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Power Lead System Tutorial Network Marketing Funnel

power lead system tutorial

I think that you all need a Power Lead System Tutorial for how to create a Network Marketing Funnel.

What if I told you that as a network marketer or affiliate marketer that if you are using company provided lead capture, replicated websites, or order pages, that you are doing it WRONG!


Why, you may ask?

A Power Lead System Tutorial can show you exactly how ANYONE involved with ANY business opportunity can put this powerful system to work for them IMMEDIATELY to create wonderful visually appealing and informative sales funnels and sales pages (video sales presentations) that sill build you email list and your sales conversions beyond anything that any old school or traditional network marketer or direct seller could ever imagine.

I remember the days of the network marketing hotel meetings and kitchen table selling sessions where rejection was rampant and you had to chase people all over to get them to commit to the products or the business opportunity. You had to call them incessantly and then drive to where they were and still put up with last minute cancellations and their family members trying to put the kibosh on the whole thing.

Sound familiar to anyone out there?

So, I was hoping that by doing as Power Lead System Tutorial and going through the simple funnel creation that I could SHOW you how quick and easy it can be to string together this stuff into a funnel that can capture email addresses for future email followup and redirection BACK to the sales presentation and turn what would be lost opportunities back into viable prospective customers and/or team members for YOUR business.

Look, the Internet is chock full of people who are trying to get you to DUMP your business in favor of theirs. Isagenix people want you to dump Arbonne, Nerium wants them both to sign up with them, and Amway says we are the oldest come with us! Herbalife says look we survived the government so we are now safe. Primerica says we want you to sell financial services with us and Karatbars people say GOLD is the thing to get into. Meanwhile, Digital Altitude, SAN, and others in the online affiliate marketing space want you to buy their information products and sell them to others.  All the time, Wealthy Affiliate reps are calling everything else a scam, except of course the stuff they’re peddling.

You’re ALL okay with me! (well, maybe not the Wealthy Affiliate ones who can’t play nice with anyone)

This system is UNIVERSAL and can assist every one of you no matter what business you are in to BRAND YOURSELF, CAPTURE LEADS, FOLLOWUP WITH LEADS, MAKE MORE SALES, and create DUPLICATION in your teams!

See the Power Lead System Tutorial below and then I want you to PONDER how a versatile tool like this can totally transform your business and create MASSIVE DUPLICATION in your teams.

Wow, wasn’t that a BLAST?

This system has a built in WordPress powered blog system as well, so you can use that as a website to put out news, niche specific articles, and look oh so modern and professional with a real website that you can put on business cards, flyers, etc and use that to redirect prospects back to your lead capture pages and sales funnels to then complete the feedback loop which just creates so much momentum that you now have a COMPLETE automated sales and marketing system working for you 24/7 no matter what you are doing at any moment in time. I will create a Power Lead System Tutorial that highlights the Power Blog, as soon as I can.

So, this Power Lead System Tutorial was easy to create but like they say, a picture (or video) is worth a thousand (printed) words, especially today when people need to watch and see things demonstrated before their eyes.

I plan to create more videos just like this Power Lead System Tutorial to highlight certain other aspects of this amazing system for all to see, and I plan to have this blog that I am using to become a sort of Power Lead System information portal along with the other great things that I write about.

If there is anything else that you would like to see then please comment below, but only real comments. Spam comments are removed immediately since they negatively affect the blog in Google’s eyes.

Just comment below about that or any other network marketing questions you have about using a system like this to increase your effectiveness many times over the old school methods that simply DO NOT WORK in this day and age of the Internet and instant access via smartphone and other connected devices.

The Power Lead System Tutorial that I recorded will go a long way to making it easier for other marketers to understand what they are doing wrong and not doing and easily correct that by getting this cost effective and CHEAP system that will piggyback on top of their existing system and make their efforts duplicate like never before.

You do not need to be a Power Lead System affiliate to use this tool to your advantage. You can be a customer only but if you sign on as an affiliate too for the slightly higher fee, you can recommend this to your downline team to increase THEIR duplication for their business and their teams, which in turn will make you richer not only in increased earnings in your main business that you are all building together, but also by sharing this system within your teams, you then get the affiliate earnings and residuals with this too, and it pays weekly. So when you consider that, this system actually becomes not only free, but revenue producing in its own right. I hope that I conveyed that in the Power Lead System Tutorial but I write it here just in case I missed that crucial bonus point.

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