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Karatbars International – What’s in the Karatbars Compensation Plan for You?

Karatbars international is a multi level company that blends together the proven business model of network marketing, or multi level marketing, with precious metals investing. The Karatbars compensation plan is how reps get paid.

In this industry dominated by vitamins, skincare, and other things of that nature, it’s refreshing to see one that is outside the norm. While we already have insurance and financial services represented by the likes of Primerica, Karatbars went for the obvious thing that needed representation, and that is Gold investing.

Gold is that age old yellow metal that is treasured as a hard currency in uncertain times when people lose their faith in non gold backed fiat currencies, namely the U.S. Dollar and other world currencies that may not be backed by any real tangible wealth item like Gold.

Not everyone understands gold investing or why you might want to invest in it or own it outside of jewelry, but it’s still GOLD, and Gold is known by and treasured by all, from Kings to beggars.

Everyone knows what Gold is.

The Karatbars Compensation Plan, or, How You Get Paid Selling Gold

As with any network marketing or direct selling operation, if you associate with Karatbars, you are not an employee, but a representative. You are an independent contractor, or affiliate, of the company.

This Karatbars affiliate program pays representatives in two ways.  The Karatbars Compensation Plan is a two tier structure that assures that those selling will get paid in some way, if they produce sales.

Karatbars free, or Basic, Pay Plan (Unilevel)

Those Karatbars affiliates who decide to stay within the Unilevel Karatbars compensation plan will only get paid from the sales they make on their first level of sales. Of course they get paid on package sales too.  So, all of the customers and new affiliates that are brought in or recruited by a free member will be placed in their first level. These Unilevel affiliates are paid on the first of each month.

Karatbars Paid Pay Plan (Dual Team)

The Karatbars Dual Team System is the optional way to earn extra income from the overall Karatbars Compensation Plan. All of the Unilevel members that the affiliate recruits, you know, the ones from the Unilevel side of the plan, are included on the Dual Team side, with one large addition.  You also get access to other individuals brought in by your upline.

To be eligible to be compensated with the Dual Team system, you have to purchase at least one package one time. The packages vary in expense and their names are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and VIP. The more expensive package that you buy, the more you will have the potential of earning within the dual team system. There are no monthly or recurring fees, and if you start out with the cheaper package, you can always upgrade later to a higher priced one. Buying once will qualify you for life, and you get paid on Fridays for your earnings.

karatbars dual system

karatbars packages


Are There People Who Don’t Earn in the Karatbars Compensation Plan?

Of course!  This is the same as with any other network marketing, direct selling, or MLM system.

You have to get new recruits or customers in order to earn, and you sales ability and ability to convince people of the soundness of the investment and business opportunity will directly correlate with your success within the program.

There are plenty of people who were formerly in this program, and any other program out there for that matter, who will complain all over the place about how they didn’t make the money or how they were scammed by the Karatbar scam. Are you going to believe that everyone else’s experience is going to be the same as yours. Everyone has different abilities and drive. Motivation and work ethic matter, so don’t get sucked into the negativity of others.

Many negative reviews are either sour grapes because the person failed and needs to justify their failure without self blame, or they are promoting something else and need to trash the reviewed company as a scam in order to lift their own item higher. Be careful. Wealthy Affiliate reps seem to do this all of the time. They’re fake reviews and they have a lot of people fooled judging by the comments on their marketing blogs.

We can show you the ins and outs of making the Karatbars system work for you without the silliness of normal network marketing tactics that fail for so many.

The first thing that you need to do is to learn how to become a Top Producer in your business, since without that, you will fail. Once you learn these core concepts and strategies, any plan that you decide to use becomes workable.



You’ll have that unfair advantage over the legions of other representatives and affiliates who have NO CLUE what they are doing.

You’ll be positioned to win!

Tell us your concerns below.

P.S. – Karatbars, like any program that is primarily promoted online, can benefit from a real system that gets the business out in front of as many eyeballs as possible. The Internet is this great expanse, and you could never get to everyone on it in ten lifetimes, so if yo have a working Internet promotional system, you could sell almost anything online with much less effort than you would if selling face to face.

Learn how I and a few select others do this using a proven system that is providing regular people, all promoting their own unique mix of online businesses, with multiple paychecks per week as a result of putting a marketing system into effect.

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