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Promoting Your Network Marketing Opportunity with a Blog

Network marketing.  It’s what many people turn to in order to try to make extra income without having to get a second job.

You see, network marketing is an independent contractor deal where you do not get a salary or put in set hours, but you make commissions and build a downline which leads to residual income over time as your down line grows and your downline’s downline grows.  That’s where the charges of “pyramid” come from since, just like any corporation or government entity, it happens to be shaped like a pyramid.


Many network marketing people use hotel meetings in order to shepherd their potential recruits and their downline’s potential recruits to in order to grow the business.

Look, maybe you know and maybe you don’t know, but network marketing is a GRIND.

It wears you down over time.

It takes LOTS of foot work.

You have to meet people and get them to meetings and then you have to do three way calls and when you get good at it, if you do, you have to do this for your downline.  Not everyone in your downline will be good at it so those who are will get called on to fill that role and build the business.  Many leaders end up having to do this to keep their less competent recruits happy and in the business, bringing people to the meetings.

The bottom line is that as the business grows, the quality of life goes way down.

It’s not just about money.

So many of you think that “oh, if just for the sales success everything will be peachy.”

Not necessarily, since the grind never stops.

It just grinds you down more.

What about all of you who will fail in such a business because you can’t sell to family and friends and you just can’t get strangers interested in the business?

Facebook only goes so far and let’s face it, here as well, there are so many network marketers hawking their countless opportunities there that once you run through your warm market you will hit a stall.

Instagram?  Same thing.  (insert social media platform here) Ditto…

Tell me I’m lyin’ here.  You post stuff on Instagram, and of course you use hash tags to get in front of people, and before you know it, you have a dozen or more other marketers spamming your posts and wanting “to connect” with you.  That’s code for wanting to sell to you.

They don’t want to even follow your link or see what you’re about.

It’s all about them.

Selling to other marketers is (mostly) a waste of time since everyone is shouting and not one is buying.

Maybe a few but not nearly enough…

Okay so how do you reach more people with your business?

You use blogging and a two pronged approach.

First, you get a blog that is tailored to network marketers and MLM’ers.

You can’t do this with stock WordPress or Blogger or anything like that because those free services….






Go ahead.


Write your content and put it on those services.

Sure they’re free, but free comes with a price.

You’ll eventually get shut down when someone complains.

You can host your own blog but you better be technical and you better know security. It’s not rocket science, but you do have to read a little.

You can’t win.

Well, you can, with the right blog that is built for the job.

This is the answer.

First you get the blog which comes with all of the blogging training so that you can learn HOW TO BLOG so that you get the free organic internet search traffic.

So… if someone is searching for your business, you get those searchers.

Those are warm leads.

If someone is searching for make money from home or business opportunity or whatever, you tailor to those.

You have to learn this but it’s not hard.  This blog comes with all of that video training included.

You get hosting and the eWallet that lets you get paid.

But wait, you’re getting paid when people sign with your network marketing business, right?

Yes, when they sign with that.

Most people, as the law of numbers and averages dictate, will not sign with your main business.

Some will, and that’s great.  That’s more than you’ll get with hotel parties and grinding away.

The people who come to your network marketing blog will be in the mood to get something, and if your main business isn’t their cup of tea, they may like the second opportunity which is blended into the blog.

It’s the blog itself and the company that sells that, along with various upsells that teach people how to market and do all of this technical internet marketing online.

It’s pure genius, and you can end up doing better in your main business as well as the backup blog business, and your main opportunity never has to know.

After all, it’s just a blog you are using to get leads.

Your leads come into your main business.

Other leads buy the blog and get into that.

You get paid on both.

There’s actually much more to it since this this pays much higher commissions than any network marketing business out there.

If you’re cold sweating over lists of friends and family to call about joining your business, then you’re doing it ALL wrong.

So please understand here, the blog is your main engine to get leads for you business.

You need to blog if you are in network marketing since you can only reach so many people offline and through real face to face contact, but you can reach FAR MORE online through mastery of internet search and blogging around certain niche topics.

We teach ALL of that and more.

Just look around this site for more, since I write a lot about it.

If you’re not blogging, you’re not really in business.


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