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Invest in Yourself or No One Else Will

It’s time to invest in yourself.


You. Moi. Numero Uno.

Why am I taking the time to tell you that?

Because so many of you have no clue what it means.

Too many of you out there have grown satisfied with the status quo.

You work the same dead end jobs.

You have become accustomed to…




It’s true!

Listen, whether you are a Phd or a high school dropout, there is ALWAYS room for improvement and things that you can do to make you a better whatever.  Many people used do that by enrolling in the local community college and taking some courses in something that they HOPE will allow them to get a better position in the job market.

Have you seen the job market lately?

Yeah, that fugly thing.

I hate to tell you, but no amount of classes are going to help you with that.  I’ve known people who did that.  They went back to school in the hopes of breaking into a better career, but most people aren’t hiring and the ones that are aren’t paying very well.  It’s sad, but that ship has sailed.


Bon voyag-ee.

You have to get creative and think of other ways to invest in yourself and make yourself worth more.  I say yes we all have to do the job thing to pay the bills in the meantime, but LEARN a new trade, a new SKILL SET, a new SOMETHING that will allow you to start taking in more in the form of a second income.  The goal should be to get the second income going and build on that until it starts to pass the first income and then becomes the ever growing income.

You then want to automate that as much as possible so it can run mostly on auto pilot.

Then you can branch out from there and create other income streams.

I never said that it was going to be easy.  You have to put up with lots of garbage.  You have to make the time to learn and to take action.  You have to overcome the constant complaints and badgering of family members who want your time because they don’t see the results yet and hate feeling like they’re second fiddle to your little “hobby”.  It’s tough.  There will be tired mornings from late nights the night before.  There will be emotional ups and downs due to arguments with the significant others and others who are close to you who will constantly hot you with complaints about your time, warnings about what they heard about your industry from third parties, maybe even they’re angry that you even want to break out of the “security” of having a real “job”.

Then there is the self doubt and having to have faith in yourself and patience that it’s going to happen if you keep at it and don’t give up.

Yes, these will be trying times.

The basic investment can be as large or small as you want.  It comes in the forms of everything from self help and motivational books, to instructional and course videos, and every manner of learning material that you can get your hands on.  It will take some time and concentration.

The investment is ongoing and never ends.  Yo have to be willing to make yourself a perpetual student.

You have to be willing to never stop learning and finding ways to create new skills.

Then you have to take action and do something with those skills.

Hey, the investment in yourself is only as good as your willingness to put the knowledge and skills into action in the pursuit of your ultimate goal.

Then you have to keep at it and never give up.  You have to be willing to keep on keepin on and adjust when things go wrong or not as planned.

You have to be flexible.

So, get learning those new skills and learn how to recognize opportunity when it knocks.

Just remember that if you don’t do this for yourself that no one else will.

No one will take the time to learn all of that for you and believe me they won’t be there when you are struggling to pay the bills or make ends meet because you never took that time.  They won’t be there when you retire poor.  Then will come out the questions of why didn’t you do anything about it when you had the chance. Sure, THEN they’ll ask that.  The same people who never supported you during the struggle.

Then again, maybe you’re blessed and have the kind of people who appreciate and recognize that drive and that desire and you’ll be free to pursue it and go for that ultimate investment unhampered by the stuff that I just mentioned.  If that’s the case then you REALLY have no excuse to not go for the gusto and invest in numero uno.

I hope that you feel that YOU are valuable enough to do that.

That those who you love are valuable enough for you to do that, even if you have to overcome some of their rejections and doubts.

Either way, you’re ultimately responsible to and for yourself, and YOU’ll ultimately be the judge of your life someday when you look at yourself and your life and either wonder why you never tried, or are satisfied by the success around you or at least by the fact that you tried as hard as you could and don’t have to wonder why you didn’t try, didn’t invest, didn’t learn, didn’t take action.

It’s your choice.

That’s what I wanted to say in this post.

Never give up on you and always put the time in to better yourself and your situation the ways that you know how.

You might be surprised where the path leads you.  You might meet someone who changes your life by the friendship and collaboration that you develop.  You might find the business partner and motivator, the success workout partner, that you always needed to get that success.

I’m just saying, you never know, and you’ll NEVER know unless you take that chance and learn those skills, invest in those courses, buy those books, and get those tools that you need to make that dream a reality.

It doesn’t matter if the goal is a second income to take the heat off or a career change.

The thought process is the same and the journeys are remarkably similar.

The common denominator is YOU and what you do with the chance.

Don’t take those dreams to the graveyard.

Invest in yourself.

Whether you ultimately succeed or not, at least you’ll know that you tried your damnedest, and damn the naysayers and killjoys along the way.




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