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The Nerium Compensation Plan is not the Fairest of them All

nerium compensation plan

Nerium, the Flower of the MLM World

I hope that this Nerium review finds you well and curious about the Nerium compensation plan.

Nerium is a health and wellness products producer that specializes in age defying creams. The main ingredient which is their claim to fame is an ingredient from the oleander flower.

While many people claim that the products hep with wrinkles, others say the effects are short lived and the products are expensive, especially when compared to those that you can find in the stores.

This complaint and negative Nerium reviews are not unique to Nerium, as many of the health and wellness MLMs suffer many of the same critiques from cost conscious consumers.  People value shop, and these boutique MLM products aren’t cheap.

Of course the company and their reps counter that the quality is much better and there is more science behind their products than many on the store shelves, but the proof is neither here nor there.

Hey, facts are facts.

But, this is not an article to bash Nerium International.

Anything but.

If you are a Nerium skincare representative, or looking to get involved, then more power to you.  I have to provide some background in any article on a company, and this was some intro material for Nerium.

Is the Nerium Compensation Plan All That?

Look, if I am gonna write anything about any company I’m gonna give it to ya straight.

I’m not that impressed with the Nerium compensation plan.

It’s a unilevel team structure, and if you are going to find success, then you had better recruit only serious people who can also build effective teams.

There’s just no room for dead wood here.

If you want to get promoted, then that depends on your team’s team building, the number of direct recruits that you have (top level team), the leadership level of your most successful team members, and of course the total team sales volume.

Nerium provides an online back office app that helps you track your team activity and adjust volume at the end of the month to hopefully ensure a promotion.

One benefit of this unilevel team model is that you can build a really large top line team. The con is that this top line only earns a paltry 1% residual commission. What this means is that if your team doesn’t build, you don’t really get paid.

How’s that for a recruitment incentive?

The biggest residual payments are 7% of the generational team volume and is paid on the sixth and seventh level of the distributor’s team.  You have to reach the Pearl and Diamond Pearl level to be eligible for these commissions.

Nerium offers seven ways to get paid:

1 – Retail Sales – Buy wholesale, sell retail, pocket the difference.  $30-$50 is the cash profit per bottle when sold at recommended prices. Hopefully there isn’t some chronic undercutter in your midst to spoil the party.

2 – Free Stuff – Whenever you set up a new recruit or a customer that sets up an autoship, you get free night cream. You can keep it and use it yourself or sell it for a 100% profit.

3 – Commissions on direct sales to YOUR customers – When your customers buy product from their Nerium account, you get paid. Ka-ching!  Commissions are 10%-25% based on the number of customers you have who are ordering, as well as the total sales volume that your customers order each month.

4 – Success Pack Bonuses – Whenever one of your personally sponsored people orders a success pack, you get a bonus, and the value is based upon the size of the pack that they ordered. $50-$325

5 – Builder Bonus – If one of your downline team becomes Fast Start qualified, then you qualify for a Builder Bonus. (because you’re Building!) This equates to a $250 payment each time this happens.

6 – Coaching Commissions – 5% on top of your team’s commissions for those personally sponsored in your downline. They had to be recruited by you though, not by your upline or downline.

7 – Luxury Bonuses – There are bonuses of flashy gifts like an Apple iPad, a Lexus automobile, fancy vacations, and that sort of thing. Some people just refer to this as the Nerium Lexus Bonus, since that Lexus just makes their mouths water!


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so in that vain, I give you more on the Nerium compensation plan:



So What’s the Weak Link in this Nerium Compensation Plan?

It’s the same weak link in most – it’s not so much the plan but how are you going to sell this expensive stuff to value conscious consumers who comparison shop online and in the many stores that are all around us?

I don’t want to spoil the party, but to make money with the Nerium compensation plan you have to be a stellar recruiter and that means convincing many many people to join you and sell this stuff and also recruit lots and lots of people.

It’s a numbers game, folks.

So, with your limited social network, how are YOU going to be successful here?

(Jeopardy song playing)

Most people won’t.

This isn’t knocking Nerium.

Is Nerium a scam?

Many negative reviews are either sour grapes because the person failed and needs to justify their failure without self blame, or they are promoting something else and need to trash the reviewed company as a scam in order to lift their own item higher. Be careful. Wealthy Affiliate reps seem to do this all of the time. They’re fake reviews and they have a lot of people fooled judging by the comments on their marketing blogs.

These are just the cold hard facts of the modern network marketing and MLM industry.

So how are YOU going to not be a statistic here?

You must LEARN how to reach LOTS more people than you can in person or on FaceBook.

Most people just market these things on FaceBook and in person, or by corralling their poor family and friends to opportunity meetings or home parties to introduce the Nerium products and the opportunity.

I’ve been there.

Done that.

Done… with that…

You need to get online and create some alluring content for people to find you online and also for you to point people to it.

You have to be different from all of the other clueless reps who are abusing FaceBook by desperately trying to get people to buy into their opportunity.

Sooner or later your FaceBook friends are going to ditch you the same way your Aunt Betty ducked behind the ice sculpture at that family event when she saw you coming.

You need to get a blog, and I don’t mean a free WordPress or Blogger blog, since those companies have pretty strict terms of service that exclude people trying to make a Nerium skin care living online.

Watch me wrap a generic business opportunity with PLS and show you the power that you can yield and how this plus the Internet and some web traffic can turn your recruiting fortunes around.

You need a marketing system. Now.




You need a blog that is marketer friendly and on a WordPress powered platform that is monitored and kept running by a dedicated professional tech team so that you can stay with the business of creating blog content to build your online business, authority, and reach.

Once you get that, there is top notch video training that will get you started and teach you the easy to learn concepts of how to tailor content for whatever special interest niche that you wish to service with your business and your products.

It’s not hard, but of course it’s work.

The work will pay off many times when your content is online selling yourself and your business 24/7/365 while you’re off to the next company function and awards ceremony for being a Top Producer in your MLM business.

You can really recruit lots of people and get the most out of the Nerium compensation plan when you leverage the internet with a specialized marketing blog that will act as your online success headquarters.

Just think of how much more professional and looking like a real leader you will be as compared to all of those people just posting on FaceBook and trying desperately to get people to their order page?

You read it here.

If you are having problem introducing your Nerium business to enough new people in order to gets leads and sales, you’r not alone.  One of the dirty little secrets int he direct selling industry is that many have no clue how to do this, especially once tey run out of family and friends, or FaceBook and social media contacts.

The good news is that we have the solution for anyone running any kind of business that can be introduced over the internet.

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