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New Jersey Web Design Just Got Better

There’s another web design choice on the scene and this one is a New Jersey web design choice.

Why mention that it’s in New Jersey?

Kind of silly, huh?

The nature of online means that it doesn’t matter where you are since you can create a website for anyone regardless of location as long as you can issue an invoice and the customer pays it in return for getting a quality website for their business or other concern.

Still, sometimes local businesses want to deal with a local person, or have that local New Jersey web design guy come around and show them their new website in person once it’s all set up, or just to know that this is backed by a real person.

Some people like to do business with other local people rather than those far away. Not only is the personality better represented when the people are local, but, for certain business owners, it’s another level of safety knowing that this person is local and they can be gotten hold of beyond just sending an email.

Don’t get me wrong, this SitePalooka wants customers from everywhere, not just locally in New Jersey (NJ), but the area where SitePalooka resides is a very dense part of NJ with businesses everywhere, so they want to make SitePalooka’s presence known to the local business market for New Jersey web design needs.

SitePalooka can set you up with a business website or a blog.

Here’s the best part.

If you are a blogger and not a regular business, SitePalooka can set you up with the Kalatu blog, which is WordPress based and ranks better than a standard WordPress install.

How great would it be to create a blog post on a researched keyword and then be able to rank pretty high in Google for that keyword, but be able to rank well in a short amount of time?

I have been using Kalatu for some time now, and have seen posts rank within the first or second page of the Google search results within a few days. Sometimes this happens on the SAME DAY!

New Jersey businesses (or any business no matter where you are) who want to have SitePalooka set up a Kalatu WordPress blog like a business site can also go that route if they want to.

How valuable would it be to get your site ranking better than your competition?

How many new customers do you think that you can get?

Wouldn’t the better Google ranking ability and the new customer potential that goes along with that more than offset the costs of having this special blog or site set up and wouldn’t the monthly maintenance fee be worth it?

For real estate or doctors offices, the increased customer count would offset the website costs by an order of magnitude, over time.

So, think of this as an investment.

Whether you are in New Jersey and looking for a New Jersey web design entity, or you are wherever and want in to this special better ranking way of doing Internet business, you NEED to contact SitePalooka today and mention the special ranking Kalatu blog in your message.



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