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Is the Primerica Compensation Plan for Real?

primerica compensation plan

Primerica Compensation Plan for Financial Advisors

This article wishes to address concerns of those searching for information about the Primerica compensation plan.

The modern Primerica was started when a Georgia high school football coach named Art Williams decided to sell life insurance via the network marketing business model and that became A.L. Williams.

Eventually it became Primerica and that was bought by Citigroup, which gave it a variety of other financial products that were “in house”,  and then in turn spun it off as an independent subsidiary.

That’s the gist of it.  I may not have the timeline exact, but that is pretty much how it evolved.



Primerica representatives, as a part of the Primerica compensation plan, make 25% on all financial services sales that they make. This of course is after paying for the $99 startup kit, paying for any state insurance and financial services exams, and getting licensed, since this is a regulated sector.

As you promote and get further up in position in the company, you can increase your commissions from 25% to 70%. You also can make a 10% override on the sales of people who you recruit and train. So, if you become a Primerica senior representative with a large organization under you, that’s when you can start to make the real money.

Primerica Careers

This graphic will give you an idea of the Primerica compensation structure and the Primerica promotion levels.

primerica compensation plan



And here’s more on the Primerica compensation plan…

primerica compensation plan


…and how they claim to help families with these financial needs…

primerica compensation plan



What many people don’t know about many network marketing companies is that you really have to work your butt off just to make not so great money in the end.

According to Roosevelt Cooper, in order to make $500 a month you would need to sell Primerica life insurance to 4 individuals, or two families, every month. This greatly contrasts with Primerica’s recruitment claims which typically state that you can make $1,000 dollars a month by selling to one family a month or working a total of 10 hours (Cooper, 2013).

They also tout a possible $60,000/year income. Well, I don’t know about you, but I can do better than that in the regular job market without the sales stuff. I know it can be appealing for those without college degrees and in areas with depressed salaries, though.

Now I’m not here to bash Primerica. It’s a real company offering real products and they pay their agents. The Primerica compensation plan is real indeed. It’s just that, as with any traditional network marketing setup, the commissions are small for the amount of work done. You can be wooed by the Primerica pay scale if you’re just looking at that, and not thinking about all of the work involved or the rejection that you may face from prospects.

I want you to realize that you will be driving around meeting people, getting them to agree to talk to you about their finances during the Primerica kitchen table presentation, and then competing with their existing finance person who already has them hooked up with insurance and financial services. The other finance person will badmouth Primerica and YOU. They will call you a scam and a pyramid scheme, and then you’ll have to overcome all of that fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) that they’ve sown in your prospects’ minds’.

Now, that’s just to sell people the products. Trying to recruit people as sellers is bound to face even more suspicion and/or resistance.  Imagine you rattling off these Primerica recruiting scripts.

Is that where you’ll make most of your money?


You’ll have to figure out who to sell to and who you’ll also want to prospect to get into the business as a partner.

Then there’s the hotel meetings and house parties

As with any network marketing deal, after you’ve gone through the making as list if family and friends to mine, you’ll have to call them, make appointments, overcome objections, and then hope that they keep their appointments as you drive to them in order to do your thing.

After all that work, there still no guarantee they’ll buy or join.

Now that’s the same pattern you’ll face with ANY network marketing program, except with Primerica you’ll have to go to courses, pass a state test, and get certified first.

Now look above at that likely Primerica compensation plan I quoted above.

Is that really a good use of your time?

On a maybe?

Sorry, but I am just tellin it like it is.

So, most new reps in any MLM fail.

Does that make this a scam?

Many negative reviews are either sour grapes because the person failed and needs to justify their failure without self blame, or they are promoting something else and need to trash the reviewed company as a scam in order to lift their own item higher. Be careful. Wealthy Affiliate reps seem to do this all of the time. They’re fake reviews and they have a lot of people fooled judging by the comments on their marketing blogs.

Market Your Primerica Business

I’d much rather use the internet to get interested parties and then let my automated tools do all that work and deal with any rejection.

Watch me wrap a generic business opportunity with PLS and show you the power that you can yield and how this plus the Internet and some web traffic can turn your recruiting fortunes around.



I’m getting at ways to duplicate yourself and your material leveraging the internet.

If you really want to promote Primerica life insurance and financial services products, there’s a way to do it in which you can dramatically increase the number of people whom you can reach, to a point that you’ll have a leg up on many other recruiters.

I’m talking about creating your own Primerica blog and structuring it so that you pull in people from the internet who are already interested and searching for information.

That’s right.

This is a better approach for recruiting as opposed to selling the financial services, but you can have two blogs, or section the posts into their own categories.

How professional would you look if you had a real online presence that discussed the benefits of the Primerica Financial Services as well as Primerica careers?

