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Revshares – Revenue Sharing Advertising Companies

Note: Revenue sharing advertising is a great concept, but unfortunately the space has had it’s share of greedy company admins who aren’t satisfied making a living and have to rip people off.

So, evaluate each revshare on its own merit and put your ear to the ground on social media to see what the consensus is on any one revshare.

They can be a valuable source of advertising and revenue producing action, but be careful.

Traffic Exchanges & Safe Lists:

(If You’re Broke Start Here)

You should be in every one of these if you’re serious about generating online leads and also generating income to buy paid traffic to build your business. You need to join and become active. Take a small budget and buy one or several units in each and build from there, AND promote your referral links after that. Are you serious about making it online or just jerkin’around?

Note: You will need a way to buy traffic services and these companies don’t accept PayPal. So, get a Payza account or a Solid Trust Pay account for a payment processor, and get a Coinbase account for a Bitcoin wallet. Don’t mess around. Register for all, it’s free. Write down your userid’s passwords, and security answers for these sites and keep in a safe place.

Again, the payment processors and services in lieu of Paypal are:

  1. Payza
  2. Solid Trust Pay
  3. Coinbase for Bitcoin


The Advertising Earning Sites:

GMA – This things got amazing potential and it’s already a proven money maker and traffic generator, with a killer affiliate program too! It’s a payback traffic program.

Check it out and account creation is free.
You’d be SILLY not to take advantage of the traffic and the profit potential here!!!

I believe that we have found something that is truly remarkable here – a one year old program with an impeccable owner that has been paying average people like 90% of the population with little to no marketing experience as much as $10,000 per day…

NO B.S. !

After watching this short video you will understand why and how this is even possible.


My Paying Ads – Yes this is a revshare and for our funnels it’s partly taking the place of Trafficmonsoon in some of our funnels – especially the Broke Man’s funnels that help people on a budget build up to the point where they can buy better and more traffic and ramp up their online business into the big marketer’s league. This revshare is a really good one that works! Watch the video to see what it’s all about and then sign up for free.

Update: MPA really cheesed off many people by changing their terms and payout, and instituting monthly fees. so the above was written before that.

Future Ad Pro – This is the advertising revshare part of Future Net. The revshare traffic exchange is a great way to get your links in front of other online business people and entrepreneurial types, and many of them like following the shiny ball and going from op to op, so maybe if you are there your op can be the next one they jump to! (This one is still rock solid!)

Traffic Hurricane – A new dynamic revenue sharing traffic exchange which is growing at light speed. This is growing FAST and is a great place to get traffic exposure from. The target audience here is already into online and bizops so you can think of them as already kind of a targeted audience. If you are in the online or network marketing space, you’d be hard pressed to miss using this audience. You can geo-target as well, which may be important if your bizop has certain geographic limitations. You simply purchase an ad pack, which is called an upgrade position, and surf your 50×5-second ads daily in order to be qualified for the revenue sharing pool.

As matter of fact it’s proving to be a VERY effective source of leads so join up if you know a good thing. I’d be glad to have you aboard as an active referral.  There are people tearing it up and literally changing their situation with this site alone. Video presentation here.

Update: The owner of Traffic Hurricane annoyed lots of people and his #1 affiliate with change of terms and fees and stuff, so be careful with this one.

Ads Team – Another great revenue sharing (revshare) ad source for you to use to leverage both traffic and the whole payback advertising concept. One of my most trusted mentors is all in this so it’s one that is good and you can trust it. Watch the video at the link to learn more, then sign up on the spot. Signup is, as usual, free.

My Daily Cash Machine – Another top tier traffic advertising revshare for you to take part in to drive traffic and take part in site revenue sharing through the purchase of ad packs and getting referrals who earn you income through site purchases.

Leased Ad Space – This is a novel concept where you have a VERY responsive user base that can get you signups, and this is coupled with a VERY lucrative affiliate program where you can get paid on 7 levels of membership packages.  The membership packages offer various levels of Banner Ads, Text Ads, and Solo Ads for the price level. If you want some really solid traffic for a great price (at 7 levels) then you owe it to yourself to check this out.  It’s HOT.

Clickintensity – I found this one by accident while researching a fellow marketer who is getting great results using YouTube videos to get leads. He posts his stuff here and Google seems to love it. I’m still classifying this so it might end up in another section. For now, create your free account and learn about using it to create more exposure for your websites, videos, and overall business.

There are LOTS of other sites out there but these above one I just mentioned are the primary ones that I use.


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