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How to Get More Instagram Leads Through Growing Your Follower Base

How Do I Get More Instagram Leads?

Instagram is a powerful little social network that revolves around sharing pictures and tiny video clips. You wouldn’t think that it could be used for marketing, but people are using it to get Instagram leads and to push traffic to websites and get leads that way.

There are people using this social network with great results in building their brand and also pushing people to affiliate and other products, selling their posts to businesses (when they are large enough to do so), and using it to supplement their other online properties (blogs, etc).

Learn some Instagram leads basics as you read on.

Getting followers is the first step when it comes to Instagram leads, since without followers you have no audience, and no Instagram leads to add to your subscriber list.

Set up your account and create a username that identifies with your brand.

I recommend making it more about what you want to portray or what business activity that you want to assist people with, rather than placing it solely around some third party company.  Also, be careful in case any of your target businesses have rules around others (i.e. “you”) using their brand name or trademarks in things like internet domain names or social account names.

There are people out there who are driving people to their marketing funnels using other brand names, however, so while it is something that you may want to be careful of, I would be negligent if I didn’t mention it.

There are people who are branding themselves as success or online coaches, or people who have material that can educate and assist other marketers with improving their lead capture techniques. They create Instagram account names around who they are targeting, and they usually have multiple accounts names after each business group they are targeting.  For example, if they are targeting Primerica reps, they might have an Instagram account name called “GetMorePrimericaLeads”, or if they are using another account to target Arbonne consultants, the same person will have another Instagram account called something like “MoreArbonneLeadsDaily”. Catch my drift?

Most people don’t know if having all of these accounts really works in the way that you would imagine.

Why not just have one account branded to yourself as a coach or leader and then you can have individual posts hash tagged to whatever individual business you want to target for that post?

I have not seen anything written specifically about the difference between these two approaches.

I have noticed the same success and marketing coaches using many multiple Instagram accounts to target individual network marketing or other internet marketing business brands’ participants by naming the different Instagram accounts after these individual businesses as I described above.

It’s obvious, though.

Duplication is where the strength of that approach lies. They can target specific niches with specific Instagram accounts and catch Instagram leads from these niche areas multiplied by how many Instagram accounts they are using.

They can tailor their posts to that niche.

What these coaches do is usually push people towards an affiliate opportunity that they are marketing.  So, it’s not even their stuff that they are pushing people towards.  There may be their own branded content that they use, but ultimately the game USUALLY means pushing Instagram leads into a sales funnel for an affiliate deal that they are mainly promoting, and sometimes they are promoting several, which also can explain some of the different accounts that they have set up.

Let me explain this nuance a bit.

The same success coach might be promoting a lead generation system, a blogging system, or some other online success or education tool that is geared towards online and network marketers, and, let me repeat, they may use the different Instagram accounts to not only appeal to a specific market segment or consultants with each particular company, but they can easily redirect the leads from each of those accounts to a different thing that they are promoting, or cycle them over time to expose all of these people to the various programs that they are promoting, but with so many accounts, they can effectively send leads to each system all of the time.

It’s pretty slick, and smart.

Okay so with that, here’s a good list to follow.


The Instagram Leads Formula to Grow Your Follower Base

1 – Share photos that people will tend to like or identify with.  Think about that. If people don’t like your photos or they are of things that people won’t click with, then you’ll get no engagement and you won’t end up with more followers.

2 – Post at a time when people will most likely see it in their feed. Unless you’re on Instagram all of the time and post all of the time, you will want your photos in people’s feeds either just before work in the morning, because many people tend to check their feeds before then go to work or just after getting up in the morning, before they start their morning routine.  Another great time is the rush hour home or just after most people will get off work in the evening.

3 – Choose hashtags that will get many eyeballs on your photos.  While you can use lots of hashtags on a photo, the general advice is to limit the number so it’s not a whole block of text. Some popular tags are #love, #instagood, #me; #like, #follow, #cute, #photooftheday, #tbt, #followme, and #tagsforlikes.  If you are looking for people in a specific geography, like, say, New York City, then hashtags for that will make more sense. Those could be #nyc, #newyork, or #newyorkcity. If you are looking for people in a certain business, then things like #realestate, #sales, or #amway might make more sense.