You could use this to pull leads from the internet who’d you’d NEVER connect with offline, and you could point local prospects to it for information, presentations, calendars of events, or any other relevant information.

You then use other online tools that you hook into this to keep in touch with your email list that you build from that site.

I know how to do all of this and I know the materials that you need in order to accomplish all of this, and turn yourself into a top producer in the Primerica niche.

Many reps build in one location and then when they feel they have reached their local limit to how much they can make from the Primerica compensation plan, they think about relocating to another region to build an organization there as well. This is old fashioned leverage. Using the Internet is new fashioned leverage without having to go anywhere else.

The first step is getting the blog and creating your online presence.

Make the blog about YOU, not just about Primerica.

Make it about YOUR BUSINESS and what you do.  I don’t know if Primerica has rules against their agents using their name in homespun marketing materials like blogs, so make sure you check.

Either way it wouldn’t be an end game for this strategy.  You would just have to be careful how you mentioned them and get creative.  For example, if they did ban you from using their name, as some companies do, then you could write a blog about YOUR financial services company (your local agency), maybe some general articles about Primerica and how great they are, and then you still use that to market you and your business.  You could even write about the topic of financial services and investing, and tie your business into it.

The ways are only limited by your imagination, so get creative!

You will, over time, rake in the leads from the internet, using an automated internet marketing system which you create a custom campaign for your main business, which in the case of those reading this article, would presumably be Primerica.

The rest of the online internet marketing strategy and tools, and how you set that up, you will learn from me when you get into this fantastic blogging platform that you will use to market yourself and your main business.

I know how to market online, and I have been in this business for some time, so I understand the tools and how to set them up.

I understand blogging and content creation, and what you need to do in order to build a blog that gets ranked in Google and how to target and optimize your individual blog articles to line up with what people are specifically searching about in Google.  Every month, every week, hour, day, and minute – all the time.

So, are you going to go it the old fashioned way?  …guaranteeing that even if you manage to make some real money in the Primerica business and become one of the Primerica success stories, that you will never have enough time to yourself ever again, between the three way calls and many Primerica opportunity meetings and training new people.  Of course some of that goes with the turf, but with a well oiled internet powered marketing machine behind you, you can forego a lot of the local people chasing and false starts when you market to a cold market of people vs a warm online market who is already searching for YOUR business.

Primerica is a real company, a real opportunity, and they really pay, if you can perform up to par and sell enough product while recruiting enough people who will duplicate your success.  Without that, you will fail before you get out of the gate, and you will be one of those people who feels like you were scammed.

Don’t be one of those people.

Learn how to market your Primerica business online, starting with a professional looking blog presence.

The choice is yours.

Which will it be?

P.S. – While you are building your Primerica business, wouldn’t it be great to have income coming in from online promotions to help you with your bills, marketing fees, and overall confidence when talking to prospects and clients?

It’s no secret that the average Primerica rep earns next to nothing while they are working their way up. Why not learn about Internet marketing programs that work, with minimal effort, to provide you with the breathing space that you need while you work on your Primerica compensation plan dream?

It’s not hard, so find out. Finding out is free, and you never know what you will learn.

You can partner with me inside our system and learn effective ways to market Primerica, or any opportunity, online, without all of the in person chasing uninterested people and running yourself ragged in the process. We have all sorts of training included, and you can use the tools to market anything online, learn internet marketing and attraction marketing, or even learn how to market the tools themselves online as a second income stream to your main network marketing opportunity, or even itself as the main opportunity. Your choice.

Just don’t go at it alone by the “trying to sell to friends and family” methods that most Primerica uplines preach to their new reps, because that is a sure fire way to fail and end up in the MLM ditch feeling used and abused.

Go to the partner page and learn about a real internet marketing system that will teach you a skill that outpaces all other sales skills, THEN worry about marketing Primerica or any other network marketing opportunity once you know how.



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  • JoeM December 14, 2015, 10:15 pm

    Those images are not Primerica compensation, they are ANC.

    The compensation levels are:
    25 – 143.25% on insurance products
    25 – 75% on investment products

    This is the highest sales force compensation in the entire financial services industry.

    Average compensation per client for part-time writing agents: $876.
    Average compensation per client for full-time writing agents: $1792.

    • Tom Connelly December 28, 2015, 10:48 pm

      Point me to a more accurate graphic that I can use then… It still pales in comparison to what you can make in an online MLM, which is my ultimate point, but I do want to be accurate here.

  • Sarah May 31, 2016, 2:13 am

    Those graphs are not from Primerica. The first one is clearly an ACN chart and the second one isn’t Primerica either.

    • Tom Connelly May 31, 2016, 7:24 am

      Sorry about that! Grabbed a few others and quoted the source.Couldn’t find on Primerica’s site, so had to seek other sources. If you can find on their site please send me the link. Thanks.

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