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How to Make Money with a Blog

So you want to know how to make money with a blog.

There are a few ways, and the amount of money varies greatly between them.

Some people make over a hundred thousand a month.

Others, less, but still life changing money.

It all depends how you cash in.

how to make money with a blog


The most obvious way is to have a blog as a home base and build a readership.  That readership is then groomed to love whatever you are selling.  It can be everything from fan merchandise about your blog to pointing them to stuff you sell around your blog theme.  In order to do the blog fan merchandise stuff, you’ll need a serious blog with serious readership and lots of fan appeal.  You’d have to be like a celebrity.

Another thing is if you have a blog around a theme, like making tasty jams and jellies.  Well, in that case you might come out with a cookbook for jam and jelly recipes, or maybe you sell your own jams and jellies and some theme merchandise.  In these cases you are establishing a brand and trading on the popularity of your brand.

Get it?

You’ll have to be patient though as you build your readership.

You’re not going to be making big money right away.

A third way to pay the bills while you are building your readership is to have those context or other ads embedded around the blog, so that when people click on them you get a few cents per click.  If you have high enough traffic then it might give you some operating capital or help you with your operating expenses.

For a setup like that you’ll have operating expenses like internet domain name, web hosting, and whatever else goes with that.

Welcome to business.  It’s not free.

Now there you go, with some variations notwithstanding, those are the basic ways of how to make money with a blog.

Another less capital intensive way to start is to start a blog and write articles on topics that you know people are searching on.  I can teach you how to do that. You seek out what they are searching on that has less competition and target those terms so that you have a better chance of your material ranking better in the search engines.  Of course even this takes some time, but if you’re good you can start ranking for the less traffic terms right away, and if you turn out LOTS of blog posts optimized around these things, you can start pulling in some decent traffic in not too long a time.

Okay so there is the traffic strategy in a nutshell.

Then you have to get a blog.

Well, as I said earlier setting up and running your own comes with expenses and time.

Running with a free service is a BAD idea since they can boot you off at any time and those free services come with fine print and many are anti business, except their own business.  They just want you to be a broke hobby blogger.

Then there is a service that is built for people who want to just pay a small monthly fee for a blog and an affiliate account, use the monetized blog to pull in the traffic while exposing them to these high paying affiliate offers, and that’s, as they say, that.

Simple concept and it works.  You have to work it but you have to work anything so why not something that requires the least overhead, worry, stress, and has a potential high payout??

Or, you could start with a self hosted WordPress blog, fill it with great content, and use free to join affiliate programs that you work into the topics that you write about.

It’s all true.  It’s all real.

It costs you nothing to click there and just find out about it.

If you think it’s all bull then move on.

No problemo, compadre.

I’m telling you that this is probably the easiest way for the average person to finally learn how to make money with a blog, and the money can be big.

You take a chance on the lottery, why not something that requires some effort and creativity?

The best part is that the blog has tools to help you get creative and figure out what to write about.  I don’t have the problem coming up with ideas but many people do, so if you’re one of those don’t worry.  It’s there to help.  This blog is built on WordPress but it’s full of great features and it’s hosted in a great place.

Keeping it running isn’t your worry.

Just create content and then show others how to make money with a blog once you know how.

You’ll know the secret sauce.

I’ll send you to many articles I’ve written around this subject too, since you’ll be on my team within this freedom zone.

I’m a 20 year technology industry veteran, so I know all this technical stuff much better than the average person, so you’d be in good hands.  I actually still work technology contract jobs because the money in New York City is so good, but i still make time to do this and make a second income since I never put all of my eggs in one basket.

Join me and plenty of other people from all walks of life who just got fed up being dependent on one source.  Some were unemployed and climbed out.  I’ve been there several times myself so I know the drill.

Learn how to make money with a blog and you’ll have a skill that is only limited by your own imagination and willingness to bang out information from your keyboard.

There is NOTHING better than this anywhere, and the company is about to enter another explosive growth stage.

Get in now, or be sorry later.

Do it.


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