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Power Lead System Opens the Leads Floodgate

power lead system review

The Power Lead System is an amazing tool for setting up lead capture pages and connecting lead capture pages to sales pages into an entire sales funnel. Let’s get into this Power Lead System Review, shall we?

You can sell almost anything online this way, and if you are a network marketer then this is really special because you can finally learn how to market online and reach a global community of people who are searching for ways to increase their income in their spare time.

The great thing about PLS is that you can start off cheap with the one time purchase lite version, which is called Lead Lightning, and then you can eventually upgrade to the full blown Power Lead System at such time that you are ready.

This article is MUCH more than a Power Lead System Review, so let’s get started with your training.


Everyone Who is Selling Needs the Power Lead System

If you are already a productive network marketing affiliate, then I say go straight for the Power Lead System at the Platinum level and then you can make great commissions not only on the business that you are going to sell with the system, but also recommending the system itself to your new leads and customers.

After all, EVERYONE who sells ANYTHING online can benefit from this amazing system, and this system also provides another lucrative income stream while providing an amazing NECESSARY tool to these very online and network marketers.

Here, let me show you how easy it is to create a sales funnel for a traditional network marketing opportunity that many people market offline and just by passing out their affiliate link. Compare that lame ass sales strategy to this sleek online method for gaining many new leads into this business.

See? This Power Lead System Review is actually your Power Lead System Training!


Creating a Network Marketing Sales Funnel with the Power Lead System

I’m a little shaky in this video, mainly because it’s just hard talking live and not wanting to do a thousand out takes and do overs, so forgive my on camera amateurism. Much of learning any new trade involves leaving your comfort zone, and as you do that more and more you become better and better at it. Internet marketing, unless you outsource every little thing, actually requires learning several new skill sets, but once you do you’ll be unstoppable. I promise.

On to the video where we create a sales funnel with the Power Lead System.


Wasn’t that wild?

I finished that sales funnel after doing the video and it came out great! I even duplicated it so that if I were to advertise it and get leads and signups with that exact funnel, I could then pass on the share code to my team and they could use it. I would change a few things in it to make it more generic and less about my signup page in the last step, if I were to share it, but you get the picture.

So, if you are or are thinking about selling or recruiting for ANY network marketing or internet marketing business, then you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to get a premier lead capture and marketing system so that you can setup an automated system like this.

Now, that is a big part of the picture, the other being TRAFFIC, but I have other resources that explain about getting lots of interested TRAFFIC to your lead capture page so that you have a great chance of being successful getting lots of exposure to your business. Website TRAFFIC equals success in this business.

Network marketers who need to meet lots of new people to expose to their businesses know better than anyone that if they could tap into a huge unseen market of potential buyers and recruits, AND if they could automate that process with a marketing system, and tap into lots of potential buyers and recruits through targeted TRAFFIC, then they could totally automated that exhausting process of GRINDING away to drum up new business.

I listened to a talk by Empower Network founder, Dave Wood, and he used to be in Amway and many other network marketing businesses before discovering the Internet and internet marketing. Dave said that some of the earliest network marketers were super successful because they automated their presentation. Case in point. There was a truck driver who was with Amway way, way back. This was in the 1950’s, I think. Anyway, this trucker would make some sort of tape that he could leave with people in different cities and that would be shared as a piece of marketing material and would be his stand in while he was out planting his business elsewhere.

Does any of this process sound familiar?

It’s the SAME process that internet marketers use with blogs and video presentations.

Traditional marketing severely limits you in that you can only physically speak with so many people. The phone makes that easier in some respects, but in today’s mobile phone universe, that is mostly dead because people screen their calls.

There is SMS marketing which shows some promise, but that is a marketing niche, not the whole enchilada.

So, what systems like the Power Lead System do is allow you to take that marketing process, place text and video into a slick internet accessible sales funnel, which captures the lead’s email address and sends them to a presentation immediately, and then markets to them later in a follow-up fashion. This process can go on without physical assistance for thousands and thousands of prospects, silently turning those who will end up being customers and teammates into each.


Power Lead System Login Start You Up

When you enter the Power Lead System login, you provide your credentials and then are allowed into the back office where you become the online marketing magic master.

Here is the main Power Lead System Login screen.

Power Lead System Login

After you enter the Power Leads System login, you are brought to the main PLS screen, which shows the products you are registered for, or your status as a Power Lead System member and affiliate.

power lead system

Notice the membership levels and some of the Power Lead System Compensation Plan information.

Here is a main and very powerful feature for both team leaders and team members, and that is the ability for leaders to create funnels that can be shared out with other members, and the members merely make sure that their affiliate codes are entered correctly under the companies that they promote section so that when using a shared funnel, they get the credit for sales that happen through their version of that funnel.

Those share codes are SO powerful you have no idea! Leaders and regular marketers alike should be salivating just thinking about the duplication potential!

Here we have the Power Lead System Autoresponder Contact Manager, which can hold unlimited leads and send autoresponder messages. I integrate with Aweber, but it’s always nice to know that your leads are still stored safely in PLS!

power lead system contact manager

As you can see I currently have over 4300 leads and counting. Do you think that I know something about getting traffic and leads? Follow me to find out the plan.

Here are some stats screens that I was using to see my total traffic for given time frames. Power Leads System has it ALL!

power lead system traffic


Are you understanding yet the true power of the Power Leads System and what it can mean to your business?

So to answer a basic question that most people might still have, what is a lead page? Or a lead capture page? Or a squeeze page? They’re all the same thing. They are the page where you collect the contact information of the prospect, whether it be set up to collect several fields or just one email address field.

Here is one of mine which works VERY well.

power lead system lead capture page

Lead Capture form

Power Lead System has full training available in addition to what my team and I will teach you about online marketing and the most important thing, getting TRAFFIC to your lead page.

I hope this Power Lead System Review and Training has helped you understand just how powerful this system is, and that what I showed you is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more features inside. How do you get inside? Become a member and join at the Gold level and if you’re smarter than most you’ll go straight for Platinum, like me.

You can also get members in under the lower barrier to entry but limited version, which are called the Free Lead System and Lead Lightning. This system gives you so many ways to get leads and prospects that it’s hard not to succeed. The Free Lead System is free to give away to prospects and has its own funnel, and Lead Lightning is a $7 one time purchase and members there can earn unlimited $6 commissions selling that, and members of Free Lead System and Lead Lighting have a natural upgrade path to Power Lead System Gold and above. You don’t need free lead system software when you have the FLS because it is online software that aids you. Mine you, ANY lead system needs traffic to get leads, and WE HAVE THAT COVERED. (if you join my team because we make traffic the linchpin of our strategy)

Once you are a member, contact me through the system and tell me about yourself and what you want to accomplish, and which funnel you joined under, the traffic plan or the 24/7 one (the URL you follow to each capture page reveals that). Then we can get started and you can learn all about traffic too.

It’s life changing and gives you a whole new sense of freedom.

I wouldn’t steer ya wrong.

Try it.

It works.

Like magic…


P.S. – If you are curious about what makes up the Power Lead System Products list, then go here.

P.P.S. – If you want to know a bit more about the Power Lead System Compensation Plan, go here.


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