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Isagenix Compensation Plan Doesn’t Fail to Confuse

Isagenix Compensation Plan is a Binary Builder’s Dream

The Isagenix Compensation Plan explained here is somewhat confusing because it’s a binary plan that values both individual and team sales.

I’m sure it’s great, but trying to grasp some of these mlm compensation plans is tough since they’re all different and they get real creative.

First off, what is Isagenix?

They sell what is believed to be high quality nutrition, skin care, and detox products like shakes that help you lose weight. People generally buy the weight loss shakes, lose some weight with the shakes and the accompanying diet, and then put their before and after shots on social media like FaceBook. THis gets others interested in the products for their own weight loss goals, and then many of these customers learn they can promote and make money so they go in for the opportunity. At least that is how I have seen this particular company and its products promoted.

People are of course encouraged to keep using the products, so they get on an autoship. Everyone you recruit and they recruit is also a built in repeat customer, hopefully.

The bottom line with any weight loss thing is, if yo stop using it and go back to your old habits you put the weight right back on, so there is a built in incentive to keep using.

Isagenix must be offering something alluring to other network marketers, since many top Mary Kay and Arbonne International people left their respective companies to pursue success with Isagenix through the Isagenix compensation plan.


The Isagenix compensation plan utilizes a binary pay structure, which means that a team builder or leader hast to build 2 legs of their team. The volume in each team leg is tracked monthly, and they only get paid when the two legs match in volume.

Consultants have a login to an internet back office where they can see a sales tracking system which they use to keep tabs on and monitor their monthly volume.

The binary system promotes good team building and offers the ability to pass new recruited team members downward, which helps these leaders keep their downlines healthy.

There are no limits to how deep in the structure that you can get paid on, but sales volume has to be balanced. Promotions also come as a result of this working properly.

The binary payment system has a weakness in that if one of these team legs os weak and falls behind, then the team builder doesn’t get paid and also doesn’t allow their steady promotion to higher levels.

Isagenix Compensation Plan Offers Four Ways to a Payday

1 – Commissions on retail sales

Everyone starts as and is a distributor of the Isagenix products. This means that they sell the products to others and can do so from the day they by their first kit. These Isagenix distributors earn somewhere between 30-100% on every item they sell, which is tied to the markup level that they use. Clever customers can shop around if there are many Isagenix reps in the area or the FaceBook group.  The company recommended markup is twice the wholesale cost, which equates to a 66% markup.

2 – Bonuses

Isagenix offers 2 kinds of bonuses in an effort to bolster team growth. First we have product introduction bonuses which are awarded to a distributor when their new signup buys one of the Isagenix start up packs. The type of kit purchased determines the size of the bonus earned. Second type of bonus is an executive matching team bonus that is paid to consultants on their team leg volume. The bonuses are designed by the company to encourage the Isagenix leaders to train their downlines, which encourages team growth. This ends up causing distributors to earn a better income even if the team legs grow at varying rates.

3 – Promotions

Isagenix promotions come in four levels. They are Associate, Consultant, Star Consultant, and Executive. There is a Circle of Success that determines how the Executives are ranked.  Each promotion level provides a guarantee for leaders to get a higher level of payment and compensation that reaches deeper into their downlines.

4 – Incentives

Isagenix News (they have their news organization!) is used to announce special incentives to motivate Isagenix leaders.  Associates that do a certain level of volume product sales, sign up a certain number of new member associates, or get qualified in other ways by becoming what they call an Isagenix success story, can earn cash bonuses, free products, trips/vacations, and other gifts as an incentive to do better. The incentives described here are always for a limited time, which creates a climate of urgency and encourages a period of rapid team building.  Many other network marketing businesses and mlm companies use a similar strategy.

Here are two graphics that can help to illustrate some of this a bit.

Here is the global Isagenix compensation plan illustrated:

Isagenix Comp Plan 2017


Here is the Success Roadmap:

Isagenix Compensation Plan

Isagenix Compensation Plan Ropdmap


Isagenix Salaries in Review… Did you say “Salary”?


Well, it’s not like a corporate salary, since this is a sales position. Duh.

As with any network marketing company, and Isagenix is no different, they get criticism because much of the wealth seems to pool at the top while the new distributors bust their butts for little payout. Isn’t it the same everywhere?

I mean, it’s the same where you work now, isn’t it?

Well, with one big difference.

You can choose to work harder and make more, which you probably can’t do at that salaried job you work at.

So, suck it up, buttercup.

The average Isagenix associate earns a paltry $707 per year, while consultants earn about $2113 and Star Consultants earn about $15,175. That’s hardly job killing income, but it can help add to an existing income or be a help when the stay at home mom starts earning that.  So don’t turn your nose up at it.

The big money comes in at Executive levels but not from the start. Based on their Circle of Success (reminds me of the “Circle of Trust” in the Ben Stiller movie, Meet the Parents) they can make anywhere from $40k to over $2 million per year.

That’s some spread!

As with anything, how hard you work it determines how successful you’ll be with the Isagenix compensation plan.

