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How to Get Paid Online

There are so many people out there on the Internet trying to figure out and searching out how to get paid online that I had to write something on the subject.  There are ways.  Lots of people have figured out how to get paid online since there are several ways that you can accomplish it.  I’ve written lots on the general subject already, but since you found this article I won’t simply point you to another source.

You have to find your comfort zone.  I know where mine is.  Mine involves not having to sell to family and friends.

Wait a minute.  Did I say “sell”?

Well… yeah, homey.

You’re always selling something.  Whether it’s goods or services, if you want to make money you’re selling.  The only other way is to work a “job” and really you want to stay FAR away from those since with those you are mainly trading your own time/labor for money.  When it comes to selling goods you can always outsource the manufacture of the goods or use something like drop shipping or reselling, so you aren’t creating the goods, but you are selling them.  It’s not linked to your labor on a one to one basis, and that’s good since you can sell much more than you can actually make yourself and hence make more money.

You can make money creating and selling your own crafty stuff on sites like Etsy, but the problem there is that you have to make the stuff yourself, usually.  If you can get someone to make the stuff or you know where to buy craft stuff and resell it then again you aren’t bound to just what you yourself can make and you can make much more profit.

This all holds true for ANY kind of goods selling online, and in any kind of venue, whether it’s a third party site, your own site, etc.  You are better off with a site like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc since they get TONS of traffic and visitors, where your own site needs to mature.  You have to get your own  traffic, and still you might end up with no visitors or sales.

Another way is to use your own content to pull in people who are searching for answers to whatever they are looking for, and then give them answers in a way that increases your chance of getting paid.  You can do this by blogging.

Another way is through affiliate marketing.  This is when you become affiliated with a large company that is selling something, and you basically agree to send prospects to that company.  When the prospect, or lead, turns into a sale, you get paid.  This is a very lucrative way to make Internet money.  You can concentrate of free advertising methods like social media, fee ads, video marketing, article marketing, or blogging. Blogging is probably the best long term solution but it takes some time to sit out there and mature with the search engines, but the payoff can be huge when your content is sitting out there for years pulling in the free leads.

Network marketing and MLM is another popular way to work for yourself.  The thing about this sector is that it exists online and offline.  For offline companies, think Amway, Arbonne, Primerica, etc. There are also companies that have merged their offline model with online models that allow representatives to send people to websites via codes links, much the way online affiliate marketing companies do.  Most network marketing gigs though work through old offline methods like making people to people relationships through social media, face to face, home parties, and family and friends prospecting.

To take a step backwards, you can always consult or sell your knowledge about a particular skill, or sell that skill itself (like digital art) inline, but then you’re back to trading hours for money.  You can make some nice side cash this way, but you’ll never make the big money doing all that work yourself, especially when you factor in all of the competition from other parts of the world via sites like Odesk and Fivver.

You have to learn first.  Get a marketing and leads system that has full online training and put it to work. This is getting started right and learning how to do this online the right way from the get go.

Another thing that you can do is learn how to blog.  Learn about things like keywords, Google search, SEO.  I can point you to my own great info sources on that, but first you really need to get a blogging system that is built for anyone to start blogging the same day without having to worry about setting it up yourself, or buying web hosting, or anything like that.  Of course I’m pushing you into getting into my team with that, but if you get on my team you’ll also learn loads of information that took me years to learn and will  put you that much ahead of any other newbie who decides they want to start publishing information online in order to get leads and build their business the right way.  If you are interested, check out the video below this article to learn all about that.  I promise you that the video will be entertaining AND interesting.  It’ll also teach you how to make a great living online while wearing nothing more than however you dress to go to bed at night.

How to get paid online doesn’t have to be a complete struggle. Of course it takes hard work and dedication, and patience, but you’re not going to make a great living unless ou are transferring value to someone.  Stop the lottery mentality and looking for some sit back and do nothing solution, because I can tell you they’re nothing but a pipe dream.

I can tell you that if you learn how to blog and do the required up front work to learn what people are searching for and write about THAT, in time you will build momentum and pull in the leads into your business.  If you want to know what the business your blogging is pulling people into, then watch that video below that I told you about to learn all about it.  It’s that simple, sit back and watch the wild haired millionaire tell you how to do it.  The guy is fantastic and he’s really a brilliant communicator.  I’ve listened to hours of this guy’s material and believe me he’s a genius.

So get to it,  Learn how to get paid online using this fabulous internet.  It wasn’t created to make people a living, but like the printing press, it is transforming humankind, and setting lots of people free from the doldrums of having to work regular jobs or rely on a measly small salary to get by.

You can learn how to get paid online if you learn the skills that will allow you to do it.

It’s not rocket science, and this stuff here was created specifically so that anyone can do it.

It’s a system.

Use the system.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Follow me and lots of people from all walks who have.

Everyone from police offers, coffee baristas, former accountants, lawyers, IT people, etc

Do it.

Watch the video.

Over and out.


Learn How to Get paid online…. NOW!




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