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How to Buy Bitcoins

how to buy bitcoins

Lately, especially on social media, the big question a lot of regular people have is how to buy bitcoins, because Bitcoin is really such a mysterious “naughty” thing that many average people have no clue even how to buy bitcoins.

Learning how to buy bitcoins is so easy that even a child could do it, and they could do it via bank account or credit card literally right after opening and verifying an account on a worthy Bitcoin Exchange. (think of it as a bank account for bitcoin, as opposed to the ones that you already have for regular money)

Maybe it’s also worth it to learn about this thing called Bitcoin since you shouldn’t buy anything that you know nothing about. That link will launch the Wikipedia page in a new window and you can easily come back to this article after you browse that History  of Bitcoin. (if you want to)

Then come back and let’s have some fun!

I Wish Learning How to Buy Bitcoins Was This Easy A Few Years Ago

We could beat ourselves up so much for not buying Bitcoin earlier when it was worth very little compared to today, but things were different then, it was harder to buy it, and if you weren’t geek smart you would probably lose your data that guaranteed your Bitcoin stash, and thusly, your Bitcoin.

So, let’s just say that there are several ways to buy Bitcoin.

One is that you create a hardware device wallet that sits on your phone or computer, and you go through the geeky process of creating and writing down you secret crypto keys and making them safe in case you ever need to restore.

Your device that holds this wallet had BETTER be secure though, and frankly mobile phones aren’t, so I wouldn’t use a mobile phone for this.  There are too many malicious hackers that know exactly how to steal your phone number or use spy software to get your data and then they simply transfer your Bitcoin from your wallet to theirs, and voila, c’est la vie, you’re poor again.

If you use a computer, then it had also likewise better be secure of any virus, malware, or trojan that will help steal your Bitcoin.

Another way to do it is to use an online exchange, which is managed by “the company” that runs the exchange. There have been exchanges that have gone belly up in the past, but they are getting better and also now using techniques like offline “cold storage” where an account holder can “offline” some or all of their Bitcoin for safer keeping.  While nothing can ever be 100% secure, these top line exchanges do take security seriously and can be a viable option for many to get into the crypto game.

I know that the über geeks turn their noses up at exchanges, but let’s face it, many people who are just getting into this game cannot and will not use the hardware wallets and aren’t technically or security savvy enough to even know what secret keys are, let alone secure them properly.

Most people still use “password” as their password or “12345…” and you think they are going to jump through hoops to remember crypto keys?


99% of people are better off using a good exchange, and if they are in the US, deposits might be FDIC insured. That’s BIG.

How to Buy Bitcoins, or WHY, From the Billionaires

If you want to get a feeling for how big Bitcoin is and is going to be, watch this video where a guy who sells software to the Bitcoin business market talks about it and also about how people like billionaire Richard Branson are big Bitcoin boosters.


If you aren’t getting into this and converting some of your money into Bitcoin, then you’re definitely going to miss the boat.

It’s easier than ever to create an account, then fund it and be on your way.

Learning how to buy bitcoins is literally THAT easy, and fast.

Being able to verify and use your debit card, credit card, or bank account is the first step to learning how to buy bitcoins quickly and easily.

So there is this guy and his name is John Mcafee.

Yes, the guy who invented the antivirus software which has been owned and operated by other entities for some time now.

He’s still into security and he is BIG into bitcoin.

The man is a millionaire and he can explain why the information that you MAY have heard about Bitcoin being a bubble are dead wrong and you should still be getting into it anyway.

The guy is NOT someone whom you should write off any time soon.

If this article hasn’t shown you how easy and important it is to learn how to buy bitcoins… then nothing will.

Here is a historical price chart showing how Bitcoin has had an upward price trend from the start, even through mini downturns, the price trend has been up, WAY UP.

bitcoin price history

How to Buy Bitcoins

The steps are as follows:

(You need to have regular money somewhere if you want to buy anything, and that goes for if you need to learn how to buy bitcoins.)

  1. Go to the best bitcoin exchange
  2. Create a free account
  3. Verify the account and your identity following their instructions
  4. Set up your login security (use Google authenticator if using a phone)
  5. Connect your credit card, debit card, or bank account to the system
  6. Buy Bitcoin

It’s THAT easy.

What ARE you waiting for?

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