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How to Get MLM Leads and More Network Marketing Leads

mlm leads

MLM leads…

Network marketing leads…

This is the life blood of your business!

So how does the average network marketer get more leads for their business?

Let’s be clear here, MLM and network marketing are pretty much the same.

It’s usually a multi level structure (binaries, unilevels, insert silly name here)  and in addition to whatever product(s) or services you are selling with the business, you need to bring in new people in order to grow an organization and get a piece of whatever business is generated within that organization of people who you bring in and people who your people bring into the business.

Most network marketers are told to recruit from their warm market of family and friends.

This is generally a BAD IDEA and BOUND TO FAIL.

You don’t want to hassle your family and friends because as much as they may love or like you in real life, that will quickly fade when they see you trying to pull them into something that they may have little to no interest in getting involved with.

Some may humor you, some may avoid you, and some may disown you.

MLM leads are best gotten from a pool of people who have ended up on lists because they have been looking for such things, or they have bought into such concepts in the past. If they have bought, then they are a buyer who already has demonstrated their willingness to actually pay for information in order to improve their situation, and that is the best kind of lead there is.

So where are all of these hot MLM Leads? They’re on lists that are compiled by experts in finding them, and they are then cultivated and you can buy “clicks” from these lists, which means that your offer can be emailed to these great leads and they have the chance to subscribe to the offer that you are sending.

Now let’s get something straight here. Many newbies think that if they mail to one of these lists that they will be getting sales right off the bat. Well, they might, but they might not. That’s the rub in human nature. No one can predict the opt in or buy rate of any list segment, and that is just fact. I have mailed to these types of lists and sometimes I get a few sales right off the bat, and other times I don’t, but you never get a huge percentage of sales from first time exposures (to your offer).  So, if you think that mailing to these lists means hand over fist first exposure sales, you need to ratchet down your expectations.

Email marketing is a NUMBERS GAME, first and foremost.

Now, email marketing as I have described so far is mainly an “internet marketing” type of thing. That means that people who primarily market over the internet use these methods to connect with and build a list of responsive buyers for their offers.

This article is geared towards network marketers, which many times have a very similar business model, but know Jack crap about internet or email marketing. 

Hello sunshine! Time to wake up and grow!

Network marketers sell their company’s products and services and also look to bring new reps into the company to sell the same. Many internet and network marketing opportunities have these two pillars – products/service and bizop.  Not all do. There are internet marketers who stick to selling products and services only, but network marketers are pretty much the first example. It’s even in the name NETWORK marketing. You are creating and doing business with a NETWORK of people.

The paid leads source that I am highlighting here is geared mainly for network marketing and other MLM type of business opportunities. The guy who runs it has groomed this list for that, and he is the one that you want to tap for leads that are the most friendly to network marketing types of offers.


Why not get MLM Leads on Social Media?

Why not just do Facebook and the face to face marketing methods?

They seem to work so well for many people.

Do they?

Most people out there are faking it and not making nearly what they want you to believe.

The ones that are really killing it on social media have a following that they built up over time, and they have real success to point to that keeps that following growing. (or they’re just naturally likeable, popular,  and charismatic… dontcha hate em?)

The newbie needs success and what we call “social proof” (displayable, believable success signs and income proof) before social media can work for them.

Most people have the mistaken idea that it matters who they join any given business “under”. This leads to sponsor shopping, which is beyond stupid, but I don’t want to digress

It doesn’t matter who you join under since most sponsors don’t teach their top secret success methods anyway, and that they rely on their following and past success to foster future success, and 99.99% of their new recruits will never have this, but most people continue to think it matters who they join any bizop under.

The only thing that matters are how good is the bizop and how good are you at promoting it.

People seem to have a herd mentality and most people, even online, are pretty good at telling the real deal from a bullshitter.

Sorry, but thems the sad facts.

If you want real MLM leads and want to hit the ground running by tapping lists of people who are on those lists because they have already proven themselves a good lead, or a buyer, then you need to tap that list too.

Sure, it costs, but you can surely eek out a small marketing budget from somewhere and send to people on that list regularly.

The whole thing here though, is that this is not a lottery.

You have to be consistent.

In finding MLM leads, Consistency is the key

If you plan on just buying some traffic once or twice hoping for a miracle, save your money.

Email marketing only works over time, building your list of people to follow up to, if you are consistent.

Too many people get into this industry with the lottery mentality and fail, only to start preaching that it’s all some scam, meanwhile others who are consistent are making handsome livings doing it, because they are not lottery mentality morons.

If you can get that consistent marketing budget, and you have a decent online sales funnel and marketing system with a contact manager and email followup capability so that you don’t squander those leads (hint hint look at the link below this article for that system, which is also a bizop in and of itself that you can use alongside your main bizop to have multiple income streams on auto pilot …  ka-ching!), then you can make it and get to the point where social and other free lead getting method start working because you have real success that you can point to for all the clueless people who think that they need to join someone successful in order to be successful in network marketing or internet marketing.

If you are into internet affiliate marketing or a mainly non traditional network marketing gig that can utilize any interested business seeker from the internet, then my main traffic page can offer many other alternatives for your lead getting, as well as some methods to fund this activity through internet revenue sharing traffic exchanges and such.

So get to it.

Most struggling network marketers always ask where to look for sales and recruits. I’m giving you a top notch source.

You’re welcome!

Get a budget and get some leads!


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