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Network Marketing Cold Sweats

You know what network marketing is, don’t you?

It’s the business model where you are an independent contractor with a company and you engage in sales for commissions.  You don’t get a paycheck, but you get paid when you produce sales. The other aspect is that you can build an organization under you by recruiting other agents under you.  Those people are in your down line and you usually get a percentage of all of the business that they produce, and you can also get a percentage of the business that their recruits produce.  All of the percentages and particulars differ from company to company, so learn about the compensation plan that your particular company offers.

Many top producers in the network marketing space are aware of some very concrete ways to become top producers in their businesses that many of the newbies out there won’t know about until they spend years of trial and error getting there.

Okay, so what’s with the “network” part of network marketing?

That’s the network of people around you where you are expected to do your recruiting from.

It’s supposed common knowledge that this network that is warm to you and offers the greatest potential for sales and recruitment.

This only holds up for a short time.

Most people only know a limited number of people, and let’s face it, most aren’t interested in your product or your business.

They just aren’t.

If they see you making lots of sales and money, then some will come around after seeing that, but it’s still just a small amount of people.

What most newbies end up with are trying to recruit family and friends who don’t want to be recruited, and this creates some weird awkward karma that can actually damage relationships when you start to get shunned and avoided at family and other functions.

Sometimes groups of family or friends will talk about you behind your back and have fun laughing conversations about you.

Look for group laughter and mean merry making when you enter these functions.

I’m not painting some dire picture that isn’t true.

I’ve actually seen this stuff happen to people I know.


The Network Marketing Cold Sweats

This is when the network marketer looks at their list of family and friends and decides they have to make those phone calls in order to get people to various sales opportunity meetings.

It might be a hotel meeting that has been set up by their upline.

It might be a home party that features the company’s products.

It could very well be a home sales presentation over the marketer’s or potential recruit’s kitchen table.

The bottom line is that they expect YOU to mine your family and friends’ lists for sales and recruits, and unless you’re some sociopath who cares only about money and could care less about ruining ling standing relationships, this leads to the cold sweats and the formation of massive doubt.

What many formerly excited network marketers end up doing is taking the product or opportunity and shoving it into the closet and swearing to themselves that they’ll never get scammed again.

They never got scammed, but that is the negative depressing mood that they end up in.

The problem is that they never realized what would be expected of them, and most of the current network marketing opportunities out there operate with the same exact strategy that always existed.

This is the problem.

What worked in the 1950’s through the 1990’s doesn’t work so well today, for the newbie marketer.

Of course many would read this and laugh and say “but it’s working for me”.

Well, yeah, it’s working for YOU, for the time being.  Maybe you’re more social or more likable than that poor sap you just recruited.

Maybe YOU have a massive likability factor on FaceBook…

Let me clue ya in here.

Not everyone does.

Many more people who start in network marketing end up with not even one sale or commission.

Of course, their upline just does what they have to do, which is, they move on to seek new people to recruit or exploit.

Hey, if Johnny Unpopular didn’t do anything but buy into the dream, at least we made a sale off him or maybe got to some of his warm market for recruiting.

The point of this article is to provide a solution to the many would be network marketers who need another way.

Not everyone has charisma that can woo a room full of people.

It’s the same way that not everyone can be a comedian or someone who captivates an audience.

Many people can perform work that reaches many people with the product and/or message, and they just need a medium that can do it.

Enter The Network Marketing Solution


There is a solution to this conundrum.

Imagine a world where you could just create great content focused on some related subjects, package all of that content into a blog, and as that blog grows in authority and rank on that subject, it pulls in people from the internet searches who are looking for this exact information.

That blog is a part of a massively successful affiliate marketing system that pays large commissions and also adheres to the multi level recruitment model, all while helping you promote your lifestyle, business, or whatever you want..

So, instead of chasing family and friends, or dressing up and hitting the local Walmart and big box stores, cozying up to strangers and asking them in your best used car salesman voice, “Hey, You look pretty sharp. Do you keep your options open?”

How DUMB would you feel if you had to do that all of the time?


This is what many network marketing uplines are telling their recruits to do once they run out of family, friends, and FaceBook friends.

The internet is a rich prospecting ground, but the best way to do that is to recruit people when they don’t even know they are being recruited.

The best way to get that new blood is to cast a net far and wide and play the numbers game on a global scale, and what better group of people to cast for then those who are already looking for some kind of information that you are offering?

They’re already looking, so you already have your foot in the door.


Don’t Get Your Heart Broken

I got my network marketing heart broken SO MANY times in the past when I went for a particular deal where I liked the company, the products, and the compensation plan, only to hit that wall of trying to connect with like minded people who would also like the industry, company, products, and compensation plan enough to lock arms with me and go all into the opportunity with the mind to get rich.

Unfortunately what they never tell you is that unless you are a charisma filled sociopath, it probably won’t happen for you.

The great news is that in this internet connected world, you don’t have to be a network marketing sociopath in order to get a measure of success and then build upon that success.

All you need to do is to get subjects that people are looking for information on, create blogs around those subjects, and then blog daily on those topics.

Network marketing doesn’t have to be the Heartbreak Hotel that is has become for so many hard working and lofty dreaming people who only want to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

See what I’m talking about further by clicking the section below, and also check out the rest of this blog to learn more about the various related subjects that I blog about.


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  • Else Moss May 18, 2015, 10:42 pm

    You know, as long as you don’t let anybody steel your dream, a broken heart can heal.

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