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Is the Younique Compensation Plan Unique?

younique compensation plan

Many people are wondering about the Younique compensation plan.

Younique was formed in 2012, so it hasn’t been around very long, as compared to older more established names like Arbonne International, a competitor. But, maybe newer means that the Younique compensation plan is better than the others? Not so fast.

Younique, however, does have some of the internet stuff right, and provides replicated websites for new associates, which it later charges $10 a month for, so that they can direct online prospects (usually from social media like FaceBook) to the page to capture orders.

Here’s some more information.

The first part of the Younique compensation plan are the levels and commission percentage based on how much product is sold, and how many levels deep it all goes.


They say:

Our Younique Royalties Program™ (compensation plan) is not only generous, but also one of the easiest to understand, and to explain to your prospective team members. Our greatest desire is that you become successful in your Younique business venture.

younique compensation plan

Younique Compensation Plan 2017

Younique has also rolled a Trip Incentive into their overall Younque compensation plan! I couldn’t find anything in 2017 about the car incentive.

That all sounds fine and dandy, but what can the average person really earn?

Well, as if you couldn’t figure it out, it all depends on how much you sell.



Remember, percentages sound great, but how much does the average consumable cosmetic product cost?


You do a lot of work for not a lot of money, so volume is key.

Expected Payout
After Selling $1,000 of Products$151
Expected Payout
After Selling $10,000 of Products$2,401

Given the designated startup kit price and base commission, a consultant’s expected revenue after selling $1,000 worth of products is $151, which is roughly average for this market.

After selling $10,000 worth of products, the expected revenue would be $2,401, and this payout is better than the average payout.


So there you have it. While the Younique compensation plan is great on paper, just look at how much you have to sell in order to make anything decent.

It can all be expanded with more personal sales and also a larger organization under you that is consistently producing sales which you get a percentage of.

How does one accomplish that?

Younique Direct Sales Coupled with Internet Marketing

If you’re not using the leveraging power of the internet to build your Younique business, then you aren;t really building your business effectively.

I don’t mean just FaceBook here.

Its sad, but most network marketing folks, and that is what Younique is, only know FaceBook when you mention “the Internet”.

I’m here to educate as many people who want to know what else is out there, that there is a WORLD of internet and internet marketing techniques available to the Younique presenter who really wants to build that business fast.

But Doesn’t Younique Provide a Website for Presenters?

Uh… yeah, but it’s a canned website for ordering that every other Younique presenter has.

How boring is that?

How is THAT going to make you stand out?

If you just spam that all over FaceBook and everywhere else, how successful do you think you will be?

Not very.

Just ask the legions of Younique presenters all trying to make money with the Younique compensation plan how successful they are just handing out the link to their ordering website on FaceBook.

People get numb to that garbage, quick!

A long time ago, network marketing used to work really well by chasing your family and friends, and then herding them to hotel parties and home parties.

That may still have some limited effect, but so many people are now so numb to those techniques, that it is getting harder and harder to build in that fashion, especially for new people with no confidence or success track record.

So, many will fail. Does that make this a scam?

Many negative reviews are either sour grapes because the person failed and needs to justify their failure without self blame, or they are promoting something else and need to trash the reviewed company as a scam in order to lift their own item higher. Be careful. Wealthy Affiliate reps seem to do this all of the time. They’re fake reviews and they have a lot of people fooled judging by the comments on their marketing blogs.


Is there another way to conduct the Younique sales pitch?

Yes, via internet marketing coupled with BLOGGING.

You’re reading a blog right now.

This is a very effective way to reach people via Google and other internet searches, and also its a great tool to be able to point people to.

It works for me 24/7, and it can work for you too.

You first learn how to know what people are searching for online regarding your topic of choice, which is this case is Younique, but it can work for anything.  You do that via search tools.  You then set up your blog, write content that is about that topic, and you optimize the content for that topic.

With me so far?

Don’t make your blog about Younique itself, but about YOU and your exciting lifestyle, or about a popular interest topic that pairs well with the types of products that Younique is about and the types of people who are naturally attracted to a company and product like like what Younique is.

You also need to set up an email auto responder to capture emails and contact them on your behalf, sending them new material periodically and to keep in touch.

These tools are essential, and that already gets you halfway there to being a real internet marketer.

You’ll be heads and tails above the other Younique direct sellers.

I’ll show you how to create content and blog in the best way possible, but you have to use a blog platform that is geared towards network marketers and internet marketers, without any special terms of service that restrict commercial intent, like the free ones out there do.

You’ll also be better off just paying the small monthly fee for this blog and not having to worry about all of the technical snafus involved in self hosting your own WordPress blog.

This blog IS WordPress powered, so we’ve got you covered.

You can learn about that at the link below if you want to know more.

Younique  Sales Growth via the Internet

Once you have established a viable online presence via a blog and your suite of internet tools, and an internet marketing system, you can then do the volume that you need in order to make the Younique compensation plan work for you, and make the kind of volume sales and recruitment levels that make that plan really pay well.

Watch me wrap a generic business opportunity with PLS and show you the power that you can yield and how this plus the Internet and some web traffic can turn your recruiting fortunes around.

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P.S. – Just remember that no matter what your primary business is, that you need to get it in front of as many people as you can, and using the limitless expanse of the Internet is the way that you should be doing it. Learn how I get my traffic which gets me leads and sales. It’s not hard, and you can do it pretty cheaply in the beginning and use your profits to scale up later.

I wouldn’t steer ya wrong!

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