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Law of Attraction Money Code

law of attraction

Many people wonder if there is some law of attraction money code that the people who created The Secret, or any of the law of attraction gurus, are holding out of sight of the general public.

You know, show em the movie, get em all hyped up, then let em wonder why it’s not working out.

There is something they aren’t telling, and it’s making a lot of people frustrated.

If you watch that stuff, you’ll come away believing that wishful thinking is all there is to it.  I mean, they make that pretty much the message through the entire thing.

Okay Secret watchers, how’s that workin out for ya?

They tell you part of the Secret but not the whole thing.  You see, the Law of Attraction is partly wishful thinking, part positive thinking and positive outlook, mixed with some action taking and intelligent maneuvering, and sprinkled with a dollop of taking responsibility.

Well, maybe I’ve been a BIT unfair.  There is a part in the movie where Joe Vitale says that he’s going to get a little in your face about your attitude and that you have brought your misfortune upon yourself.  He’s absolutely right there.  All of your negative thinking and doing really DOES affect your situation, but for very real and believable, and provable, reasons.

You see, when you are negative you are in a bad mood.  When you are in a bad mood you really do push people away. Your body language does that and your attitude does as well.  If you are negative and complain a lot, who the heck wants to hear that all the time?  Many people will naturally repel from you.  It might be your soul mate or prospective business partner who you are repelling.  How would THAT affect your future?  You might end up pushing away your happy life partner or a business associate who’s collaboration could make you both rich.

Think about it.

It’s believable and anyone with common sense KNOWS it’s true.

Think about it this way.  Dave Wood of Empower Network (the guy int he video way down on this page) was telling a similar story.  He was talking about how it’s no wonder that everyone is signing up with the rich affiliate who is talking about how great everything is and the guy who is complaining on his FaceBook wall all day about how no one signs with him then wonders why no one signs with him and everyone is signing with the rich dude.

He’s right.

I mean, who is going to sign up with a bizop with some sour sack who is complaining all the time?

No one!

That sad sack guy knows the Law of Attraction, but sadly, like most people, he’s doing it in reverse.  He’s attracting failure daily by his negative attitude and complaining.

That’s what most of us do, isn’t it?

So that part of The Secret is correct.

The parts that they really gloss over is the taking responsibility part and owning your positive and negatives.  You earn it and own it all, positive or negative.

There are some other more new agey things  that they leave out, and if you want that you’ll have to go read up on the works of Arnold Patent.  Arnold really explains it all in great detail in several of his books.  If you can find his audios they are great as well.  I’ll tell ya what, if you associate with me I’ll get you in on some of that.

But really, for now, I wanted to really impress upon you that the law of attraction money code is really not some secret code.  You have had it in you all along.  Whether you believe it or not, it works as any natural law works.  Attitude and belief go a long way to really manifesting everything in your life, and that also extends to the law of attraction money code.

If you are negative and down on yourself is anyone going to hire you?  How will that affect you money situation?  Not very good, will it?

There are powers at work here just out of sight that you can’t prove with science, but you can prove to yourself if you take the time to really get in touch with your inner self and your deepest thoughts and beliefs.

It’s like anything with money.  The reason why that entrepreneur wanna be that Dave Wood mentions doesn’t get any sales or partners goes beyond his bad attitude that repels people.  It also translates into not working very hard.

How hard are you going to work if you don’t really believe that success is possible FOR YOU or with the method that you have chosen to attain that success?

Not very, right?  You might show up for awhile, but if you don’t believe it’s really going to happen, you’ll get lazy and start to put things off and not put the proper effort in.

You’ll eventually give up since, after all, it’s not going to work anyway.

It all becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of failure when you are negative and you are attracting failure through your poor action.

The law of attraction money code can work in your favor when you really believe that you will make it.  You ahve to believe it in the same way that when you show up and do your work as part of a job that you KNOW that you’re going to get paid.  You see, when you have a job you know that you’re going to get paid for whatever hours you put in or the job you do, but too many people don’t believe it when it’s not “guaranteed”, as it can’t be guaranteed when you’re in business for yourself.  Of course the potential payoff is MUCH greater if you do succeed, but that isn’t enough to carry most people through the hard times and the self doubt.

You have to believe all of this about the law of attraction money code – it’s a code that you can crack if you just believe and really become that happy positive hard working entrepreneur or whatever.

It’s all true, whether YOU believe it or not.

I hope that I struck a nerve or made you think twice about this stuff.

Leave a positive comment below and let’s talk about it some more.


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