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Plexus Compensation Plan – Is It Great or What?

plexus compensation plan

Plexus is a growing mlm company that sells health supplements and skin care products. Sounds pretty generic until you learn about the “Skinny fiber” and “pink drink” that promises lasting weight loss.

Weight loss is a pretty great segment since pretty much everyone these days, including those who are not really that overweight, want to get in on the weight loss thing. Whether to lose some weight themselves or to sell the idea to those who really need it. Skinny in shape people have a great advantage because if they aren’t honest they can say they lost some weight with it even if they never took it. Others have alluring before and after photos of them and those whom they sold it to. This is a great marketing concept and works particularly well on social media, which is where you see lots of this stuff nowadays.

The Plexus compensation plan is modeled after traditional compensation plans and is designed to promote team growth and rewards those who train their teams to produce results, and they provide some of these rewards through a bonus system.


Selling Products – The Plexus Compensation Plan Rewards Product Sellers

When you get down to it, any mlm that sells product generates money by ultimately selling product.  That is the thing that brings in the moolah, so get selling and recruitment comes after that. You make money by earning retail commission, overrides, and also points and bonuses.

Commissions: Retail commission of 0-25% is earned on product sales to others through face to face selling, parties, or an other way that you can think of to get other people to buy Plexus product from you. The percentage is based on your personal sales volume, so the percentage goes up with the more that you sell. That’s an incentive to get hustling and get selling.  The more you sell, the better your commission, up to 25%.  That’s based on your PERSONAL sales volume, by the way.

Overrides: What’s this? If your customers order by phone or online, you earn an override commission on those sales. You get 5% commissions on all orders from your level one downline, which means that when anyone in your downline orders this way you get a piece of that.  That is residual money. Preferred customers’ orders earn a cash bonus that differs from product to product.

Bonuses and Points: You earn these based on the activity of your downline based on sales volume at each level. Accumulating points allows a team leader to promote, and when promoting you then become eligible for single time bonuses as well as building generational pay, which is a fancy term for residual recurring income.

Plexus Promotion – The Eleven Levels of Success and Why They are not Equal to the 7 Levels of Hell

All of this MLM double talk makes me… sleepy, but we have to slog through it if we want to have a basic understanding of how these ingenious things work, don’t we?

So let’s move on, shall we?

Hey, all you have to do is read this stuff.  I had to research and type it out, so stiff upper lip and let’s keep moving along.

Plexus uses a binary system, where you build a primary leg and then all of the other business centers  (downline members) are part of the secondary leg. This is important if you want to get paid at what they call the maximum depth. Whenever you have a binary plan, building it so that both legs are strong and full of members and sales volume means that you get paid the most that you can for that compensation plan.

Plexus distributors who get promoted up through the team leadership ranks are the ones who get maximum earnings. Promotions also equal cash bonuses for getting promoted. There are eleven leadership levels that you work through to get to the top of this system.  Associate to ambassador is done mainly by maintaining your own autoship, building your team, and focusing on sales.  Downline payments on your top line recruits are unlocked by this promotion. Personal and team performance markers are what determines every promotion after the Ambassador level.

Reaching Senior Ambassador level is where things start to get really interesting. When you personally sponsor at least two qualified ambassadors, you are a senior ambassador, and your first three downline levels are now eligible to pay you.

The Silver Ambassador level means that you have minimum of three personally sponsored qualified ambassadors.  What this does is unlocks the top 5 levels of payments from your downline and nets you a $100.00 bonus too!

Senior Gold Ambassadors need to personally sponsor at least three qualified ambassadors, have 40 points outside the primary leg, and at least 250 points in their business. Promotion to this level earns $350 and liberates a sixth level of downline payments.

Ruby Ambassadors need to personally sponsor four qualified ambassadors, have 100 points outside the primary leg, and at least 500 points in their business. Promotion to this level earns $500 with no additional downline payments.

Senior Ruby Ambassadors need to personally sponsor five qualified ambassadors, have 150 points outside the primary leg, and at least 750 points in their business. Promotion to this level earns $750 and liberates a seventh level of downline payments.

Emerald Ambassadors need to personally sponsor six qualified ambassadors, have 375 points outside their primary leg, and at least 1500 points in their business. Promotion to this level earns the right to earn shares in the Emerald Global Bonus Pool.

Sapphire Ambassadors need to personally sponsor six qualified ambassadors, have 750 points outside their primary leg, and at least 3000 points in their business. Promotion to this level earns the right to earn shares in the Sapphire Global Bonus Pool.

Diamond Ambassadors need to personally sponsor seven qualified ambassadors, have 1125 points outside their primary leg, and at least 4500 points in their business.  Promotion to this level earns the right to earn shares in the Diamond Global Bonus Pool.

Can You Make Plexus Slim Work For You?



You need to consider lots of things with this or any other company. Can you sell the products? Can you be passionate about selling the products? Can you build a strong relationship with the person who is trying to sponsor you? Are they going to be a good sponsor or just looking to sell you product and hope that you can figure the rest out by yourself? Is the company reputable? Do the products work? What does the majority say about Plexus Slim , the company, and products?

Scam? Many negative reviews are either sour grapes because the person failed and needs to justify their failure without self blame, or they are promoting something else and need to trash the reviewed company as a scam in order to lift their own item higher. Be careful. Wealthy Affiliate reps seem to do this all of the time. They’re fake reviews and they have a lot of people fooled judging by the comments on their marketing blogs.

Before you go all in with this or any other company, I am telling you RIGHT NOW that you need to leverage the Internet and have an automated system that wraps around your main business and grabs those leads and markets to them over and over again until you get more sales.  Without that, you will just be doing a lot of leg work and dealing with LOTS of rejection face to face, or at the other end of a phone that never gets answered by your target prospects.

Internet recruiting is where you need to be, so click that link just above and learn how, NOW!



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