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Internet Marketing is Becoming More Pertinent to Many Industries

internet marketing

I was reading this Forbes article about how internet marketing will affect several industries in 2015 going forward.

Snap! Wow, if that ain’t true I dunno what is.

I’m gonna summarize this right here.

Social media is out there and every company needs to get a presence in some form on multiple social media outlets. It’s a great way to connect with customers and create a positive message. I would add something that the author forgot, which is that the companies would want a competent social media representative since this is interaction that can go bad if not handled properly. People will complain online, post smear campaigns against the company or the products, or just seek to get their own attention. Some will hijack the posts to place their own ads to your customers. It’s something that needs to be handled the proper way. Don’t just hand it over to some intern.

Mobile advertising seems to be attached to real estate and product/service oriented industries, but any industry that needs to advertise can find a niche in mobile. With so many people on their devices, it would be remiss to not have a mobile budget or strategy. Not only remiss, but downright unforgivable, I’d say.

Targeted ads seem to be paired with real estate and retail, but they basically admit that all industries can benefit from this. You can target any demographic online, so why not tailor your ads to the people who you want to appeal to?

SEO and content marketing remains important for getting your sites to rank well in search results, and content matters more than just keyword density. Duh, any SEO or nerd up on things knows this.

Content needs to be streamlined and rewarding to your visitors. This is just another way of saying that you need to provide VALUE to your visitors and they’ll appreciate it and come back for more, and they might buy something while they’re at it. They cite service industries like legal and finance for this, but I say that it goes WAY beyond this. It makes me wonder about what this Forbes writer is thinking. Anyone who is selling something can benefit from this knowledge if they act on it.

We now come to visual content like info graphics (infoGFX), video, and pictures. They mention green companies, waste reduction, large manufacturers, healthcare, food, and realtors for this. Of course it’s nice to mention a few industries that can use or benefit from this, but anyone online who wants to promote online needs to use visual content to market since the Web is a visual medium as much as a text medium, more so for this generation of TV addicts.

Last up is real time marketing via social media and Twitter. Twitter is social media but Twitter has that real time Tweet aspect that just makes it more immediate than a Facebook post. You see this on TV networks a lot, where they place their scrolling social feed below the main event or program. Hey, it works. You get your audience engaged and talking about it. This creates more electric and more buzz around the event and hopefully the products showcased. If you can make it go viral, all the better! The viral aspect takes the investment and basically exponentially increases the return, or ROI, on the advertising. Industries mentioned are diverse, singling out snacks and estate sales, which seems pretty weird to me. Snacks okay but estate sales? Really?? What about media companies, fashion, music, gadgets, etc? C’mon Forbes, get with it.

The last bit states that each company needs to pick and choose which media is right for them and that fluidity is key, with no concrete path that anyone must follow. I think that is sound advice. Internet marketing is something that each company needs to come up with its own strategy that suits their culture and target market. I’d say media companies and companies like Apple have mastered it.


So there you go, an article about INTERNET MARKETING in a big business magazine like Forbes, showcasing how all of these big industries NEED it. That means that if YOU learn internet marketing well that not only can you run your own independent business promoting whatever you promote online, but you have a skill set that is negotiable with all industries. How does Director of Social Media Strategy sound? Catch my drift?

The best way to learn internet marketing is through a range of courses that you can learn at home and it’s a one stop shop. Check out the clickable pictures around this article for more information there.

Or you can just get a marketing system that works…



So many people have no idea of the importance of internet marketing in today’s world, but they should know that the internet has become this major enabler of business and transactions, right? So there you go. Learn internet marketing from the masters who have already made this their industry. The likes of Forbes and brick and mortar business are just starting to catch up. We’ve been there and will continue to be there for the foreseeable future.

We ARE the Internet.

Got it?



Really though, I wanted to see the news on internet marketing and I hit the jackpot with that article, since I wanted to convey to people out there that internet marketing is a real thing and it’s a serious thing that no one should scoff at. Anyone who wants to be a player today needs to know this stuff, and the best way is to get blogging and marketing on the internet and then learning about the material in the back office training in their new Power Lead System account and then start blogging with the Power Blog. Learn all about these at the Power Lead System Portal page in this site.

Hey, you can either learn the skills of the new leaders, or be left in the dust for good.

It’s your choice.

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