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Internet Marketing and the Online Lottery Mentality

lottery mentality

I see it all of the time.

The lottery mentality of many people, both those on the street and those who are, or who think they are, looking for a way to make money online.

How can you chance your success to a lottery mentality?


Most internet marketers are part timers who are learning this new skill and who still go off to regular jobs. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some of the most successful online marketers have done that. Someone like Lawrence Tam is a great example of that. Before he was making over $100,000. per month online, and even up until he was making 5 times that offline, he held onto his $50k/year engineering job as a security blanket and because he found it easy to do and it was an extra $50k of guaranteed money. Not all of us are free spirits who skateboard in our free time. Some of us have families and real obligations… like mortgages, and children. So yes, many part time and aspiring internet marketers who are learning still work those regular day jobs… for now.

Why do I mention that first? I mention that because these are regular people, and regular people do things like play the lottery. Regular working people are street smart and are wary of other people and their motives. They also do foolish things, like taking a lottery mentality into the world of internet and online marketing, and internet commerce.

That mentality is one that looks to new shiny objects at every turn. They have short attention spans and if what they are doing isn’t paying or paying big immediately, they are off to the next thing, the next program, like a flash. Realize it or not, this is how lottery players are. They “play” at something, which is short, and when it inevitably doesn’t “pay out”, they are onto the next game or strategy. Today it’s the Power Ball, tomorrow it’s a rub off game, the next day it’s the Pick 3 because, hey, the odds must be better because everyone is playing the Power Ball, etc.

Catch my drift here?

This is what many would be online marketers do. They buy into a certain program, then they are off to a matrix, then it’s a cycler, then a traditional MLM, and onward to the internet again, etc. They go from program to program hoping to… you guessed it, get rich overnight, with little or no real work, and when that doesn’t “work”, they are off to the next thing, and the next thing.

Another related behavior of this set is that they are cheap. Yes, just go do your keyword research or look at some of the requests on Facebook groups dedicated to this, and you will see that many people search or ask for information on programs that are free to get into or so cheap that they may as well be free. Part of this is the fault of many of these so called “experts” who advise people who are looking for ways to increase their income online to never trust anything that requires a fee in order to make money because of course that isn’t a job. Duh. Of course it’s not a job. If you are looking for a job then get a job, but if you are looking for a new profession and to conduct real business online, you need to invest in yourself in order to learn what you need to learn about the business.

I actually get angry when I read these experts in these large publications who paint with this broad brush. Haven’t they ever heard of what it costs to start any traditional business? Why should starting a new profession be any different? You have to buy courses and learn then, which is equivalent to buying college credits and studying. You have to buy tools and other things in order to do business, which is comparable to buying a location and a place to do business in the offline world. You have to INVEST in yourself, your skills, and your presence.

So, when I read these lottery mentality people who think that they are going to find a real paying thing that doesn’t teach, doesn’t have products, doesn’t have an infrastructure in order to get an online presence to do business… I get a little angry and I also laugh at the inevitable end result. People who feel betrayed and who either join the legions of online failures who then think that all online business opportunities are scams and shams, based on their failure, or people who will be onto the next thing, and the next, and the next, without giving any a chance to really work. Actually the second set are worse in a way because they never do the initial research that weeds out the wheat from the chaff, and also that weeds out the truth about any legitimate program from the lies spread by the first group. You know, the ones who never really did it the right way or who invested in themselves, failed, and now blame the company of the system when in fact it’s their own fault that they never made a commission online.

This is all what ran through my head today as I waited behind a lottery player who was wasting $27 on lottery tickets. She will most likely, according to the odds, lose her money. She forks it over without any return other than a chance at winning. She gets no real product or knowledge in return. She learns nothing about setting up a blog, or about internet SEO… She gets nothing. The same person, and I don’t know her but I am confident it holds true most of the time, if offered a $25 per month blog that has a better than average chance of making her lots of money in return, would turn it down as a ripoff or potential scam, and then fork over how much per week on useless lottery tickets.

So that is the state of affairs that we live in.

As online marketers, we have to learn the skills to separate the lottery players and short attention span people from those who really want to make a living or a second income online, and who are willing to do the learning and the work necessary to produce those results. These are the people who will work and learn, buy the necessary tools,  and do it until they succeed, without blaming others if they don’t make it. They own their failures, and in the process they set themselves up to own their success.

They are the winners that we want on our teams.

They are the future of this multibillion dollar industry of rough and ready doers and action takers.

So which group are you in?

Tell us below.


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