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Power Blog Review

power blog review

Welcome to a Power Blog Review!

Power Blog is a WordPress based hosted blogging solution which is built into the AMAZING internet marketing system known as the Power Lead System.

This means that whoever gets the marketing system gets the capability to create amazing blogs to spread their ideas and market their businesses beyond just creating amazing lead capture pages.

They can utilize internet search SEO to pull in people who are searching on selected topics when their blog posts are indexed in the search engines for certain search terms called keywords.

Keywords are just words and phrases that real people type into the search engines, like Google or Bing, in order to find what they are looking for.

These people are warm leads because they are presumably searching for the topic that your article might be indexed for.

So, on to a look at the Power Blog Review for those who either need a hosted blog system or who may be looking at the Power Lead System and just realized WOW this things comes with a real WordPress based blog?

Yes it does!

The Power Blog Review Let’s Go

This is a real WordPress based blogging platform.  It’s hosted, which means that you don’t need to have a web hosting account to use it. For members of the Power Lead System, they hook up their internet domains to the Power Lead System (PLS) so that they can send prospects to their lead capture pages (sales funnels). As long as you register your domain through Power lead System, you can use it with the Power Blog.

You register your domain (the “whatever.com”) with PLS, and you can create as many subdomains (the bit before the internet domain) as you need, and each subdomain goes to a different lead capture page in PLS. You also use a different subdomain for each blog that you create.

I hope that this graphic can explain the breakdown for you.

power blog URL subdomains


So, you get to the Power blog login through the Power Lead System back office area.

power blog entry

As you can see, here is the main configuration screen of the Power Blog by Power Lead System.

power blog main console

…and here is the Power Blog main configuration screen once you choose your actual blog. So, in other words, this is where you interact with each blog, like adding new pages or posts, and other things.

power blog main blog configuration

So as you can see above, there are optin forms for lead capture, comments management, site text settings, menu management, appearance, etc.

Here is a video of me clicking around in the Power Blog from Power Lead System so you can see the control functionality in the various areas.

Except for the inability to install your own themes & plugins (it’s a performance and security issue), you pretty much have WordPress with the Power Blog from Power Lead System.

Of particular interest to me was that they have an ad placement portion built into the Power Blog and that means that you just drop in your ads code and enable it.


Power Blog is a robust blogging platform that is marketer friendly. There are NO terms of service that will get you banned except maybe porn or gambling related things. Check PLS Terms.

The Power Blog ALONE is worth a lot. Before Empower Network went out of business, their robust Kalatu WordPress blogging system was about $25 per month plus the $20 affiliate fee if you wanted commissions for reselling it.

With this, you are essentially getting Power Blog free with the Power Lead System, which itself is worth many times more than IT is even being sold for.

This is like value on top of value squared.

This is YOUR window out to the world from which you can broadcast everything that you need.

This can be your web address that you place on business cards and brochures, or into classified and other advertisements.

They sky is the limit.

So, get your Power Blog by Power Lead System RIGHT HERE and you will have a complete marketing system that is hands down the most powerful asset that your business will have in finding and reaching new customers and prospects.

You may ask if the Power Blog by Power Lead System is so great, why is this blog not running on it?

I created this blog a long time ago and I have a huge multi site web hosting account, AND I am a technology professional by trade so it just makes sense FOR ME to go the self hosted route.

The Power Blog just came out in 2017. It’s a relatively new product.

For anyone looking for a cheap, robust, customizable (within reason), and bundled (with the marketing system tools inside Power Lead System) it just makes more sense than anything else out there.

Go to Power Lead System Portal


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