Isagenix Compensation Plan associates income

Now, we get to the real point of this article.

How are YOU going to Become an Isagenix Success Story?

You can choose to market the way most do, just bothering your family and friends the way network marketers have been told to do for decades, or maybe you’ll run a hotel party or two in order to get some local buzz started, or maybe you’ll just plaster your affiliate website they provide for ordering all over FaceBook and social media…

The way everyone… else… is.. doing….

Just look at the retail profit on these products. It’s not THAT much money, even with a high percentage commission.  You really need to move A LOT of product to make any money in most network marketing gigs, and Isagenix is not different.  Of course if you end up building a large organization under you, then your profit will go WAY up since you then are separating your time from your earnings, and leveraging the efforts of other people on your behalf, but most people will NEVER get enough people in or sell to enough people, simply because…


We all only have so many friends and family in our warm networks.

With the popularity of network marketing as another way to earn an income, and the advent of the internet and social media like FaceBook, most people have been exposed to several network marketing programs, product lines, and opportunities already.

They’ve already been prospected… maybe several times.

Many of these people are already jaded by the time YOU get to them.

Sorry, but those are the sad facts.

Many people fail at MLM.

Does that make this a scam?

Many negative reviews are either sour grapes because the person failed and needs to justify their failure without self blame, or they are promoting something else and need to trash the reviewed company as a scam in order to lift their own item higher. Be careful. Wealthy Affiliate reps seem to do this all of the time. They’re fake reviews and they have a lot of people fooled judging by the comments on their marketing blogs.

Some people with certain personality types, the types who are “Type A” personalities who won all the popularity contests when in school, are the ones who will excel even using the old methods. (but even they can do much better using these methods that I am introducing you to)

But what about the rest of you? The rest of us?

Fortunately there’s another way to do it.

You can either flounder and flop around like a fish out of water…

Or you can choose to educate yourself in the ways of internet marketing and learn how to recruit interested strangers from the internet and have your automated systems follow up in your behalf and keep them interested from afar.

You can connect with so many more people this way, and it’s your content that is doing the connecting before you even talk to someone on the phone or meet them face to face (if at all).

Okay so this all sounds interesting.

“Tom”, you might be thinking, “how do I learn about this internet marketing thing?”

I’ll start off by saying it’s not rocket science. You just have to learn about some necessary tools and how to use them.

Watch me wrap a generic business opportunity with PLS and show you the power that you can yield and how this plus the Internet and some web traffic can turn your recruiting fortunes around.

You need to invest in your marketing system training and education, and then you’ll have to take action by putting your training and tools to use.

All the training and tools won’t help if you don’t use them.

You’ll have to get a blog like this one you’re reading, which is tailor made for internet marketers, and you’ll get your direction from me and the system once you get inside.

Don’t worry, there’s full quick start video training on how to use the blog and what to blog about.

If you’re coming in to help promote and grow your Isagenix business, then you can really hit the ground running and create specialized content and articles about your use of the products and your friends’ use of the products, success stories, etc.

Once you have a good body of specialized and optimized information on Isagenix and your business, or even on just you with Isagenix as the “reason”, you’re on your way to attracting people to you from all over the internet.

Let’s just do a for instance. If you’re into the Isagenix detox shakes, you can make a blog about whatever active fitness lifestyle that you have, and Isagenix fits perfectly into that to keep you in tip top form.


You just have to appeal to a niche market that can use your products, and you have the seeds to a never ending supply of hot fresh leads for your business!

The FIRST step in all of this is to get your blog built on a platform DESIGNED for this exact task.  It’s WordPress powered and backed by a professional network, IT, and security team that will take care of the technical details and leave you to create your blog(s) and content in order to further YOUR business.

That’s what it’s all about.


If you want to be successful in your Isagenix business while squeezing all that you can from the Isagenix compensation plan, then you have to get serious about marketing and go for that huge market, and leave the amateur FaceBook marketers to their tiny slice of pie while you take the cake!


P.S. – Just remember that no matter what your primary business is, that you need to get it in front of as many people as you can, and using the nearly limitless expanse of the Internet is the way that you should be doing it. Learn how I get my traffic which gets me leads and sales in any business that I choose to promote with it. It’s not hard, and you can do it pretty cheaply in the beginning and use your profits to scale up later.

I wouldn’t steer ya wrong and this is working for many people, not just one or two!

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  • Jami July 25, 2016, 11:15 am

    Totally agree targeting a warm market and belly to belly is a sure fire way to fail but as one of those Star consultants with Isagenix I can tell you your interpretation of the compensation plan and binary system is incorrect.

    It’s actually easier to earn a substantial income with Isagenix if you have the right system and support than with other companies. Maybe that’s why so many are jumping ship.

    • Tom Connelly July 28, 2016, 10:06 pm

      Prove where I’m wrong. Other than that. Good luck with Isagenix.

      BTW, if you want to learn from the BEST, and I mean 7 figure marketers who earn without actually selling (no joke) then you have to check out this gig. You can use it to make any business, including Isagenix, go BOOM! for you.

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