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the law of attraction

I wanted to write a post about the Law of Attraction that was made famous by the book and movie, The Secret.

The Law of Attraction, or LOA for short, is the idea that we are living in a truly living and conscious Universe in which we are all connected to the ultimate Source (God) and that you actually can tap into this power since we are all co creating our own reality.

Tapping into this power means thinking, with great feeling, about the things that we want, and not concentrating or dwelling on the things that we don’t want. The theory here is that so many people concentration on what they don’t want and put so much feeling into it that they literally draw in the bad unwanted life experiences that they complain about, and complaining about it just compounds and makes it worse and then before you know it you’re on a downward spiral that is like light trying to escape a black hole.

the law of attraction

The purpose if this post is not to rehash the Law Of Attraction, but to focus on a certain aspect.

The money aspect.

When you watch Law of Attraction movie, The Secret, you can’t help but notice that a good chunk of it focuses on money, lack of money, the need and desire for more money… but you might be wondering what DO you do to get more? Is it just thinking about it? Well, to a degree… They mention that having more has to be believable for you, and they mention that if you have a glass income ceiling at your job then that believability becomes even harder.

You notice that those who create their own invoices for their services are the ones who seem to benefit the most here.

So, do you have to become a salesman or other consultant?

It can’t hurt, and the time is perfect for anyone.

If course I wish to segue into the subject of ways that anyone can go the sales route to create the means and pathway for more abundance into their life experience.

If you create more possibilities for the Universe to believably bring more wealth into your life via the Law of Attraction, then you are facilitating the process. If course you shouldn’t expect total magic, you need to grow and evolve as well as performing action, but you can actually speed up the abundance process merely by expanding your awareness and expectations through raising your believability quotient through positive and productive activities.

Think about any of these gurus, even beyond The Secret…

Let’s tell you a story from my life.

Back in the 1990’s when I was a younger guy, in my twenties, I used to watch late night T.V. and I saw all of the get rich infomercials featuring people like the no money down real estate guru, Carlton Sheets, and the Vietnamese immigrant real estate guy, Tom Wu, as well as other guys like the late Don Lapre, who used to sell people on small classified ads…

Okay okay I never believed any of them, but then you had guys like Tony Robbins and Les Brown, among others.

I read some of Robbins books and I would say to myself that yeah that’s great if you’re a salesperson. You can set sales goals and grow your income by following this advice, but how can some0one in a job do that? All of this Tony Robbins stuff really feeds into the Law of Attraction.


It’s almost impossible.

You have to be involved in some sort of enterprise where the more you work it or can set goals to get ahead, the bigger the potential payoff. Certain businesspeople can do this by leveraging assets to buy companies or competitors, or maybe those in already high paying professions can leverage part of their large incomes to branch out. You know, like a wealthy surgeon who buys up lots of real estate to increase his passive income not related to his regular profession…

Regular people need to get into something like network marketing, direct sales, drop shipping, affiliate sales, or some sort of way to generate income apart from their job.

NOW you have believability that can jumpstart the process and also allow the Universe to bring more abundance through a believable channel.

So when you are watching movies like The Secret and the Aussie business guy talks about getting more checks than bills, you don’t sit there with your head in your hands saying to yourself, “But I only get ONE check and it’s a paycheck from my job!”

Get it?

I hope so.

It’s not rocket science.

So, if you are ready to enter the world of extra job income producing activity and get the Law of Attraction on your side, look around my blog. There’s plenty here to awaken your abundance potential.

Look around this blog at the many articles for inspiration and ideas, okay?



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