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How to Ditch Hotel Meetings and Kitchen Table Selling Sessions for Good

I got an early introduction to the network marketing world when I was in my twenties.  I’m now in my forties.  What I can say is that it wasn’t for me.  While I loved the idea of making great money without the confines of a regular job, I couldn’t bare the idea of selling to people.  I take face to face rejection personally.  My brother is a pretty successful network marketer, and his personality is the opposite.  Rejection doesn’t phase him, so he was well suited to it.  It always bothered me though that I couldn’t cut it.  I really wanted the lifestyle.  I liked the people and the entrepreneurial spirit, but I can’t do the face to face selling and marketing over the kitchen table thing.

Another thing is that network marketing usually relies on you prospecting your family and friends list.  Well, since my brother was into that, guess who prospected the family?  They were already hit up by him, so me coming along wouldn’t really work now, would it?

The darker side is that some started to shy away from him because they didn’t want to be marketed to.  I would hear the snide comments they’d say behind his back.  While he didn’t care even if he heard them, I took that stuff personally and didn’t want any part of it.  My brother was the type to make a crusade out of the business.  For him it was like a religion.  So, if you joined and left, you were like some deserter or major quitter.  I just explained that, hey man, not everyone is cut out for that stuff, and that if everyone was a salesman then who would pump your gas or build houses for you to live in?  I think he eventually got it.

I never gave up on the dream, though.  I would always be drawn to the late night commercials of guys like Tony Robbins and marvel at the real estate guys on their yachts.  While some of them I knew were shysters, I knew that not all of them were crooks and they were tapping into something real and possible.

Tony Robbins really grabbed my attention.  The thing that frustrated me was that it seemed that with his stuff, you had to be in a sales or higher up professional deal.  I mean, no regular job person would be able to just make their quota higher or set goals that they could double their income.  I mean, the average employee reporting to a boss doesn’t have those advancement options.  It’s not a matter of just working harder and getting promoted like that.

I also got into motivational speaker messages like Les Brown and others.  I loved the positive outlook and the HOPE that they gave.  It was hope that you could break free from the confines of the regular job world and really make something of yourself through bettering yourself and bettering the life of others.


But, reality always set in and there was the regular corporate life that I was trained for.

I found technology and computers.  I never made much then, but I love my job and just slowly advanced for awhile.  I missed the get rich dot com boom – I mean, I was there and working for a software company, but I missed the get rich part.  I was a worker bee.  While I loved my job and the tech toys I got to play with, my pay was low and the advancement very slow.  I still dreamed, but not much.

Eventually I came upon the world of internet marketing.  This was where technology mixed with some of that “you can do it” mentality that I saw in the network marketing and motivational speaking world.

It was hard though.  You had some tools, but if you wanted a site you had to build it.  There were no blogs yet.  I didn’t know my butt from my elbow.  If I knew then what I know now, I could have gotten rich. It takes time for the non marketer to learn that stuff from scratch.  When you have to build your own info products and sites you have to know what you’re doing.  Even in affiliate marketing, it can be a bear when you are new at it.

You need educational materials that teach the basics well and the tools to get started.  You need a solid system to plug into.

Well, many people out there wasting their time with traditional offline network marketing would do well to get on the internet.  By contrast, many average people who ARE on the internet hawking network marketing and low level affiliate deals would do well to get with a real company that has a real system that is designed so that anyone can learn the ropes quickly and get started building their online niche quickly, without having to invent their own products, worry about having a stand alone merchant account, or plastering some affiliate link all over FaceBook.

The bottom line is that most people don’t want to be sold to.

They want hope.

They want to connect with people who have things in common with them and who share their pain with struggle and the desire to succeed once and for all.

I see these well meaning people all over FaceBook friending strangers just to send affiliate links and lying about their non success that it’s heartbreaking to watch.

The way to escape the network marketing grind and to escape the prospect of rustling family and friends to hotel parties or trying to sell to them across their kitchen tables is to create useful content online that speaks to what people are searching for.  Tie that together with some sort of affiliate program that will appeal to a subset of those people, and just keep creating that content and learning to drive internet traffic to that content.

The more people see it, the large the amount of people who will say yes I want to learn more, or hey that looks interesting let me click on that.

Isn’t that a lot easier than trying to pitch some offer to people who don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in their body?

I want you to consider this.  The path to this is high paying affiliate offer blogging.

Check out some of the links around this page to learn more about this.

Either way just understand that while there is a lot of money to be made in network marketing, most people aren’t cut out for it and many of those people are cut out for what I am talking about, and your market is a warm market of people who are out there, at this very minute, searching for the same information that you are going to learn to turn out daily, building your brand and your information store that will pull in those leads once you build it up to a level that it can do that.

Look around this blog for more articles about how to do this, as well as some other interesting things that I’m sure will appeal to you if you are a kindred spirit who wants more from life than the daily J.O.B.

If you’re already a network marketer and you are sweating over lists of family and friends that they want you to recruit, then you’re doing it ALL wrong.


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