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My Favorite Thing (or Biggest Pet Peeve) About Facebook


FaceBook is one of those love it or hate it things, but few socially connected people these days can do without it.  It’s where all of your family and friends are, or at least the ones not living under a rock.

Facebook is a great way for people to keep in touch and reconnect. Before Facebook, I wondered what happened to many of the people who I knew in my youth and from earlier days. I thought I’d never hear from many of them again. Now they’re in my friends list. There are a few who aren’t on it, who must be holding out like some anti technology guy holed up in some shack in the woods, but I’ve reconnected with most and also been surprised who knows who and also new people who I’ve met who know people I know from way back.

I connected with my girlfriend, now wife, over a dating site and Facebook. 

You can’t deny that it’s a powerful social medium.

So that is a great thing about FaceBook.  The ability to reconnect with old friends and connect with new ones. 

So what is a peeve about FaceBook? 


Where do I begin?

It’s basically people and the silly things they do.

Constant selfies, especially the puckered lips ones that lots of females do.

Now it’s okay to take selfies from time to time, even I’ve done that.  I do it mainly for profile pictures, not so much to just randomly post on my Timeline.  I have seen women who just take selfies, especially the puckered lips ones, all day long and they post them constantly.  I have seen mostly women engage in this odd behavior, but I know that there are young men who do it too.

I’m like, “Did ya really think I need to see the same puckered face several times per day, every day?” 

Then there are the drama queens.

Everyone has drama, but there is something about people who feel the need to post every bit of personal drama or outrage on their wall or timeline several times per day.  You know the type.

They need and crave the attention.  They have to complain about their kids, their husband, the neighbors.  I have seen these mostly come in the form of women but I’m sure there are males who do it too. 

One of the lowest are the cheaters.  Yes, there are people who use social media to conduct infidelity or to support that type of behavior.  What can I say?  They usually get caught and you’d think they’d know better, but it happens a lot.  My ex wife did that and got caught that way.  I’m not going to go into the details, but I know all about that. 

I have to say that since I got into internet marketing, some marketers are the most annoying.  I’m not talking about people who have mastered the blend of personal vs business and know how to mix it well on Facebook and other social media.  I mean the pure novices who friend people for the sole reason of pitching some affiliate link or some website to get them into their opportunity or to sell them some goods.  Again, I am not speaking up against people trying to use social media to make money, but it’s how some of them do it.

I had some guy friend me, and I get tons of requests and the predictable shallow messages that go something like, “Hey [name], I couldn’t help how motivated you look by your interesting profile…” then comes the pitch.  You politely decline and you never hear from them again.  Okay I’ve done that in the past too, but I wasn’t even talking about that.  I mean the really rude types.  I had this guy friend me and then pitch me, and then when I wasn’t immediately interested, he asks me what I’m into so I tell him about my stuff.  He tells me oh no that’s garbage I did that and it doesn’t work try this thing I’m doing.  Now, as if I would fall for the lie that he’s already done what I’m doing and wasn’t successful, because I wouldn’t and didn’t, I tell him that no he’s wrong my business does indeed work and I’m kind of committed to it.  Okay fine whatever.  Nope, this guy then feels the need to call me names and call my business names, etc.  Now, I guess at this point he doesn’t care about being blocked because he knows I’m not going to do business with him, but how unprofessional is THAT?

The other thing that gets frustrating is that because of people like this rank and immature amateur, many many people today on social media are on guard and skeptical of even the best organized and well working programs and businesses.  It’s really a shame but who can blame them with characters like the guy I just told you about running around pissing people off? 

There are, though, many people who are really doing well with Facebook and social media.  They have mastered it.  There are also the Facebook ads gurus who have mastered the art of Facebook paid advertising and get really great conversions for their ad budgets.  One of the best resources for getting into learning about Facebook advertising or even just how to really search through and identify the best likely warms leads is embedded in the $15K Formula, which is one of the best internet marketing products out there.  There are also some other really great online social resources mentioned in there as well as many other non-social media but first rate internet marketing tactics.  It’s something that Mr. Rude I mentioned above could really use to learn how real internet marketers operate. 

Facebook and other social media are fast becoming a very effective and go to method for free, and some paid, advertising and leads generation.   It’s a great place to connect with people, and lots of marketers know that.

This brings me to one more peeve.  I call it “the wind tunnel effect”.  Sometimes you end up connecting with so many fellow marketers, that you are all trying to sell to one another.  Everyone is pitching and no one is buying because they all want to sell, not buy.  There are marketers who buy, but unless you are in the position to hit them with tons of social proof and for some you even need a window into your bank account, it’s probably a no go.  So, it’s like peeing into the wind.  Hence, the wind tunnel effect.

There are tactics for connecting with professionals, even sales professionals, as high quality leads and prospects, but something like the $15K Formula (defunct online marketing product) is what you would need to reliably learn about the tactics you need to crack that nut.

Another thing that everyone who is interested in these topics should know is that Facebook and other social media, even with all of the pros and cons, great things and Facebook peeves, is no substitute for your own online headquarters.  Everyone needs an online “home base”, as it were.  If you are involved in multiple businesses then maybe you need several web properties, as it’s in vogue to call them.  But you need something, whether it’s a traditional website or a blog.  Most people today gravitate to blogs since they can be themed, they are easy to update, and they are very dynamic overall.

If you don’t have a blog you are a nobody in the online world.  Remember, social media is all fine and dandy, but those accounts should point back to somewhere that you call home.  You want your prospects and leads to know where to find you outside of the social media context, where they can be “all yours” and find easy access to all that you have to offer. 

Even an article on Facebook leads back to the need for a blog presence, so it’s a very important part of your online business that you should never forget.

So what are you waiting for?

Get blogging.


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