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How to Generate Leads for Network Marketing

This is a story that gets repeated often… too often for comfort.

It goes something like this.

Let’s talk about a fictional but representative guy named Bob.

Bob will stand for every man or woman who enthusiastically joins an MLM or network marketing program and tried their hand at making a life changing income in their spare time.

I mean it sounds great, doesn’t it. You get invited to a meeting or a product party, and the products are pretty cool, right?

They can be anything from plastic food and drink type of containers and utensils, to health and beauty aids, diet aids, or anything.

There is an MLM for anything.

You name it.

Precious metals investing, online sales tools, life insurance and securities, and wine…

Yes. Wine!

Okay so Bob is brought on-board to one of these opportunities because whatever product or service he was shown totally blew his mind, and then he is told that hey, if you just share this great ting with other people you know, you can not only get paid for what they buy, but if they join and share it with their circle of family and friends, you get a piece of that action… and this can go on several levels deep in some of these companies.

Compensation plans and models vary.

So there you have it.

It’s THAT easy.

It’s THAT hard.

I don’t know what is worse.

The fact that the new recruit is so into this and knows to their core how great it is and how it can answer all of their prayers, or the fact that not everyone sees these the same way.

If more people were open to these things and participated vigorously, the money flowing in and around the industry could multiply exponentially and many more people would be successful, but sadly it doesn’t work that way.

For every person who “gets it”, most of the people around them don’t.

Many have been in and experienced the difficulties, and frustrated, they quit.

Others don’t just quit, but they figure it’s all a scam of some sort because they couldn’t make it work.

It’s silly, because if the majority of these things were indeed scams, there wouldn’t be those people who join with the same starting status and go on to be superstars in the industry.

I mean, scams don’t pay their people. There are scams but the majority of these companies aren’t scams, at least not in a true sense of being set up as a fraud with the intent to defraud and not pay out, and run away with the money.

Anyway, I don’t want to go too far down that rabbit hole because that isn’t the purpose here.

I just wanted to touch on that as a problem.

So, the industry still instructs new recruits to make a list of their warm market of family and friends.

A warm market is made up of people who know you, vs the cold market of people who don’t know you from a hole in the wall.

Most people go through this list, and sometimes they get lucky and find some people, but the overall success rate here is dismal at best.

Most people end up pissing off their warm market and turn that warm market cold.

Only the most charismatic beautiful people succeed there.

You eventually have to figure out ways to tap into other people’s warm markets and that’s where house and hotel meetings come into play.

I’ve been to the house and hotel meetings, and that is so 1990’s.

This is how some people would generate network marketing leads in the past. (many still do)

I can still see the large conference room at local hotels and their banquet tables and chairs set up with those corny guys in suits that you know they don’t wear every day, flashing fake Rolexes and trying to act all slick and rich and, you know, put on the success show with little asides and inside jokes thrown out there within ear shot of the attendees in an attempt to build hype and such…

Yup, seen it.

Alright how do you generate network marketing leads in the modern era?

All that stuff can work for local crowds.

Placing local ads, getting a crowd into a room, giving a presentation and handing out materials, gathering contact info and following up.

It’s also a LOT of grueling grinding work chasing people around after the dust settles.

People nowadays don’t answer their phones either.

They screen calls.

Okay, so you have to find the people who are already looking.

You can do that in a number of ways, but you really should employ many ways and use an overall plan.

Companies and offers that are internet connected and friendly are best here, but you can do it with any opportunity where you can train someone without having to be face to face.

You automate the process using online tools that combine text, images, videos, and automated followup.

Okay okay that is how you gather the leads but how do you get them?


But how to generate the leads for network marketing?

  • You have to have a blog, write many articles on the subjects using many combinations of searchable keywords that you KNOW people are searching for because you research what people are currently searching on and then you show up in internet searches for these phrases. Simple high competition phrases are hard to rank for, but complex long tail keywords are easier to rank for. Use natural language to write and use lots of related keywords blended perfectly into your writing so that it is perfectly natural to a native speaker of the language that you are writing in.
  • Make YouTube videos about the subject. Record demos, talk about the lifestyle, talk about you success stories or the stories of mentors or teammates.
  • Do the social media thing with Facebook and the other social networks.
  • Comment on topic related discussion forms without being spammy. Adhere to the rules around where you can put your link back to your websites.
  • Place your website links in traffic exchanges and places where opportunity seekers congregate and many of them are looking for such things.
  • Find a way to build a marketing budget and buy paid marketing – paid online advertising to targeted leads will give you the best results of any of the methods out there.
  • You can learn about various forms of paid advertising on my paid traffic page, and in there is a source that is perfect for network marketing, or MLM leads.

Get the tools that I mentioned earlier that will allow you to create alluring lead capture pages and online presentation sales funnels that will also automatically follow up with leads via email. There are free versions, there are low cost versions, and there are full blown monthly fee versions which will instantly turn you into a pro online marketer. Just make sure that you actually watch and re-watch the training and then TAKE ACTION, since if you don’t put it into practice and keep doing it over and over, you won’t succeed.

I believe that the internet route for how to generate leads for network marketing is the most effective because you can reach so many people this way very quickly, and you don’t have to deal with personal rejection when someone doesn’t see in it the same potential as you do.

They simply unsubscribe.

I was listening to a recorded talk by a rich internet marketing guru, and he told a story about this guy who was a truck driver many decades ago, and he was in one of the first network marketing programs. Maybe it was Amway, I am not sure. But he traveled with his driving job and he got the brilliant idea of creating print materials and video tapes of marketing presentations and he handed them out in his travels.

Sound a LOT like internet marketing, doesn’t it?

He was VERY successful and ended up rich, because he saw the power of having automated systems perform work that he couldn’t, over and over, even when he was sleeping.

So, get yourself an online base, like a blog, create content, get a marketing system (entry level: free | mid range: low cost but powerful | full blown with everything and blogging) with all of the bundled tools (I have one that has a blog built in too!) and then get your various free methods of marketing going, and build yourself a budget for paid marketing.

Rinse and repeat.

Take action.

NEVER give up.

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