4 – Make sure your Bio is complete.  Make it make sense and have a call to action, like clicking on a URL that will take them to your website, blog, or lead capture page.

5 – Follow other people.  Hey. if you want followers, then you have to be willing to follow others. It’s just how things work. When you are engaging, then others will tend to engage more with you. Some people have an automated thank you message with photo go to new followers.  Some think this is a clever touch that makes them look more professional, while others think it’s overkill.  Use your judgement.

6 – Ask a question on some of your photos as the caption.  Research suggests that questions seek answers, and answers equal engagement, and engagement can equal a lead going to your profile link.

7 – Use the location feature (Add to Photo Map) to place another URL.  It’s not clickable, but if it’s a catchy URL then perhaps someone will be inclined to type it into their browser to see more of what you’re about. What is the location feature. Under your caption area when you are creating an Instagram post, there is a location area (Add to Photo Map) where you can enter in a geographic location, presumably where you are posting from, and the post will show up on the map. Well, you can create a custom location here by typing in a URL.  Some people place Emoji icons in with the URL text just to make it stand out more. (I think Instagram may have clamped down on this one)

8 – Share several or several dozen, but not several hundred photos per day. You know, keep it to a sane amount. Nuff said?

9 – Use image editing software to alter your images before posting to Instagram. You don’t have to do this with every one, but adding a URL or a comment to the photo itself is just good policy. It makes yours unique and they stand out. Adding your own amusing memes is great, and if you have a small URL in the corner, if people repost your memes all over the place, your URL gets more exposure too. Plus, they are less likely to get stolen by other users.

10 – Use Filters. Instagram has a bunch of filters that will customize the look of your photos, so use them once in awhile.  That is one of the things that made  it popular so use it because people apparently like it.


So, Where Do I Send These Instagram Leads?

One of the best places that you can point people to, from Instagram, is your very own lead capture rich blog.

You can rotate your Bio link URL if you want, or you can even put in a rotator link that will automatically send people to a group of URL’s, or you can spread several different URL links across several Instagram accounts.

You can do it your way.

A great place to send them to is a blog that has all sorts of useful articles that engage your audience. You can have how to articles, witty commentaries on industry happenings, lifestyle articles, or whatever works.

You can embed video into your blog posts to add an extra dimension to your blog.

The blog should be within a WordPress powered marketing friendly lead grabbing profit center called the Power Blog.  The Power Blog is included in the full Power Lead System marketing powerhouse. Check out the features here.

You can also push people towards a lead capture page, also known in the industry as a squeeze page.  You;re squeezing their email address out of them so you can follow up with them as you are sending them to a video or some sales page to view. This way if they don’t buy, you can have a chance to sell them later through followups and other offers.

A lead capture page is not the focus of this article, so when I get a post on that I’ll link it here.

You can send them to any site that you want, but it should be YOUR site.  What I mean is that not necessarily your affiliate replicated site, but some site that you created within whatever framework that you are promoting.  Now you can send them anywhere.  I’ve sent people to replicated sites, but usually while I am either building or trying to get some time to build out a custom entry to the opportunity that I am promoting. As I am writing this article I have an Instagram account out there doing this, but that’s only because I am building up the follow base and still haven’t found the time to build out my custom presence for that particular system. So, use your judgement.


Instagram Leads, Who Would Have Had Imagined?

So there you go. You can generate leads through Instagram, but only after you get a sizable follower base, which takes some time and effort on your part.  There is no magic formula. You have to put in the time in order to get it to where you need, and if you have multiple accounts, times that by how many you are building up.

It’s only posting pictures, though. It’s not digging ditches.

I’ve worked hard labor jobs in my life, so believe me, this internet stuff is a cake walk compared to working with your back.

So what are you waiting for?

Get to it and build your Instagram follower base.

Bookmark this blog for updates of other primo material that I am right now conspiring to produce, just for you.




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