know that keeps them positive.  They usually make fun of them in a cynical fashion.  General skepticism and sarcastic cynicism are very popular with this group of misery lovers.

People in the upper two groups are generally repelled by the people in the lower two groups.  It’s a natural aversion that they probably can’t even explain, but they naturally tend to congregate with other positives, and this actually increases the positivity.  This observation leads to the notion that sticking with positive people has a positive outcome, and I happen to agree with that.

There is a subgroup in the misery section who doesn’t know that they are negative.  They WANT to be happy, and have bouts of it when things are going well, but they regress into sadness as soon as they hit a bumpy patch in life.

I always fell into that subgroup.  Actually, that subgroup might be a lot larger than I am describing it here!

Staying positive can be a lot of work for people not in the top two groups.

When you are always fighting a negative and cynical inner monologue, it’s a chore to get a thought in edgewise.

The good news is that with persistence you can retrain your mind.

Sure, it doesn’t come naturally to you if you aren’t a born positive person, but you can get to a 90% positive outlook when you put real effort into it.

Part of it is to steer clear of negative people and negative influences.

That’s right.

What does a recovering alcoholic do with alcohol?

They steer clear of it, and they steer clear of situations that present unreasonable temptation, as well as ditching the circle of friends who overindulge and compound that tempation.

Negativity is the same way.

Negative people will have that same “crabs in a bucket” mentality that will PULL YOU DOWN if you present a limb to grab.

So, keep your arms and legs firmly planted in happy land!

I’m in that group that wants to be positive but I have really strong negative tendencies.

It’s work for me.

Always has been… but at least I know this and take measures to stay positive.

I have been through some really trying times that would make many people give up.

There are people who have been through what I have who have cracked.

Some committed murder.

Some committed suicide.

Others have turned to substance abuse.

Some were aware of what was going on and took action in a positive direction.

I’m here to tell you that you cannot give in to a cynical negative outlook because there is no set reality.

These people love to talk about “things are the way they are” and that they’re “only seeing what’s there” or “only telling it like it is”.

They are, in fact, only seeing it as they perceive it and perception is 99% of this game.

What you believe can influence your reality in profound positive or negative ways, so choose the positive, and hey, it may not work out every time, but 8 or 9 times out of 10 you’ll be WAY better off for taking the positive optimistic road than the negative one.

If you want to make a go at staying positive, then take the high road, accept that you have negative feelings, forgive yourself for having them, and then move forth into a positive light and optimistic road to a better life.  You will still have dark days, but they won’t be as frequent or as bad as when you totally gave in to the power of the Dark Side.  You’ll actually get better at catching yourself before you get past the point of no return.

I know it all sounds easy or like verbal hocus pocus, but I am telling you that there is a universal truth embedded here and if you ignore it, you’ll just stay on the path to destruction.

Staying positive will color your aura in such a great way that you will attract happier people and circumstances, because successful happy people flock to other successful happy people.

It’s been said that those who make a purpose in life succeed in life.

As for all of those cynical self haters, who needs them?

That’s what you’r trying to get away from.

This is your escape hatch.

Jump through it.


I write about many things on this blog, so look around, and share this out to your circles, and comment below.





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